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  1. Ok, I think I may have an idea after 14 hours... One of the machines that remote logins was using Pro 18 Advanced and the file was hosted on 16. I am wondering if it's a recursive issue or something. GetXMLNode: Evaluate ( Substitute ( Filter ( XPath ; "/" ) ; "/" ; "ExtractData ( " ) & "\"" & XML & "\"" & Substitute ( XPath ; [ "/" ; ";\"" ] ; [ "[" ; "\";" ] ; [ "]" ; ")" ] ) ) **It used the custom function ExtractData: Let ( [ XML_Length = Length ( XML ) ; Attribute_Length = Length ( Attribute ) ; Get_Instance = If ( IsEmpty ( Instance ) ; 1 ; Instance ) ]; Case( IsEmpty ( XML ) or IsEmpty ( attribute ) or PatternCount ( xml ; "<" & attribute & ">" ) = 0 ; "" ; Middle ( XML ; Position ( XML ; "<" & attribute & ">" ; 1 ; Get_Instance ) + attribute_length + 2 ; xml_length - ( xml_length - Position ( XML ; "</" & attribute & ">" ; 1 ; Get_Instance ) ) - ( Position ( XML ; "<" & attribute & ">" ; 1 ; Get_Instance ) + Attribute_Length + 2 ) ) ) )
  2. I opened an old version of the database, a backup copy, still doesn't work. It's seems as if FM just changed, which doesn't make sense. When I use DataViewer in Debugger, it shows the XML, then for the GetXMLNode set to variable it has a question mark. When I change the variable in DataViewer, it gives an error saying it has to be less than 30,000 characters to change the variable.
  3. Hi Devin, it's worked forever, now today it doesn't.
  4. I created a new solution, just one field "XML". Using DataViewer it still won't evaluate it if the XML is over 30k, so it's got to be a sudden filemaker thing.
  5. I don't understand it... If I do a parse type calculation on the variable it works, but not the custom function "GetXMLNode". I created a field and put the XML in it. I used Data Viewer to try calculations. If I use GetXMLNode function it says "Field Missing". If I make the XML text less than 30,000 characters, it works. The GetXMLNode uses a function as well, maybe that's why? Not sure why it works for a year and then stops.
  6. Hey comment! I will hire someone to do that, at the moment I'm just trying to get it to work like it did for a year, can't figure out what happened.... The part that doesn't work anymore: Set Variable [$XML; Value: CleanApiResponse ($XML)] Set Variable [$StatusCode; Value: GetXMLNode ($XML ; "/Response[1]/Status[1]/Code[1]" )] The problem is the $XML variable is over 30,000 characters so the response is always a "?". My XML has always been in the hunderds of thousands of characters so I'm not sure why this morning it stopped working. Would you be willing to help me? I can pay a retainer, or by the hour, etc. I'm stuck. I have three employees sitting around and I can't solve it (yet).
  7. Having a major crisis lol... I have a script that downloads XML, and then parses it out. Worked fine forever, now it says it can't calculate it because it's over 30,000 characters. Anyone know where to start? Thanks!
  8. I'm struggling... does anyone have a quick/easy way to format the below as a standard date? Input: 2018-11-14T11:31:26.113 I would like it to format to: 11/14/2018 so I can use filemaker to sort by date, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. OK, I'm using FM16 and trying to figure out an API call. I'm not an expert when it comes to APIs. I have a shopify store, and I can use Insert from URL to get the JSON info on each order. I want to be able to "PUT" and upload parts of the order. Every order has a "Note" field that I can add notes. Per the shopify API documentation, to add an order note, you do the following: Add Note to order PUT /admin/orders/#{id}.json { "order": { "id": 450789469, "note": "Customer contacted us about a custom engraving on this iPod" } } Can someone help me with what I put in the cURL options area? Any help would be appreciated. I think I have the URL and Target figured out. Thank you!!
  10. Yes, couldn't find one that works with my format
  11. I'm hoping someone can help me... I'm trying to convert the following Timestamp to Date. The timestamp format is: 2017-10-30T14:47:12-06:00 . I've tried to simply use the Left function to make it 2017-10-30, but I still can't convert that to a regular date. Any advice? Thank you!
  12. I have data which has the problem where it's duplicated text in the fields Example: Bob SmithBob Smith David JonesDavid Jones Henry MorrisHenry Morris I just want to delete the duplicate in the field so it just shows Bob Smith, not Bob SmithBob Smith. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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