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  1. How do you use the peer-to-peer sharing mode?
  2. I have an iMac that is holding the main file and also sharing that folder so the laptop I have can access the file. When I add new records to the file from the laptop, the laptop can see the new records, but the iMac does not. I also have another file that is being hosted on the iDisk and I can access that through a few other machines and I can update the file, but when the other users do so, it tends to corrupt the database and I keep losing records. I don't know if these issues are separate or related. Any suggestions to remedy this would be greatly appreciated. The budget does n
  3. Finally got something to work. Thanks for all of the input guys. part of the problem I had with my original code was the lack of calculation of my fields.
  4. I can't get any of them to work. Does it matter that these are in different layouts?
  5. Thanks, I will see how it goes for plugging in. Hopefully I can get it to work.
  6. Unfortunately that's what I am working with. I would still be in 6 if it wasn't for a site license. So, please bear with me.
  7. The attachment shows a horizontal field with 3 options. I need to be able to put a check in front of the option that is filled out elsewhere in the file. I can only get the "X" to appear in front of the "Retired" option regardless of what is checked in my input field. I am having to fill out existing forms so they can print. Here is the attachment.
  8. I originally had it set up that way, I also have had it set up as a menu and it still doesn't matter. I think my problem has to do with the calculating and not the input method. I need help writing the conditions to get the "X" to appear.
  9. Would that be the reason it is not working? What I mean by the "X" is that text is what I want as a result to work like a check box would if you were filling a form out by hand.
  10. It's been a long time since I have done anything in Filemaker and I am required to again. I have a list of three items that I want the result to be a "X" in a text box depending on which radio box is clicked on from the list. What is the way to write the calculation for each of the boxes that I will need. There are 3 items in the list I am working from. I can get a 2 option radio box to work, but not the 3 option box. Thanks in advance.
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