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  1. @Josh Ormond Maybe. Do you have other fast solution to check the internet connection? Just checked and its instant. No 60 seconds waiting.
  2. I just try this approach and it worked with really low quantity of data from the web to check it. Insert from URL [ Select ; With dialog: Off ; Target: $check ; "http://google.com/checkinternet" ] If [ Get(LastError) = 1631 ] Set Variable [ $status ; Value: "Disconnected" ] Else Set Variable [ $status ; Value: "Connected" ] End If Show Custom Dialog [ $Status ] Why http://google.com/checkinternet? Because it will return a webpage with really low quantity of code. Best regards, Joao Coutinho
  3. Hello. I need your help on something that maybe it's not too easy to make. I manage a database of more than 40.000 records. Each record has at least 2 images from a related table. You can imagine how big is the database. I'm trying to build a gallery view to facilitate the search of the articles, but I don't have all the skills to do it efficiently. I started by making some reversion engineering on Semantic-UI-FileMaker (contact layout - https://medium.com/@hummingtech/enhance-filemaker-layo
  4. Great. This is what I was looking for for a long time! Thanks.
  5. Anyone have any ideia why this is happening?
  6. Lee, Sorry for that. I already update my profile. I'm already in 13. Do you have any ideia why this happen? Best regards, Joao Coutinho
  7. Dear all,  I'm having a problem in my Filemaker solution when insertion files in a container via script and also drag and drop. It worked fine fore more than 5 years and now i'm getting this strange massage (attached). The problem is not stable, because sometimes we don't see it. Also in some Macs it doesn't work at all.  I've tried to find a solution in the web, but i didn't found any solution. Is this a filemaker bug?  I really need an urgent helpÂ
  8. Hello Filemaker developers, I need some help. I have a portal that could have one or many lines. I need to build a calculation field on the main table that can have all the lines of the portal row. The result will be used on and email that will be sent to the client. The result should be like this. Ref. 06125654 IMac 24 1,250€ Ref. 06125654 iPad Mini 750€ Ref. 06125654 iPhone 5 650€ Ref. 06125654 iPhoto 250€ What king of calculation can I use to build this portal row report inside a calculation field? Thanks for you help and supp
  9. Hello! After I update my Macbook Pro and my Macmini (server) to Mac OS 10.6.6, supercontainer stop working. I can get Java Running, and can't access files via webviewer. Can someone tell me if this is a Bug, a problem with 10.6.6 our other thing? Best Regards, Joao Coutinho Problem Solved :)
  10. Hello! I need to make this simple step that I can't find a solution. I need to upload the files to supercontainers, but I need to rename them based on field like, Costumer & _pk Is that possible? Best Regards, JoaoCoutinho
  11. Problem Solved! Remove the filemaker plugin from Macintosh HD/Users/User Name/Library/Application Support/Filemaker/Extensions and replace with the new one. Thanks for you support!
  12. Hello David, On Safari, I don't have hany problem with Java. I think that is something strange going on on my FM. You latest version of the plugin is 2.7, but in filemaker, as you can see, the version 2.57 even with the download of a new version. If I disable the plugin, the supercontainer works fine. I don't know what i'm doing wrong!
  13. Hello, I'm having some problem to work with Supercontainers in my computer. When I enable SC plugin, the result is the one on this image. In other machines in my office, the SC works fine, but My MacBook Pro, I have this big Problem. Can someone help me?
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