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  1. Thanks comment! I didn't realize you could just add onto the variable like that. I love learning new things! Thanks!
  2. Hi Comment ... thanks for the reply. I figured it was a looping situation which I'm not fully versed in but I get it enough to experiment until I find the right solution. But I'm not sure how to keep adding onto a variable. I know how to create or change the variable but not certain how the formula for the variable would look to change it to keep tagging onto the end. Can you offer advice on this? And I'm REALLY not sure what a recursive function is but I'll do some googling.
  3. HI Fellow FM'ers, You're always so helpful and respectful to us lay folk that I hope you can assist on the following. It seems like it should be easy but I can't seem to find the solution If I have a set of records (let's say 30) and each record has a LOCATION field, I am trying to create a google map URL syntax in which I need to get the various locations from each record. So in broad terms it would look like "Location(from record 1)&","&Location(from record 2)&","&Location(from record 3), etc. " -or- "Tulsa, Houston, Dallas, etc" I've tried a List(Loca
  4. Hey comment ... Sorry my bad ... I said Tab and should have said portal. I managed to figure it out. had a couple relationships askew. Just doing a simple horizontal viewer. Working fine now but using FM11 would be so much easier as it has portal filtering built in rather than having to create a work around. Thanks again for the reply
  5. Is it possible to display a Related Record in a different tab? Yes, I can set it up to view in a different layout Or I can view it on the Current Layout But I can't seem to figure out the work around on how to select the record in a portal on Tab A and have it appear in a detail layout located on Tab B. Is this an easy fix? Thanks in advance. The folks on this forum are fantastic and generous with their time.
  6. Dooh! of course. I knew it was some type of Boolean but I forgot about looking at the formatting rather than the field definition. I also figured out where my error was. It wasn't in the portal setup per se. It was in the setup of the button. I had a graphic in the portal and I was using that as a button. I didn't put the graphic in a container and therefore it wasn't really a part of the record. It was just a graphic. Comment, thank you so much for your help on this! Very nice of you to take the time to make that down and dirty file. That made all the difference! Cheer
  7. It is working. I've got to step away and I'll come back ... but the one thing I can't understand is how a number field (Status) with no calculation is coming back in the portal as "True" or "False". Normally if I put a number field in the portal it comes out a number field. I can't for the life of me figure out why it's coming out as a logical text result. What would I do if I wanted to show the numeric value of Status?
  8. no luck Comment .. unless I misunderstood something. Here is the photo I think I've got the portal and TO exactly the same and this is what I reference in the script ... you can see both in the photo. Did I misunderstand?
  9. Would any of you consider donating about 3 hours of consulting to this military project? I'm not sure if this is the best category to post this but it's a generic request. I'm currently working on a national fundraising tour designed to raise $1.8 million for the families of the 154 fallen Canadian troops as well as the thousands of injured soldiers, sailors and aircrew. This tour will travel across Canada for one year and will bring Canadians together to honour, remember and celebrate our troops. And of course to raise funds. As you can imagine, developing a tour of this magn
  10. I hope I'm not overstaying my welcome here but another question that is driving me crazy but likely something simple ... Here are some photos to start: Here's my layout. The layout as you see,is showing EVENTS which is a parent table. It has two key parts. The top part is showing Event details straight from the table. The lower part is the portal that I discussed earlier. Here is the relationship. cTrue is a calculation = 9 and if my Event_Priority = 9 then it's equivalent to inactive. Here's the RG in case that helps: So what is the issue:
  11. Thanks so much for taking time to grab me by the hand Comment. Your self-join worked perfectly and now I can see the whole redundancy path that I was starting to head down unnecessarily. It did invoke a new question from me though ... when is it appropriate to use a Number(with calculated value) versus using a Calculation (with number result)? I learned the hard way on a previous issue that one of my relationships couldn't use a Calc(number) but worked perfectly with Number(calc). Just curious. Thanks again to you and all others who take time to help mentor
  12. Hi "Comment" Thanks for the quick reply. I'm still confused and almost embarrassed to post on the forum for fear of sounding like a total doofus. My list of Events is shown in two places. One is on a layout in just the body section. The other is in a portal. The portal has a SelfJoin relationship where z_g_SelfJoin and z_g_SelfJoin are equal. So that way I get all events listed in the portal. I'm not familiar enough with the not logical function. So I'm confused on how to set up the relationship. In terms of the regular layout I guess I could use an Onlayout scrip
  13. I'm going to resurrect an old thread because I'm in the same boat and my head is spinning ... coding for way too many hours. Simple Scenario: I need to plan over 200 events across the country in several months I have a table of EVENTS which contains all possible events However some events aren't feasible as they conflict. That said, I don't want to delete them completely. Yes, I could mark them as inactive and I have that but they still show up on my calendar, event list, etc. Yes, I could struggle to find complex trigger scripts to filter out the inactives but I'm not that sm
  14. I've tried to but not successfully. In the simplest of terms: I have the following two simple tables Table 1 ClubName Latitude ( ie. 63.500) Containing records: Calgary - 51.543 Edmonton - 51.890 Saskatoon - 48.999 Toronto - 41.876 Table 2 PersonName Latitude Containing records: Sam - 49.625 And assuming for a moment that I want to show (in the portal) all the Club records that are greater to Sam's location I created the relationship ClubsName:Latitude < PersonName:Latitude It should show in the portal 2 records (Calgary and Edmonton).
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