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  1. Hey Nick, Is there any way to get a read-only version that works in either outlook, outlook webaccess or Google Calendar - I don't think either support authentication. The read-only version works perfectly in iCal but nothing else. Thanks James
  2. Thanks for the speedy reply Nick ! James
  3. Hey Guys, Looking to migrate away from seedcode subscribe - it seems like a filemaker server update somehow managed to completely kill it. Wondering if it's easy enough to create "read only calendars" in the same way that I was able to in Subscribe, for me I need to publish individual calendars for freelance employees. Was also wondering if it's easy enough to create calendars based on filters ? Thanks James
  4. For anyone with the same question, it turns out the issue can be solved fairly easily with the programming of ADF (advanced data formatting) rules on the actual scanner, I just programmed a rule triggers the script ⌘1, waits 3 seconds, transmits barcode followed by an Enter keypress. With the 3 second wait, there now no longer appears to be any issues with Filemaker not triggering the script fast enough. James
  5. Hi Guys, Was hoping that you might be able to help me out, with further integration of a Motorola Barcode scanner. As it stands, I've set the barcode reader up, to first transmit a keypress ⌘1 (triggering a script), then transmits the barcode, before transmitting an Enter keypress to start the search. In principle this should work, however on around 50% of the scans, the script doesn't trigger fast enough, before the barcode is then transmitted, leaving incomplete or incorrect barcode values being entered. I'm interested to know how everyone else has barcode scanners set up
  6. Hey Guys, I've got 3 filtered portals on one of my layouts with each portal showing related records based on :- Events::Status = "Drive" Events::Status = "Build" Events::Status = "Event" Now what I'd like to do is hide the portal if there are no related records that match each one of the conditions. I plan on using the "Hide Object When" function of the new filemaker, however can't quite work out the calculation required. Is anyone able to point me in the right direction for the calculation required to count if there are any related records that have each one of the co
  7. Hey Guys, Having a bit of a nightmare trying to get my head around filtered value lists, and I'm guessing it's a relationship issue. I've got two tables: Item - Fields (id, name, linked_category) Category (cat_id, name, filtername) When creating new items, in the items table, I'd like to be able to have a category dropdown that I can filter (over 300 possible categories). I was hoping to do this by using filtername, whereby the dropdown list of categories that I can choose for an item shows only values where filtername=value. Whats the best way to go about achieving th
  8. Hey Guys, Using a calendar generation script that requires all of my eventstart field and eventend field to be timestamps rather than dates. Since all of my events are dates I've had my database set up with just date fields. Can I use a calculation to generate new fields which take the date field and spit out a timestamp of date + a time of 00:00 ? Any ideas? Thanks James
  9. Hey Guys, I've using a checkbox set to assign people to an event, but the checkbox set is displaying Full Names and actually storing contactIDs. What calculation would I need to display these full names separated by commas ? I'm currently using Substitute ( id_contact ; ¶ ; ", " ) which gives me "C004, C007, C0991 etc..." what I'd really like is to be able to instead have "Name1, Name2, Name3..." I'm sure it's just a case of using a slightly more complicated calculation but I can't work it out James
  10. Hey Guys,  Struggling a little bit with FM Go 13 - integrated barcode scanner, my understanding is that you use the "insert from device" function to grab the barcode and insert it into a field.  How would I go about, scanning the barcode and saving it as a variable in my script, so that I can then run a find to see if the barcode already exists in the database ? I only seem to be able to insert it into a field.  I've attached an image of the script that doesn't work which should give you an idea of what I'm trying to achieve.  Thanks  JamesÂ
  11. Just returning to this one: I'd like to find the minimum date of all related records which have projects::status = "done" Is there an easy way to do this ? James
  12. Hey Guys, Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, there are a mind boggling number of sub-forums on here ! Basically, I'm developing an events management system with a slight twist, in that events can be submitted into the database online - through a php interface. I'm happy with the php side of things, however I'm wondering the best way to go about creating an approvals process. As it stands I have a current_projects table, with around 60 different fields in, which is related to a few different tables (contacts, dates, etc), this table should only contain approved events with
  13. Hey Guys, I have two tables "Projects" "Sub-Projects", each master projet has several subprojects attached to it linked by ID. Every one of these subprojects has a start and end date. What I'd like a is two calculation fields in the projects table, "overall start date" and "overall end date" -start date which looks through all of the start dates in the related subprojects and finds the earliest. -end date which looks through all of the end dates in the related subprojets and finds the latest. Any ideas how I would go about doing this ? Ideally the dates are stored, but upd
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