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  1. Thank you, LaRetta! I've stupidly forgot to remove auto serial after copy. Solved the issue by establishing relationship Contract_Short Name -- Contract and using drop down list (still can't figure out how to make it using Contract_ID). Serge
  2. Hello! I can't get a lookup matter. The situation: I've got 2 tables -- "List of Contracts" and "Trades". Those tables are related by the field ID Contract which is in both tables. Any Contract relates to several Trades. The table List of Contracts has a calculated field "Multiplier" that I want to use as a lookup for the field Multiplier2 in the Trades table. I think that I established lookup options properly (not too many options there) but still can't get any value in Multiplier2 field. Would be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks in advance, Serge Cont
  3. Hello, doughemi and thanks for the reply. No, the script is not attached to the button. I just tried to switch the layout by selecting it in taskbar ("Layout:" with droplist). Still does not work. Kind regards, Serge
  4. Hello! I'm new in scripting but trying to stop current layout from the switch to other one by the script that: 1. Verifies 2 arguments Exit 1 and Exit 2 (the sum must be less or equal then 100). 2. If 2 fields are <= 100, the user should not be able to exit the layout and be returned to the original one (selected field). I've wrote the script: If [Exit Strategy::Last Exit = "Error!"] Beep Show Custom Dialog ["Error!"; "The sum must be <= 100"; Exit strategy::Exit 1; Exit Stratagy::Exit 2] If [Get (LastMessageChoice) = 1] If [Exit Strategy::Ex
  5. Thank you, will try Will it be possible to add quarters and years as sub-summary that way to make it look like: month1 month2 month3 ------- Q1 ------- month4 . . Q4 --------- Year ?
  6. Hello! I'm trying to figure out how to make a report with option to group data and totals by months and quarters of a year. Knowing how to find a range of dates with globals, I just don't understand how to find several ranges and group data in a readable report. Does somebody have any clues? Sorry for this may be silly question. Thank you in advance, Serge
  7. Thank you very much. I've tried self-join but made a wrong relation. Thanks again.
  8. Yes, It's possible. Actually, it's a timestamp field in the database (attached is just a sample course the original is not in English)
  9. That's the database. You see, in List layout I need to get 1040 as sum of all "Stop loss to prices". What am I doing wrong? Please, help! Sum Problem.fp7.zip
  10. Hello! I think I missed something. It should be simple. I've got 2 tables that are related. In the 1-st table -- Items, in the 2-nd one -- Parameters of Item with Amounts and DatesOfChange. I placed a portal into list-view layout to show Items with related Parameters (Amount) and filtered the portal by the Parameter's latest date of change. I need to calculate the sum of all filtered Amounts in the portal. I added a field in parent table with =sum(Amount) -- it shows the sum of all Amounts of all Parameters of the Item. Not filtered ones. I placed another portal with
  11. Something strange here. It calculates fine except January 2011. When I put any date in January the formula tells that the 3rd Friday in January,11 is January, 14 2011. But it's the 2nd Friday. Does somebody know why?
  12. Thank you VERY MUCH Missed that.
  13. Thanks for the reply. Results of Sum() and Count () in the table just calculate one field. For example, Profit_or_Loss fields in the table where calculations added contains 1 or 0. The result of Sum() in every field is 1 or 0. The result of Count() -- 1 in every field. That's why I've thought about adding that Sum and Count in separate related table. I think I'm doing smth wrong. Please help the novice (me).
  14. Hello! I'm getting into FM and can't manage to solve a simple (at least in Access and Excel it was) task. I've got a table: ID_Transaction Some other fields... Profit_or_Loss (calculated 1 or 0) I need to calculate the Sum() and Count() of Profit_or_Loss in this table to find a proft/loss ratio. As I understood, it should be possible to make with a self-join relation and portal of the same table. But I can't place such portal on layout. All fields and options in portal's dialog box are locked. Could somebody help me, please? Sergey
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