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  1. My gratitude to all who have looked at my issues! I just wanted to let everyone know that I've decided to use a different approach entirely that is simpler and easier for me to maintain. So I'm all set and as always, humbled by your expert suggestions! Thanks again, Debbie
  2. Dear Comment et al, So my users have asked to be able to indicate months available in addition to days of the week and morning, afternoon, evening. Also, I can't seem to get only the 'Active' volunteers to show up. I am thinking I need to re-think this whole thing. Thanks for any suggestions, Debbie NewWithVols.fmp12
  3. Got it to work!! Thank you very much, everyone! It took some time to figure out how you handled the button and toggled the Yes on and off, but it works! I am humbled by the intricacy of your thinking, Comment! Very grateful, Debbie
  4. Hi Lee and Comment! This is pretty slick, I've got it working, but the problem is all 10,000 of my contacts are ending up in the checkbox set. I also used a TO of the Contacts Table (ContactAvailID) as the AvailableStaff table. So, to correct that issue, I created another TO of Contacts (Contacts_ActiveVol) that only has active volunteers in it. The results haven't changed, I still get all the contact records showing up. Could it be a problem having a structure like this? Thanks! Debbie
  5. Thanks, Lee--I learn something new every time I work with FM! The method consultant used looks very cool. Will play around more with it to understand it better, but it seems much simpler than 21 new fields! Thanks very much. Gratefully, Debbie
  6. Hi! Unfortunately, I am unable to open the .fp7 file--is it possible to post the file as .fmp12? Sorry! Debbie
  7. Hi Lee, Thanks so much. That is what I am doing, since there are 21 individual fields. My concern was that there might be a better way to structure it. For example, a Contacts::Sunday field with a checkbox value list of 3 choices (Morning, Afternoon, Evening)? That would mean I only need 7 fields; one for each day of the week. Or should I create a separate table for Volunteer availability? Maybe I'm making this more complicated than it needs to be... Debbie
  8. Hello everyone, Thank you in advance for your help. I have a contacts table that I will be adding fields to in order to describe volunteers more fully. For example, skills, active status, desired tasks. One of the requirements is a set of check boxes that indicate when the volunteer is available. The users want the days of the week across the top and 3 check boxes under each one for morning afternoon or evening. I need to be able to check multiple boxes. When a volunteer is needed, the users would do a find for the particular time needed. Here is a screen print of my layout using o
  9. Both excellent suggestions, I'm playing with each solution--both have their positives and work very well--and you are amazing to have responded so quickly. Thank you very much--you rock!
  10. Hello everyone, I have been working on this for many weeks and unfortunately the newest road block has me stumped. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. I have 4 text fields in my Event/Guest table: GuestNames, FoodRequest, SitWith and SpecialAccess. For the first time, I am importing this information from an excel spreadsheet downloaded from a vendor. Unfortunately, all 4 questions and their answers are combined into one field, so the imported cell looks like this: If you have purchased tickets for others, please list their names for check in and name tag purpo
  11. Dear EOS, Thank you so much for your work! I understand what you're proposing and you were quite helpful in forcing me to ask the users for more detail on how they count the messages. I wasn't clear on the specifics, so it was more confusing than it needed to be. I have resolved the problems with counting the number of notes by purpose based on your clarifying my issues and can now count the unique values with a looping script! Again, this forum is a life-saver. Thank you! Debbie
  12. Hello everyone and thank you in advance for any advice. You may have picked up on this already, but there is another problem with counting and that is with the checkboxes. When I run the summary report (MEF Tallies) based on purpose, any checkbox selections that are greater than 1 per message record are not incorporated into the totals. I am working diligently on finding the answer to this issue also. Not only are there lots of purposes in the value list, but the users tend to change the list every so often, so I'd prefer not to have to add a field for each value. Thank you
  13. So sorry! I forgot to mention that! The user name is Test and there is no password. Thank you!
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