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  1. Thank you for your reply. It appears in the past we have used the second option but as we are moving to a system with separate user accounts I am favouring the first option.
  2. We are using FMS 9... I am looking for the setting to remove select databases from the list of dbs that comes up when users access our open remote list. I know its possible as we have some already absent from the list but I can't find the setting. Just looking to tidy up the visible list due to a number of disused dbs that need to exist but don't need visibility. Thanks.
  3. It was to do with the rest of our licences being part of a MLA. Filemaker were kind in generating me a new licence key though and it is now working fine.
  4. On the upgrade sheet included in the box it says the following are valid: FMP10 Advanced FMP9 Advanced FMP 11 FMP 10 FMP 9 Have also tried on the office macs and it wasn't having any of it. Am going to try calling support tomorrow.
  5. Hearing that I could upgrade from FMP pro 9 to FMP Pro 11 Advanced I decided that is what I should do to help me manage our other FMP 9 users running off FMS9 while also giving us a chance to test the newer version with a view to a future upgrade. I'm having trouble with the upgrade I purchased though. Having entered the license key it asks me to show it where my "qualifying product" is. I give it the location of my FMP9 folder and it searches the folder and then tells me "The directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\Filemaker\Filemaker Pro 9" does not contain a qualifying product." Wh
  6. Basically we are changing the way one of our packages works and we want and obvious way to see which companies came in before or after that date. Thanks that worked great.
  7. We have a customer name field that is coloured red. We also have a creation timestamp field. We would like to be able to have conditional formatting set up so that if creation is before 10/07/2011 it displays as red if after it is blue. The timestamps appear in our layout in this format: "21/02/2011 10:11:36" I therefore assumed something like Table::CreationTimestamp ≥ "10/07/2011 10:11:36" Would do the job. That though just makes alerts from on or before the 10th of each month blue. How should I be going about this? I am aware that the timestamp is effectiv
  8. Apologies we have FMP9 not the advanced version. By the looks of it we could get away with having one advanced copy that could set up the menus then the other client versions would obey correct? I assume that is the only way that it can be achieved?
  9. At present we have a system where we have a total of two usernames and passwords for each database. One is for admin the other is for all other users. Between the different databases there are probably four different sets of password possibilities. Everytime someone logs into a database they get asked for a password (or sometimes more than one). I suspect that this system could be a lot more secure and a lot less annoying as well. What is the best way for me to set up separate user accounts for each user so that: a) someone logs in once and then doesn't need to again b
  10. After someone made a boo boo on our database and managed to change 1000 phone numbers to all be the same thing I ask - is there a way to disable the "replace field contents" option for particular users/user groups? (before anyone cringes, don't worry we had it all backed up) We are using FM9 if that helps.
  11. Perfect thank you. I was only looking at Value is, I now know to look at Formula is... All sorted.
  12. Agreed about red, was an example colour (first to come to mind). How do I conditionally format the fields with a formula outside of its own field (ie set field name to colour=grey WHERE field id=12). I only seem to be able to set it for the field in question.
  13. We are creating a layout to display in table view the status of an order. We are giving it the ability to show either open orders or all orders. When viewing all orders we would like to use conditional formatting to change the background colour of the completed order rows to a different colour (say red). How would I go about this (if its even possible)?
  14. Thank you, that seems to have done the job perfectly!
  15. We are sending data from filemaker to sage using some scripts. We have found that the process breaks if there is no company name defined when posting. I would therefore like to alter the script so that on posting it checks to make sure there is a company name and if not instead sends the Firstname and Surname as the company name. Our current script: SET FIELD [sage::accountname; MD::CompanyName] What I would like: SET FIELD [sage::accountname; Then the second part defined by an if test(which I am not sure if it is right - hence the question): If ( MD::CompanyName; MD::Comp
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