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  1. Hi there, I have a script that goes to a set of found records. I am trying to concatenate 1 field from each of those records. I need to somehow get my script to create a variable for each found record. Ex. If there are 4 records found I want to set #Variable1--> next record --> $Variable2--> next record --> $Variable3 --> next record -->$Variable4 My problem is I can't figure out how set the variables to accommodate different numbers of records (usually between 1 and no more than 5 records) Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated Chad
  2. I'm still struggling with how to get the "Letter Grades" and "Effort" marks from the ReportCardGrades table and combine them with the comments for each subject. I'm wondering if this will require a script to combine these two tables into one? Thanks again for any advice that points me in the right direction
  3. Hi Lee, How do I read my private messages?? I didn't even know that there was such a thing. I looked under my account and there is something called messenger but there is nothing new there (Actually there is nothing at all) Thanks Chad PS: I tried to send this to you as a private message but it said that "the user Lee Smith cannot receive any more private messages" or something like that..
  4. I'm not sure where that link was supposed to lead- I think because my topics were merged (I'm very sorry about that) that the link was somehow invalidated but I'm guessing it pointed back to one of my previous posts. Since that post I have made a couple of changes. 1. I created a table called ReportCardGrades which stores a "letter Grade" and an "Effort" mark for each student for each term (1,2,3 and F). (The records in this table are created using a script that creates a record for each student for each subject for each term) The solution I think that you pointed me too solved t
  5. Hi there, I have had a quick look around the forums and can't seem to find anybody with my problem. I have set up a gradebook for my class that tracks Students, Assignments, Assignment Grades, Comments and Report Card Grades. I am trying make a report that matches my districts report card but I have not been able to. My report needs to look like this: I have managed to get two reports that are close, but not what I need. Report Comments: This report is a sub-summary of the "Grades" table which is sorted by Subject and based on the mark it pulls the appropr
  6. Yes! That's exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks so much for all of your help and suggestions. Chad
  7. Thanks again for your suggestions, I have implemented your suggestions but I am still not seeing the expected results. In the Portal on the student layout I see the 3 Math Comments as I would expect. However, when I go to the "Term 2 Report Card" layout and put the Comments 2::Comment field on the layout it only shows 1 of the comments. I would like it to display all 3 of the report card comments on the "Term 2 Report Card" layout. I have tried putting a portal on the "Term 2 Report Card" layou but because some comments are 1 line and others are 2 or 3 lines the layout looks terrible and
  8. Sorry about the poor data structure- I'll be the first to admit that I really don't know what I'm doing and thank you for pointing me in the right direction- Ideally I would be able to find somebody in the Vancouver area to come sit down with me for a few hours so that I could wrap my head around how precisely filemaker works. In the file that you gave me, there is one important thing that is missing. When I create an assignment I also create 4 comments to go along with that assignment- one for each level of achievement. Eventually I want the ability to use that comment on the student
  9. Hi there, Thank you very much for your response.... I tried what you said and I got part way to what I was looking for, but I'm not sure where to go from here. As you can see from the file below, my onscreen display works very well. I have a tab for each subject and the portals are filtered to display only the records for that subject. The problem is that I need to get the "report card comment" part of the portal into the appropriate places in our districts standardized Report Card layout (see below). So I want to insert the 3 "report Card Comments" that you see in the
  10. Hi there, I am a teacher in Richmond that is trying to design a database to improve the efficiency with which I can complete my report cards and I have been tinkering around with filemaker (after moving away from apple numbers) trying to streamline my process. Currently I have a "students" table that is joined to "Assignments" table through a "grades" table. I give the student a grade for a particular assignment and that creates a record in the grades table and based on the grade each student is assigned a comment for their report card. On the "students" layout I have a filte
  11. Thanks again. I totally don't understand why adding another TO made a difference in this case- But it works as I was hoping. Does that mean if I add multiple TO's that I can grade multiple assignments at once?? That would be very handy as sometimes I break down a test into three different assignments based on what I want to report on but it would be nice to enter all those marks at once (while I have the students test in my hand) I will do some experimenting with this... Thanks again for everything, Chad
  12. Thanks that worked like a charm. I have encountered one more problem in that in my Mark Entry section I am using the gAssignment field to choose which assignment to grade. I choose the assignment from the list but then all reference to the name disappears and all I can see in that field is the assignment ID. I wanted some visual feedback - just to be sure that I am working on the right assignment so I thought I would just add the assignment name field, but that doesn't seem to update when I pick a new assignment from the gAssignment_ID list. I figure there has to be something
  13. Thanks again for all of your help. (I actually posted twice before but for some reason it still hasn't shown up). I have come up with one more problem that I can't seem to get around. In my grades table I have a mark and I have added a field for a report card comment I want the report card comment to use the mark entered to lookup the specific comment for the assignment (I have 4 comment fields in the assignment table) eg. If they get an "A" then filemaker should look at the related assignment and pull in the Report card comment for A. Here's what I've done so far:
  14. Wow! Thanks for the solution! I am almost there. I have only discovered one thing. When I change the gAssignmentID in the header I can edit 1 record and give it a grade and then the gAssignmentID header disappears and I have to select the assignment again before I can edit the mark for the next student. And it seems that the last mark I enter for any given student is the default when I click into that cell again. is there any way to set the gAssignment ID to stay the same while I enter all of the students data.. Thanks again- I can almost see the light at the end of the tunne
  15. Thanks to your help, I now have the portal working properly - I mean I can enter data into it and I can give each student a different grade for their assignment. I'm still struggling with the second part of the solution. Ideally I would like the contents from "Assignment Name" to be converted to a field on the students layout- this would make it very easy for me to enter grades for assignments- I would just look at it in table view and I would find the correct row for the students paper I had in my hand. (That would be easier than searching for a students record either using spotligh
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