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  1. Hi @Osman, did you solve your problem? I'm having the same issue regards, camacorp
  2. I discovered an issue, I use webviewer for reporting a summary table and emailed to the manager every week, I scheduled the script that creates the report and I realized that the webviewer content doesn't render when printing by PDF. the pdf on the top was printed on the server and the pdf below on a client. I ask for help so that the content of the webviewer should be rendered in the pdf while running the script in the server thanks camcorp
  3. Hi I'm New usig SQL in FM I succesfully made a query that retrieve grouped Data from a large database. for the last 12 months I summarized information of two field. I used the following SQL calculation ExecuteSQL( "SELECT TimePeriod , SUM (Total_Sales) AS totalsales , TimePeriod , SUM (Total_Margin) AS totalmargin FROM bbdd WHERE bbdd.id_TimePeriod >= ? AND bbdd.Branch = ? GROUP by TimePeriod"; ""; ¶; report::id_last_12M; report::branch) the field display the data in this way for every branch TimePeriod Total_Sales TimePeriod Margin 2013M09 45795 2013M09 199 2013M10 53987 2013M10 769 2013M11 53217 2013M11 862 2013M12 52344 2013M12 691 2014M01 51521 2014M01 643 2014M02 50325 2014M02 625 2014M03 49698 2014M03 714 2014M04 181043 2014M04 3083 2014M05 195801 2014M05 2172 2014M06 193516 2014M06 1855 2014M07 191572 2014M07 2656 2014M08 188652 2014M08 2752 Right Now I can use the data for charting purposes, and work great and is very flexible. I want to have more information and I'm trying to do the following calculation, the margin as a percentage of total Sales for each group of data base on the timeperiod line. I triyed to do a new column like the following one SELECT TimePeriod , SUM (Total_Sales) AS totalsales , TimePeriod , SUM (Total_Margin) AS totalmargin , TimePeriod, totalmargin / totalsales AS percentmargin but it din't worked. The question is what did I missed? FM can't do the work I'm looking for? I found SQL great but I can't do some calculations. Kind regards. camacorp
  4. Hi i have a terrible charting and report problem i want to chart categories of a database base on a related set of records. The structure of the database is a table of financial assets each one belongs to a category. Every month I receive the fair value of the assets that are being managed by differents banks. Table One Asset; category; date of report; bank;value Table Two Date of report For ech "Date of report" record I want to visualize a pie chart by category for each bank of the related records of thar date of report I can´t get that kind of chart. please help regards CAM
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