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  1. I'm getting a 201 error as well, but I know what is causing it. What I am trying to do is have an unstored calculation field on the server and pull that field down into a regular number field. For example, I want to get the invoice total, without pulling down all line items into the client file. I changed my TO to be ES_PULL_<table name> but I'm still getting error 201 that it cannot push the data. Am I missing something?
  2. I am trying to remove the vertical scroll bar from a Web Viewer. I am aware that unchecking 'Allow interaction with web viewer content' will allow this, but I require that on. I've added this to the webviewer <body style = 'border: 0 ; margin: 0'>, which makes it look better, but I can't find the info to remove the vertical scroll. I tried overflow: hidden, but that seems to only work if the content is larger than the web viewer window.
  3. I need it to be a stored field because this field is used by a calendar and needs to be editable, and in the TASKS table.
  4. The situation - I have 2 tables: Tasks, Dates Tasks has fields: id, dateNext, zz_1 (zz_1 is a global constant = 1) Dates has fields: id, id_Task, date, complete Date is related to Tasks via: id_Task = id and zz_1 NOT complete The relationship is sorted by date So, all Dates that have not been marked as complete will show in a portal the Dates records in the correct order. My question is - I want dateNext in Tasks to be automatically updated when a record in Dates is changed. In particular, when a record in Dates is marked as 'complete' I want th
  5. I am trying to display the preview from a dropbox file in a webviewer, but it doesn't display it as it does in my web browser. When navigating to an image file in DropBox via a web browser it has the URL www.dropbox.com/home/FOLDERPATH?preview=FILENAME where FOLDERPATH and FILENAME are variables. I copy this URL from the web browser into a web viewer and it doesn't load the same.. it says the folder/filename does not exist. I then paste it back into a web browser and it goes to the preview of the file as expected. Has anyone else experienced this, do I need to adjust something to mak
  6. After looking further into this was able to solve it with knowing what the future record is to be and setting up relationships and GTRR script step. Thanks for the direction! Edit: I have noticed I don't even need to know what the future record is, I can just use GTRR with original layout and the correct relationships and there is no flicker! Thanks!!
  7. Hi Wim, Sorry seems it's not quite clear here. I'm using SELECTOR CONNECTOR type data structure. When I am viewing records I am ALWAYS on the table RecordList, which then branches out to COMPANIES, CONTACTS, etc. When I change record it goes (OnRecordLoad script trigger)... does this record have a link to the COMPANIES TO... if yes, it must be a company record, so go to COMPANIES Form... or.. does this record have a link to the CONTACT TO... if yes, must be a CONTACTS record... go to CONTACTS Form. There is never really 'Go To Related Record' because even when I change Cont
  8. I have come across a situation where I require 2 separate entities to be available for viewing in the same list of records. This may be best explained with an example: 2 tables: COMPANIES, CONTACTS CONTACTS are individual People. COMPANIES are business entities with 0 or more related CONTACTS. ROLES are assigned to COMPANIES or CONTACTS... for example - 'Client' or 'Supplier' When I am creating a Job it is to ask for all Clients to select from. Some of these are evidently COMPANIES and some CONTACTS. This part is not an issue, as using a virtual list and ExecuteSQL I c
  9. OK so I seem to be able to open the PDF in Google Chrome without an error, seemingly making it an Adobe issue.. This does happen on more PC's (running Windows 7-10) than just my own, but does not occur on Mac. This doesn't solve my problem though as I need to use the 'Open file automatically' option for my client and they are unlikely to want to change all PDFs to opening with chrome.
  10. I've been previously generated PDFs from layouts that have portals with sliding objects with no issues. I've lately been trying to do this and have been receiving an error. The error only occurs when 2 or more portals are on the print layout and only when set with sliding objects. And causes it to break the print and not show those portals. I thought it could be 64 bit issue but both Adobe and FMP are 64 bit versions AFAIK I could use a temporary print table but am trying to avoid this and quite simply just want to know why it's happening
  11. This problem seems to have arisen again with the latest version of iOS. Couldn't find an update anywhere - has anyone been doing something new for this purpose?
  12. I am using an Interactive Container to display a preview of the PDF file, and it all works as expected, but I want to make it a bit more user friendly. In particular, automatically hiding the two side bars, zooming to stretch page, and the 'full screen' option. Is it possible to set this so the container always displays in this way first?
  13. Think I've solved it all. Thanks for the contributions
  14. So now the next issue I am having is I have the template for the BAT file stored in a field, which I then replace the keywords with the parameters and want to construct that file. The problem is - The 'Batch' field has multiple lines, but when it creates the file it does not put the new lines in and in turn causes the file to not work. Do you know anything about this? By multiple lines, I mean separated by carriage return.
  15. Right, so it turns out it is a leading / that was causing the issue.
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