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  1. Hello, I've been away for awhile and am having a REALLY hard time navigating this new site structure here...so please forgive me if I am posting in the wrong place - but even with searching the forums I couldn't find another place to post this... My question is about using FMP to integrate with an email newsletter service like Mail Chimp. According to Mail Chimp info people they work well together, but I'm not sure I trust that as they have only a basic tutorial about how the process works that admits the process is time consuming. I just wanted to see if anyone here has any experience w
  2. Hi Vaughan, Thanks for your response. I guess I haven't been clear about the proposed procedure. We have our database web hosted, which will be the primary mode of use - so that's working fine for multiple users. When one user has to go off the grid, I will put a backup copy in Dropbox, that he can refer to it JUST for reference purposes. He will not be making edits to the file, just reading contact info when necessary. So NO multiple versions or multiple edits. We will use dropbox just so that he can see the info in the database when he is not online. When he gets back to internet access, h
  3. That would be fine. The user will just know not to input new data into the file. So you think that the file should be stable on Dropbox and be openable in the normal way? I have read others warn against the instability of using FMP dbs in Dropbox, but I'm not sure if that is just due to the inherent dangers in simultaneously making edits on the same file from multiple computers, or if there is a basic problem with Dropbox and FMP (like there is with Quickbooks, for example). Thanks for your response.
  4. Dropbox will regularly update itself while in internet access range, and keep the most recent copy of the database accessible later when offline, unlike accessing the FMP through the internet host, which would require online access. Because the rate of our updates is not terribly rapid, it will be suitable to have read-only access to a week-old copy of the db. Does this sound like a reasonable plan, or are there problems accessing back-up DBs from Dropbox?
  5. Hello everyone, We have our database webhosted by Foxtail Tech, but we will occasionally need to access the database in locations with no internet access (gasp!). If I were to download a back-up of our database, and place it in Dropbox, would another single user be able to access that file as a read-only file? We would not be making any data-entry or edits to the Dropbox file, it would be solely used as reference material (so there should not be any file conflicts). Does anyone know why this solution may or may or may not work? I know that Dropbox is not a sustainable solution for shari
  6. Yes, we would be hosting it and opening the db as a remote file. So it should work with each user's own Outlook and Skype applications? Great, thank you for the response!
  7. hello everyone, we are looking into having our database hosted on the web. before i do that, i want to figure out how the scripts we have will function. we have scripted buttons that allow you to click to automatically open skype and dial the number. we also have scripted buttons that create emails with attachments in the user's default email client (outlook). Will having the database hosted on the web mess any of those scripts up? Or will it behave as usual when the db is opened as a remote file? i'd appreciate any advice.
  8. I just tested 68 and 48mb files, and they uploaded fine. We run SC on the local host.
  9. Also curious about this before we update... Anyone at SuperContainer tried the update yet?
  10. Sorry for my absence for awhile (been ill), but thanks for these ideas! The reason we are using Preview mode is that the viewer needs to look at a list that is sorted by sub-summaries. Preview mode is helpful because it may be printed, and give the user an idea of how many pages they're dealing with, and the option to print only selected pages. In Browse mode of this same list, I had trouble creating buttons to return to the previous layout. For some reason the buttons I create don't appear in Browse mode, though I can see them in Layout (this may just be something I don't know how t
  11. Hi, I know this is an old thread, but I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with seedcode's fmspark for sending bulk emails? any votes?
  12. Brilliant! How simple, but that definitely works. Never would have occurred to me, thanks for the tip!
  13. Good idea. So as a matter of general practice, do people just avoid pausing scripts altogether? Thank you for the response.
  14. I apologize in advance if this is an inane newbie question, but its vexing me and I don't even know how to phrase this to search to find a solution. I have a simple script that takes a user to a list in Preview mode, pauses so that they can look at the document and scroll through the pages, and then 'continue' back to the source layout. My problem is that the 'continue' button up in the top right is so small that my users just can't seem to find it, and they get stuck in the list layout. Not good design on my part. It is so unassuming up there in the top right, and the users are used to l
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