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  1. Hello I can see that I skipped sometime in my original post: I wan the output to my field to be combined: John, Rosencrantz BTW: I do have an ID for my Fruit as well. Perhaps I should not have oversimplified my example. Thanks for your help. Any thoughts on my output? John.
  2. Hello all This is somewhat similar to one of my previous post... just slightly different parameters I have records in a table with 3 fields (yes, I'm being generic): ID Person Fruit 1 John Apple 2 Terry Banana 3 Rosencrantz Apple What I want to do is populate a single field with text from Person: But I only to list the names where fruit = apple So far what I've figured is this: create a script where a variable is set then loop thru the records setting the variable along the way. they use that variable to populate a field
  3. One cheese sandwich later and my thinking is much clearer. I've diagnosed the problem. Turns out I only thought I was implementing the code in precisely the same way in precisely the same type of table relationship. I'll take this as a lesson in never posting on an empty stomach. Thank you to all for your interest. John (post sandwich and cookie.)
  4. I'm re-visiting this issue. It works perfect in my first use of it. I'm trying to use it again in another section of my DB but it won't work. I'm trying to diagnose what the difference might be but I can't see it. I don't have much to offer in terms of description: Can anyone suggest ways that I can diagnose this problem? signed very frustrated John
  5. That's the stuff!!! Boom! Thanks for all the help! John
  6. Oh wow! Thank you Comment. That did it. But now I realize I need to somehow add an extra "layer" of criteria. This is what I have (and it works): Substitute ( List ( ArtworkPeople::pplID) ; ¶ ; ", " ) The portal for my table has the following fields: Pkey pplID ptID But now I realize that I don't want all of the pplID listed. I just want the pplIDs where ptID = 2. How do I edit the calculation above so it only ArtworkPeople::pplID where ptID = 2? Please advise
  7. Hello to all I have a report that has a portal in it. In the portal are names of people. When I print the report the names come out in the usual manner. EXAMPLE: John Apple Joe Banana Jerry Carrot Is there a way to get the content of my portal to print thusly: John Apple, Joe Banana, Jerry Carrot Please advise. Thank you John
  8. Hello Thank you for sending me the link, however the file asks for a password. How do I access your example? Please advise. John
  9. Hello to all Please excuse me if I have logged this question in the wrong forum. If I have, please advise. I have a table Called Art. Among Art's numerous fields is a field called Pic. Pic stores the filename of the picture file. The picture files are stored in C:\Artpics\ I know FM can store image files within itself, but in this case I can't go that way. Another person needs access to the picture files in a different way so this is the solution we came up with. Is there a way to include the image file in my reports by using the field Pic and knowing the location
  10. Thank you both for this suggestion. It works great. I never would have thought of it. I still have a lot to learn about the usefulness of the global field. Have a great day. John
  11. Hello to all I hope someone has a possible solution to my problem. I have a Report called Contact List. It shows contact information for all the people I have in my table. The use can use various finds to cull the list of contacts. So I'll cull my list and then print it. Days later I'll forget who makes up the content of my list. Sometimes it's easy; oh they are all from the same city. Sometimes it's not to easy to tell as I have many different fields that I can do "finds" by. I can't make a specific report with a specific title because there are far too many permutation
  12. Hi again I spoke too soon. I've got weird things happening that I can't seem to diagnose. If I click preview and then print the report = No problem If I click preview and then flip thru the pages directly to the last page = no problem If I click preview and then flip thru the pages directly to the last page and then flip back to the page with the group heading and then flip back to the last page = the group heading that I viewed twice shows twice on the ending summary section. Essentially what is happening is this: If I flip thru the pages of my report the number of tim
  13. Oh wow! I haven't figured out totally what it's doing yet... but I like it. It worked seamlessly in my DB Thank you for taking the time to put that together for me. The help was invaluable. I'm now going to take some time and try to decipher all the different parts to better understand what is at play. Have a great day. John
  14. Thank you for the suggestion and work around. I will try them out right away. Your replay raises one more question: Is something like the following possible Apples 5 Bananas 3 Group A Total 8 Carrots 7 Radishes 9 Group B Total 16 / End of report totals Group A Total 8 Group B Total 16 Grand total 24 Or how about this?: Apples 5 Bananas 3 Carrots 7 Radishes 9 / End of report totals Group A Total 8 Group B Total 16 Grand total 24 Please advise when you have the time. Thank you John
  15. Thank you Russell Barlow for sharing the information. I fear I may have expressed my question badly. I know how to get a sub summary at the end of my sub summary section. I want to have all the sub summaries report at the end of the report as well as the end of the section. I followed the instructions on the link and I cannot get my results to reflect this following outcome: Group A / sub summary part Apples 5 Bananas 3 Group A Total 8 Group B / sub summary part Carrots 7 Radishes 9 Group B Total 16 / End of report totals Group A Total 8
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