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  1. We're thrilled to announce the release of our fist add-on called elemental_dropzone. With this really easy to use add-on you're given the power of dragging multiple. files directly into your solution all at once. You can even drop entire folders into your solution. Once dropzone is installed just drag it onto your lay out and specify a script for the dropped files to be sent to for processing - it's really that simple. Best of all it is 100% free. You can check it out at www.elemental-fm.com, and while you're there be sure to check out our other offerings - ux and log. Thanks for taking the time to read and check it out - Daniel.
  2. It's been almost 18 months since the release of elemental_ux , and we haven't been resting.... elemental_log is our take on audit logging. Built to be super fast to log changes and even faster to integrate into your own solutions. In just a few minutes you can add a full JSON based audit trail to your solution that can track changes to whatever fields you want. We've also included an intuitive configuration tool for choosing what to log - no hard coding required. Other Features include: • Fast - We've put a LOT of effort into making this as fast and scalable as we can, and we think the results are pretty awesome. • Easy - A lot of care has been put into building our simple and intuitive integration process. You can get up and running in just minutes. • JSON based - We love JSON and have used this as the basis of our logging framework. • Preparation is a breeze - we've built tools to help you prepare for logging, just click and you're done. • JSON to FileMaker - JSON is the starting point, but the real power is in our Populate tool to transform this into FileMaker records in an audit log. • Full Audit log viewer - We've included an easy to use audit log viewer to allow developers to find those changes they need. • Contextual viewer - this is cool! You can run this viewer from anywhere in your own solution to see all changes related to the records (and related records) on your layout - with no other work required! • Fully documented and supported We're so happy with this and hope you will be too. You can download a trial today at http://www.elemental-fm.com . This lets you see it in action to determine if it is right for you.
  3. In FileMaker 16 we lost the ability to print web viewers. With the recent rise in popularity of using javascript in FileMaker solutions, printing a web viewer is now a key problem to solve. In this article we give you a really quick and simple way to print any web viewer in our solution, without the need for a plugin. Check out the full article here! Thanks!
  4. Learning and using keyboard shortcuts in FileMaker is the absolute number one shortcut to being a faster and better developer. In this article we take a look at why shortcuts are useful, and then present a way for you to add even more useful shortcuts that do not come bundled with FileMaker. We go through some of the more cooler ones in depth and show you a few tricks along the way... You can read the full article here
  5. Hi all, To accompany the release of Elemental I've written an article at FileMaker Weetbicks all about it, it's features, and what extra goodies you might find lurking in the solution. You can check out the article here: https://www.teamdf.com/blogs/elemental-has-landed/ And you can download Elemental here: https://www.elemental-fm.com Thank you . Daniel
  6. Hi all, Today I'm happy to announce the release of Elemental for FileMaker. This is a free fully unlocked solution containing some cool user interface and design stuff that I hope you find useful and can incorporate into your own solutions. You can grab a copy now at https://www.elemental-fm.com In Elementals first version you'll find the following: Avatars Over 20 API integrations with avatar generators. These are uniquely generated based on a name you provide so you are guaranteed almost a unique avatar in each instance. Great if you want to add a bit of imagery to your contact lists or any other lists of records. Heaps of customisation and options to choose from. Integration is simple, just copy and paste the relevant script into your own solution and hook it up to your own container field where you want the image to be stored. Placeholders Much like avatars, placeholders are dummy image services of various types where you can auto generate a placeholder image. This is great if you need some sample imagery for things like products or inventory, or to indicate the desired size of an image to be inserted. Icons Need an SVG icon for your button bar? We have over 7,000 icons to choose from, all have been modified and are FileMaker ready. Animations Animations add a bit of life to your FileMaker solution. We have both GIF and SVG animations (using SMIL). GIF is for all around compatibility, and SVG's are if your computer can handle it (most macs can, windows maybe!) Really cool if you want to show something while a script is running to keep the user entertained, sometimes it's the small things that make a difference to user experience. Gradients Browse over 300 different gradient swatches to get inspired and use the colors provided to build your own in FileMaker. Other cool stuff The solution is unlocked so you can explore the layouts and find out how it all works. You might also uncover some hidden gems in there such as html5 color pickers, double range sliders and SVG to PNG conversion all without plugins I really hope you enjoy elemental and find something useful in it which you can use in your own solutions you build. Elemental will always remain free but if you would like to say thank you with a donation then you can do so on the website. This helps to ensure continued development of elemental in future.
  7. Hi all, Back with another article this time about everyones favourite topic - recursion, woohoo! We go through what recursion is and give a basic example for beginners to wrap their heads around. For the more advanced developer we talk about a new way of structuring the recursive function using local variables as a means to pass information between recursive calls. Check it out, something for everyone. https://www.teamdf.com/blogs/a-variable-way-of-writing-recursion/
  8. Viewing Microsoft Office files directly in FileMaker has always been a real headache for developers, until now. In this article we demonstrate how to easily use Microsoft Offices online app viewer tool to view your office documents directly in FileMaker. We also talk about Google's similar offering, and how files can be easily placed online for viewing using the file.io service. Check out the article and accompanying example file at the bottom of the article. Read the article here
  9. Hi all, Back with another article this time all about Modal Dialogs. Here we present a technique for modal dialogs we have used at Digital Fusion for over 10 years, and it still holds up. This method allows us to initiate modal processes from within an originating script, and have our modal process return its result (generally an ID, or an action followed by a resulting ID) back to the originating script in order to continue its execution. It's a nice simple scripting framework that works great and makes use of some peculiar quirks around the Get(ScriptResult) function, check it out! Check it out here, thanks!
  10. Hi all, Just posted a new article over at FileMaker Weetbicks all about building a breadcrumb navigation control using just a simple tab control object. Here's the blurb & link, thank you for your time. https://www.teamdf.com/blogs/better-breadcrumbs/ A breadcrumb menu is a really useful navigation design pattern for both websites and applications. They greatly enhance the way users find their way around and are also a key visual aid in indicating the location of a user within the hierarchy of a solution. In this article we present a quick and easy means to produce really beautiful breadcrumb menus using a tab control object.
  11. Hi all, Just posted a new article over at FileMaker Weetbicks all about building multi lingual applications in FileMaker, we walk through the whole process and cover some of the challenges involved and how to overcome them. Also included is a thorough demo file. Check it out here, thanks !
  12. In this article we introduce a technique to implement native swipe gestures in all directions for FileMaker Go that can be used to trigger a script upon these gestures. The focus here is implementing a swipe-down gesture to dismiss a drawer menu that slides up from the bottom of screen Check out the full article here, thanks!
  13. In this article we cover how to build a beautiful sliding drawer menu that works on both FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go. The menu looks and feels exactly like any other sliding menu built in any other development platform. FileMaker Go is where it really shines, providing a user experience no different to if they were using a drawer on any other native app. Click here to check out the full article at FileMaker Weetbicks
  14. G'day all! Just posted a new article over at FM Weetbicks, hope you enjoy it. This is a technique that I've used in a few solutions now, mainly for login screens or splash screens where I want to present a pretty backdrop image. The issue is that when the user resizes their screen or rotates their device, the image can often stretch, distort, or end up with gaps of space if it is set to maintain aspect ratio. This article presents a way around that, hope you enjoy! https://www.teamdf.com/blogs/dynamically-resizing-backgrounds/
  15. Hi all, new article just posted over at FM Weetbicks, blurb and link below, cheers! Link to full article here
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