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  1. yes, the records HAVE had a bad entry. They don't have it any more because it was edited ages ago. But the bad entry is still in the list. It is the list that needs to be fixed, not the data. The list did not change when the data was edited.
  2. I can't delete the records they are in. The records are ok and go back way too far. The wrong value won't be anywhere as it is corrected in the record far back. I need to see a list somewhere.
  3. I use a Mac and the latest OSX is Mountain Lion. The last choice available for my profile is Lion. Can you please add Mountain Lion? Thanks.
  4. I am using FM Pro 12, OSX 10.8.3 I have used several layouts since FM Pro 5 (I think). I upgraded to 7, 9, and now v 12. On one layout I just noticed that a field is now appearing in scientific format, not just as a number. It used to appear ok. Since it exists on other layouts ok I tried to see what the difference was in the inspector, and I could not see any difference. I copied the field from another layout where it was ok but when viewed on this layout, it too, appeared in scientific form. How can I get it back to the way it was?
  5. My value list is created from entries I make in a field. I have used this list for several years and it is quite long. I pick the entry from a pop-up menu. It is working perfectly. However, I noticed some wrong entries and would like to remove them. How do I do this? There is no place where I see the values in the list. I am using FM Pro 12, Mac OS X 10.8.3
  6. I have a lot of scripts. They are running fine. I do not want to debug them, but I would like to see the steps. I don't want to see them individually in the manage scripts window. That is too tedious to see each one separately. Besides, I forget the differences between them when I do this. How can I see the steps in each script? In other words, I would like to view script 1, then script 2, then script 3, etc.,. Perhaps by scrolling in a window, perhaps by printing them all out at once, not individually.
  7. I created a full name field by calculating First & " " & Last. All are text. It works on the layouts. It works when printing to PDf and preview. I actually see the full name. I then export the fields to a basic file. This gives me plain text, with each field surrounded by quotes. The fields all are what they should be, except for the full name field. It is "0" in every single instance. Why does it not produce text instead of 0? Is there any other way to output the fields as plain text. I don't really need the quotes, but I do need text in a file (not pdf)
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