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  1. Looking for a someone or something that would allow for an API integration between ChannelAdvisor and Filemaker. We are looking for a solution for both Product and Inventory Management and Order management. Anyone that has experience with this, Please contact me at dustin(at)periodpaper.com!
  2. Thanks, Vaughan. All computers up to date. All software up to date. I've done some more experimenting and it occurs when hovering over buttons or text entry fields. If that helps at all.
  3. I have no idea where to put this topic, so I stuck it here. Any input is appreciated as I am stumped. The Issue: We have a few workstations where the cursor flickers between the arrow cursor and the text cursor. 2 things: It does not happen 100% of the time, and it only happens on a few workstations. We are running FM Server 11 to about 15 workstations. Most workstations are Mac Minis. The computers that display this behavior are newer (late 2011) Mac Minis. I refuse to believe this is a corrupted system issue, but it's very possible I am wrong. Help?
  4. We got the error resolved. The issue stemmed from corrupted data, screwed up indexes and a corrupted schema, which occured when our server (which only runs FM server) froze and had to be manually shut down without first closing our databases in FM server. For any who may encounter this issue in the future: This is how I had to "fix" the file (I know there are many things wrong with what I am using as the current file, but we had no other choice as our backup had been turned off for over a month {don't ask...}) 1. Pull the DB off FM Server. Sent it to a Mac Pro with FM PRO
  5. Error from FM Server 11: File has been forcefully disconnected by the host. All affected windows will be closed. [From Administrator: “”] Anyone have insight into what could be the root of this issues? I have run recover on the database that was closed. No issues reported, yet I still get this from FM Server after the file has been open for an hour or so. Help!
  6. Think I figured it out. Had an unstored calculation in one of the relationships. Thanks for looking into this. And I apologize if I wasted your time.
  7. I now suspect that this is an across two databases issue as I cannot see the records in the portal when I use a portal in the Acqusition Database, only in a portal in the Product Database. The relationship is Quantity::ACQID = Acquisitions:: ACQID AND Quantity::Date of Acq = Acquisitions:: Date of Acq
  8. We buy a used car for parts. 2 different 1990 Toyota Camry's. It is the same used car (Year and Model), but can have a different number of usable pieces and each has its own acquistiion cost. Make sense? By the way, when I create a portal and display related records, it shows the records I need to count. Makes me think the relationships are correct.....
  9. I am having trouble counting related records between 2 databases. I have an Acquisitions Database and a Products Database. Each acquisition produces multiple products. Each Acquisition can be acquired multiple times but at a different price with a different # of products coming from the acquisition. Here's what I've done: I've related the product quantity table (related to the product table by a sku)in the Product Database with the Acquisition table in the acquisitions DB through an Acquisition ID and a date Acquired. The product quantity record records if the item is in
  10. I have a feeling this is due to a incorrectly set up server setting, but I figured I would ask here anyways... When I enter the smtp information in the email notifications, I get an error that says "SMTP test failed, Cannot connect to SMTP server. Check the SMTP settings an email address." Settings and e-mail address are correct. I am using Filemaker Server 11 with Mac OS X 10.6. Please be gentle with me as, while I am very comfortable with Filemaker, I have no idea how to setup a server, I am in the process of learning. What am I doing wrong? Where should I start tr
  11. Nevermind, got it. Stupid questions should be googled first. Thanks for both of your helps!
  12. OK quick question, How do you print a variable length receipt with a footer for subtotal and total? I can only get it to print a certain length...
  13. Great, Thank You IdealData. I've been stuck in a rut of thinking about this the wrong way. Just needed an a new perspective.
  14. And that is how they are set up. Each Line item has a related table with all of the modifiers that have been selected. I am working on having the printed receipt show these modifiers when they are present, but not when they haven't been selected. (i.e. I don't want to have an inch and a half of blank space on the receipt below each line item when there is nothing to print.)
  15. Is there a way to format a layout so that it will dynamically change when printing a receipt? I am in the process of creating a POS for a quick service restaurant where the receipt needs to show any modifications to the customers order? As of now, I am contemplating building a field which would build the order in html to print, but that doesn't sound efficient. I was hoping someone could point me in a direction where this could all be handled within filemaker. Here's an example. A customer orders 3 lattes, one with 2% milk and no foam, one with skim mik and caramel the ot
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