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  1. Dear community Can anybody provide me with some sample project (or even a manual) of how to automate Filemaker from MS Visual C++ or preferably Borland C++-Builder 6.0? I've spent quite a few hours on this now and have been partly successful, i.e. I'm able to launch a specific FM-DB or quit/set visibility of FM application. However, I still couldn't manage to run a script from a DB or do other actions on document level. Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks in advance! My data: Win XP Pro SP3 FM Pro Advanced 11 v3 Borland C++-Builder v6
  2. That's what I would have assumed, too. But it doesn't work. I get a 0 (zero) all the time, using Get(ActiveRepetionNumber). Either way, i doubt that the repeated fields approach would solve my problem of retrieving invalid search results..
  3. Thank you, Barbara. Thats an elegant approach that will certainly help me one day. However, i dont think it's suitable for my current work: * My layout is not a print report, but rather a planning tool. Each little square (field) must be clickable and jump to the corresponding job sheet (employee, place, date). I wouldnt know how to get this done with repeated fields. * Lots of conditional formatting is added in the final version, based on other individual joins per square (e.g. public and personal holidays, special events, collisions). I dont think i can get this done with repeated fiels,
  4. I've already replaced the global calcs with normal globals, it didnt work any better.. I also replaced the global calcs with normal unstored calcs based on the navigation global fields --> Negative, i still get records with cNumberOfJobSheets = 0, when searching for cNumberOfJobSheets > 0. Although personally, i dont think the best of global calcs either, i doubt for once, its them who cause the problem. Today, i shared the project (FM Network sharing) and immediately the error occurred. There seems to be a correlation: it works as long as the file is neither hosted nor shared..
  5. Thank you for your help, bcooney! Yes, they do. In fact, the critical relationship is a date range join using 2 global calculations (plus other criteria). But these fields are always well-set before entering find mode. The relationship works in browse mode. And even in find mode, i can see that those 2 global calcs contain the desired values. I also converted the global calc fields into normal global fields to see, if it makes a difference. It didn't..
  6. Hi I eventually get a wrong found set when searching records with an unstored calc field > 0. However, the error only occurs, when the database is opened from a remote server. When it runs locally, i have never encountered the problem yet. The search criterions are a bit complex. Besides a few parameters for the base table record, there also is a criterion that claims a calc field to be > 0. This calc field counts the matching records in a related table using Count(related field). The underlying relationship is multi-value, including normal and global fields. The calculation wo
  7. Holy cow, Comment, that's most impressive! :-) A lot of fun, indeed! I would have never guessed that the flag that I was going to implement myself in humbling manner does already exist. Moreover, it even seems to be rock-solid (at least I couldn't make your solution misbehave in no way) and requires no maintenance, should ever fields be added to the child table. All the more, I now wonder why portals shouldn't be the best choice for my problem (as you said). In terms of user-friendliness I reckon they are. Thank you, Comment! Thank you, LaRetta! It seems lik you made me s
  8. Hi I'd like to have a validation script run, whenever a portal row is commited, or more precisely: whenever a portal row loses focus AND was modified before. I tried Portal::OnObjectSave, whicht unfortunately doesn't fire for known reasons. I tried Portal::OnObjectExit, which fires too often, namely, even if the portal row data was NOT modified. I tried PortalField::OnObjectSave, which fires too early, because validation can only be done on record level, but not on field level. I have in mind to use Portal::OnObjectExit and there decide, whether a record needs validation bas
  9. You mean on text level using List(), FilterValues(), ValuesCount() & co? --> Wow!! I doubt i would have ever figured that out on my own.. :-) Thank you very much for your advice, your posts read like detective stories :-) Jürg from Zürich
  10. Thanks for your fast and solid reply. Indeed, im still struggling about which way to take: found set or self-join-relationship. I originally started with a sorted found set and two nested GetSummaries(), a somewhat doubled version of your linked post, since i need a Sunday counter for each employee concurrently. However, in order to be useful to the assignment scheduler guy, all these personal counters must be displayed compactly and embedded into the planning tool and I didnt know how to get this done with the GetSummary() version. Thats why I switched over to the self-joins that allow
  11. Indeed, at the end, i need to know the number of Sundays for a given calendar year (e.g. stored in a global variable). However, i assumed that this constraint will not be crucial for any solution, that's why i decided to omit it here. Was i wrong? Unbelievable: There is a law in Switzerland that claims additional salary payment for Sunday work, unless there were MORE than 6 Sunday assignments per calendar year. In the latter case, the employee will only get normal pay instead. Thanks for your concern, comment.. I remember you helping me out of a former crux (and i still owe you my addre
  12. Hi all Given: * Table "Employees" - Field: EmployeeID (unique) etc. * Table "WorkEntries" - Field: EmployeeID - Field: Date - Field: TimeFrom - Field: TimeTo etc Wanted: * Table "Employees" - Field: NrOfSundaysWorked (calculation) Remarks: * There can be more than 1 work entry per employee and date. I guess this makes the problem non-standard. * The wanted information must be available for all employees concurrently (e.g. in list view) and in real-time (i.e. no manual refresh triggering) Example: Employee ID 3 worked as follow
  13. Holy cow! That's incredibly creative! Got to show this to my FM-friends! :-) Thank you so much! If you sent me an invoice, i'd pay it.. :-)
  14. Thank you again, Comment! Does that mean that there is no way to automatically load the correct portal values - without using script triggers nor any similar plugins? Since the Articles table contains only a few hundred records and is not growing fast, i thought of a fancy hack, yet got stuck again during its implementation. My idea was the following: 1.) Add a calculation field cbCurrentRecord (boolean) to the Articles table that marks the currently selected article (in the current window). 2.) Then add a relationship from table RentalPeriods to Articles, such that all articl
  15. Wow, that was quick, thank you very much! Yet, can you think of a solution without script triggers, so its compatible with fm<10? Sorry, i forgot to mention that. Thank you again, i am kind of overwhelmed by your 'speed of help'! PS: One article at a time is fine.
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