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  1. I am currently using FileMaker 9 Pro on a Windows XP 32 bit system. When running a script to print a certain layout on one user's profile, I receive the following error message: "The combined size of the Header plus the Footer is longer than can fit on the page. To print, first make the Header or Footer shorter or use longer paper." If I log in as myself on the same computer and run the exact same script, there is no error message and the layout prints fine. As far as I can tell there should be no issue with either header or footer. Is there a user print setting or something along th
  2. This might be more of a script issue than a layout question, but I'll ask anyways. I was wondering if there is a way to format my text in a field to automatically space out on the "tabs" of the layout? I am trying to make a list with multiple columns and I don't know how long the input will be, so just putting in spaces could look correct for some input but bad for others. (i.e. In java I would use the tab escape character \t to line up the tabs) Is this possible to implement in FileMaker? Thanks.
  3. I don't know if this is the optimal way of doing this, but it's the way I would approach it. I would create a new layout with a huge "Memo" field on it. Then, when going to print, I would look at each checkbox: If it's selected for what you want, append "Question X selected" or something like that to the memo field. Then, you can keep appending throughout all questions. Though, like I said, I don't know if this is the best way to do it, just how I would start to approach it. - Dan
  4. How would I go about Saving a Compacted Copy and testing if it's ok? Would I perform this test on the recovered database or the original (damaged) one?
  5. I fixed the issue. Apparently all I needed to do was recover the database. I used this link if anyone needs help with a similar issue: Recover FileMaker
  6. Keith, I think I have a similar issue with one of my databases. How would I go about seeing if the index is corrupted and potentially recreate it? - Dan
  7. We link our tables by our Entity pk (main table, unique and indexed) and set that as the Container fk. Though, like I said before, I can't even perform a find on the Container database itself, let alone searching through the link. I'm just wondering if there's a setting to make it stop searching because it was working fine until a couple of weeks ago. Thanks again, - Dan
  8. First of all, you must setup your outside database to be sharable and make a name for it. Next, create a table on your main database with the field you desire (Usually just copy the fields from the remote database). In the "Relationships" tab, you can edit the properties of the table you just created. You want to make sure that the "Data Source" is from the remote database (We just make this database sharable). Then, select the table that you want to be able to search on and name it. Once all of that is setup and linked (if you want linkings in your main database), you can search this
  9. I don't know if you've found a permanent answer to your question, but the way we solve this problem is: Set Field [saying; "Hi"] Perform Find [] Set Field [saying; "Goodbye"] Extend Found Set [] In this example, it will search for both "Hi" and "Goodbye" in the field labeled "Saying". Hope this helps. - Dan
  10. Hi, I have a unique problem that I hope someone could help me figure out: In our database setup, we have a containers database separate from our main database. We have successfully linked the 2 and can store records to the Containers database from the main database. Just up until a couple weeks ago, everything was working just fine. However, now when trying to pull all containers related to a certain entity, it fails to search the Container database. When I saw this, I opened the containers database and manually tried searching for data that I knew was in there, though it still says "No r
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