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  1. Excuse me, Is it a so stupid question? or maybe useless?
  2. I have tables like this: Grand-GrandFather-----GrandFather-----Father-----Son-----GrandSon How could I do a report to show me all the structure like?: Grand-GrandFather 1 GrandFather 1 GrandFather 2 Grand-GrandFather 2 GrandFather 1 GrandFather 2 Father 1 Father 2 Father 3 Grand-GrandFather 3 GrandFather 1 Father 1 Father 2 Son 1 Son 2 GrandSon 1 GrandSon 2 Thank you.
  3. Sorry, self answer. After New Record/Request step Set Variable [$A; value:$A + 1] Two hours thinking and I see the light 10 minutes after crying for help, lol Sorry eos, I didn't see your post. Thanks for the help. You are right.
  4. By now, I use this newbie method lol. I have a script that generates some new records in table 2, depending on a date in table 1, after a search. With a $variable get(foundcount) I count these records, so at the end of the script I can show a dialog saying "xx new records generated". After some improvements, now not all founded records need to generate a new one in table 2. How could I count only the number of new records generated?
  5. Sorry laretta, just simplyfied Set Field [ table::field ; If ( IsEmpty ( TABLE::Field ) ; ValueListItems ( Get ( FileName ) ; "ValueListName" ) ; "" ).
  6. Done it!!!!!!! First didn't work well because my file name had an "unusual name?" (i.e. filename v.10.fp7). Curious, get (filename) worked well but valuelistitem didn't. Set Field [ If ( IsEmpty ( TABLE::Field ) ; ValueListItems ( Get ( FileName ) ; "ValueListName" ) ; "" ). Thanks for your help.
  7. Thank you doughemi, I'm working on that. Set Field [ValueListItems ( Get ( FileName ) ; "Months" )] But doesn't work, and I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
  8. I'm trying to accomplish a script to select/unselect all my check boxes at once. I have all months, sometimes I need to ckech just a few but some others I'll need to check the whole year and I'd preffer to check only one box than twelve, lol. Any advice of how to do it? Thank you.
  9. I’m trying to make a script to automatically create certain receipts. With my little knowledge I have made something that works but trying to improve it I have a problem now. When I grab the information I need I set a field as “DONE” in that record, and I want this record not to be taken into account for the next time so I don’t create the same receipt twice. I know (well, I bet) should be done adding an If sentence, but I can’t make it work. Any help? I attach a sample file. Thank you. Receipts.zip
  10. Dear all, Trying to work with the last file attached (condVL3+clear), just trying , I wonder if, could this work if the secondary selection is data from a related record? Thanks for your help.
  11. The amount owed it's a monthly fee, calculated in another table, how silly!, I didn't think of that, I was trying to make it simple to explain, sorry about that. Should I make another relationship with the MonthlyFee table? People::PeopleID = MonthlyFee 2::PeopleID AND People::gDate ≥ MonthlyFee 2::Month
  12. - Payments table: ·TotalAmountByPeople - People table: ·AmountOwed ·PaymentSituation: case ( people::AmountOwed - Payments::TotalAmountByPeople < 0 ; "Not fully paid" ; people::AmountOwed - Payments::TotalAmountByPeople >= 0 ; "Fully paid" )
  13. Anyone could help me on this? I have two tables, payments and people. They are related through PeopleID. People must pay a monthly fee. I have a field (PaymentSituation) in Peoples table that through a calc tells me if a person owes money or not. What I need to accomplish is to know the right data on a giving date. For example: if a person didn’t pay on January but now has fully paid, the paymentsituation tells me that doesn’t owe anything, even if I take a look to January. I don't know if I can't make myself understood How should I relate the tables to show
  14. It picks up many data from related records and sets it into a field. Here is the script translated. It can be also a time to swap knowledge, I still know very few of FileMaker and I believe is about the same "few" you know about spanish, , so here it goes, variable=variable (easy) loop=bucle (but FM uses loop for any language, so, easy too) thank you=gracias. Just a joke, Thanks. Script - EN.pdf
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