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  1. I appreciate all of the help. I was able to condense my code quite a bit after reading everyones comments. I did structure my script more like DWData suggested. I never did find where the infinite loop was coming from but after I changed it did solve most of the issues. One major thing I was missing is that the layout chosen in the GTRR does matter. I figure the layout was more of a form and what ever T.O. I am looking at would just decide which records to show. It still doesn't make a lot of since to me that I would pick a related record from a table and the layout definition would matt
  2. I can fix my issue I think by just getting record count and create an indexing variable that escapes on last record but would like to know if this is not needed in the above example. Thanks again
  3. Hey Don maybe I do not understand fully the way filemaker handles scripting. In your example stuffstuffGTRR //Table 1Loop stuff stuff GTRR //Table 2 Loop stuff stuff GoToRecord[Next, exit after last] End Loop GoToRecord[Next, exit after last] // ???? How would the script not still be at table 2​End Loop Looking at your example and the other comments I did find a way to simplify my code quite a bit. Please see comments in red and if I am incorrect let me know. Thanks
  4. Here is the script. Do pay any mind to the comments. The script has been hacked at and they don't apply anymore because I rewrote the entire script. Thanks for any advice.
  5. Thanks for responding so quickly. No if statements at all. I will try to post the file. Not sure about the nesting but I do have loops inside of loops but every loop has a exit after last. I am sure I can create some other variables to accomplish instead of using the exit after last but for me it was a complicated script and am behind schedule so pretty frustrated this is not working how it is suppose to (or how I thought it did). Also is there a way to copy the text so I don't have to post the whole entire file?
  6. I have a pretty large script with a few loops. All loops have a go to record next exit after last and somehow it is not and is going into an infinite loop. Is there a limitation to this I am unaware of? I do have steps after all exit after last commands. Is this a bug because everything I read said it will end the loop? Thanks for anyone that can help. Oh FM13
  7. Thanks all for the advice. I did try the method Steve advised but don't seem to see a box that removes all formatting. I do have all fills and lines set to none. Graphic top bar is still showing?
  8. I am new to using themes and styles. I have chosen the onyx theme for my new project. My issue I am having is for tab controls I put in the layout are not formatting when I change object attributes. I have set fill and line to no fill and no lines yet it still shows up with borders and a bar behind the tab selection area. I use transparent tab panels for a lot of user interface objectives and have wasted hours trying to figure out why it won't change when I make them in the inspector bar
  9. I definitely see where I created some confusion. This filter on the UI is meant to filter down the complete list of external companies by as many filters as the user wants. This means that I have to run a test in the portal filter that says "if portal filter field is empty automatically accept this part of the evaluation but if not empty evaluate including/excluding". Also each filter field is independently constraining the found set not extending the found set (to use FM terminology) which means each found item has to meet all entered criteria not any entered criteria. I see where the for
  10. I really appreciate the follow up. I am self-taught and more of a hardware or lower level microprocessor software designer so I know that what I posted probably looks to be a complete mess to someone who knows what they are doing in FM. I know just enough to be dangerous and usually don't get help from anyone so I appreciate the suggestions and I look at them closely. It always surprises me when others are willing to help just to help and I wanted to post what I did in an attempt to save someone else time but I realize I may do more damage than actually helping anyone :-) Because my naming
  11. Took me a little bit to completely figure out how to run the portal filter calc so figured I would post what I got to work to save time for anyone interested. Basically if the filter field is not empty evaluate and if it is empty make each portal record true for that filter. Here is my calc (please dis-reguard the unorthodox naming scheme) for the portal filtering that worked: If( Edit_Internal_Company::External_Company_Filter_Company_City ≠ ""; FilterValues ( Edit_Internal_Company::External_Company_Filter_Company_City ;View_External_Companies::External_Company_Address_Cities_Li
  12. Thanks to all who replied. I did try the suggested solution and got it to work. I have very little need or experiencing in creating carriage returned lists and did not see many functions for them. Like normal FM has a function that did exactly what I needed and I just needed to look-up FilterValues and how to use it which was "Comment's" suggestion. I figured there was something right under my nose and that was it. I can't thank ya'll enough for helping me with this one as it will save me a ton of time (and frustrating confusion later). For Anyone else who stumbles on to this threa
  13. Thanks for replying. Although, I used a specific example I have run into this many times for other applications as well. The "Home" table is the "Internal Company" that has been selected ( this solution is for a company that also processes for its two sister companies so the solution has information based on the "internal Company" they are working out of at the time). I can create a work around and have through creating more T.O. and relationships but I really like the addition of portal filtering because I always found it extremely tedious ( and makes solutions much harder to follow later)
  14. Hi all, I think that I am making a task harder than it needs to be. From my "Home" table I have a portal of related "External Companies". These "External Companies" have a related "Address" table for entering multiple addresses. From the "Home" table I want to filter (via temp field in "Home" table) the "External Companies" by fields in the related "address" table. For example, from the home table I would like to filter the portal of "External Companies" by a city name. My first thought was to add a calc field in "External Companies" to get List() based on related "Address" table and th
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