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  1. Who makes plugins for this? Do free versions exist? I'm not sure that this is data that will be truly useful. Only time will tell.
  2. I run FM Pro 11 I have a container field in a small document management application. It can contain very different types of files like pdf, jpg, doc, xls, bmp, csv, avi, mov, etc.... I almost always keep a link to the file, not a copy of the file, in order to keep the database small. Is there a way to collect more information from the linked file, like creation and last modify date, file size, author .... (when such info is available)? That data would be automatically added to corresponding fields in my table, whenever I create a new record. Once this is in place,
  3. Thank you for your help. This is exactly what I needed. Now I can open any type of file just by clicking the container field. SD
  4. I saw some posts regarding extracting file name and path from a container What I need is a little different: I have a container field (FM Pro 11 Advanced) with a link to external files. I need to find a way to extract the file extension. The path and the name itself are totally useless for what I want to do. Then I need to capture that info inside a script that would go like this: Case extension is .jpg extract content then open the file Case extension is .doc extract content then open the file Case extension is .pdf extract content
  5. This is very different from what I had in mind. I don't have the level of expertise it requires. I will stick to a simple solution with links to the original documents. Thanks for the help.
  6. Thank you Ocean West. If I understand correctly, old versions of a document can be kept in a secure way, but a user still has to manually update the FM Pro records for every file that he knows has actually changed. This seems like a lot of maintenance work without ever being sure that every change/revision is reflected in the database. Would it be simplier for me to upgrade to FM Pro 12 and automate a link to the original file? After all, a simple sequence of clicks will always offer the user the option to create an exact copy for any type of data he could encounter. In fact, I c
  7. Follow up on my own topic. I finally made it work. However, whenever I upload a file, it creates a new folder and puts a copy of the file in it. Good for a backup of everything, but if the original file is modified, it won't reflect the changes in Filemaker as only the copy will show. Is there a way to change this to a simple link to the original file? I'm trying to build a document management application and this is not very useful. The filemaker demo they provide also did the very same thing on my computer ....
  8. I'm a newbie at this, so my question might be silly. I have been trying for hours to get the demo for Supercontainer to work on my computer (no network here). I can get it to run, but unable to access it properly with FM pro 11 webviewer. Instructions seem simple, but could it be that you must have FM Pro server and I only have Advanced? If I put this in my webviewer "" I see the server, but I end up with uploading the same file for all my records. Instructions stipulate I must have this: ""
  9. Is it possible to add new values to existing zoom levels? (FM Pro Advance 11) 50% - 75% - 100% are just fine but... On a 24 inch monitor for example, most of my layouts appear a bit to small. Scrolling to the next zoom value makes them too big so the user spends time scrolling in and out. Is it possible to add more zoom percentages like 66% 83% 112% ? One program that reacts nicely to zoom scroll is Internet Explorer. It would be fine to have a way to do it in Filemaker.
  10. I have 2 Filemaker solutions. Each of them will be a separate runtime. Solution One contains a table named 'Job' Solution Two also contains a table named 'Job' I wrote a script to have solution Two delete all data from its own table 'Job' and replace it with the content of solution One wich is always current. To make it simple, both tables have the same name 'Job' and 6 fields with exactly the same names also. (So they are identical by name and structure) This is where it gets tricky: I cannot assign paths in the import script because I cannot know in advan
  11. After checking carefully, I still have the Revert Field message. However, the field does revert (which is fine) and the Revert Record dialog box does not appear now. That means the user doesn't get kicked out to main menu anymore, this is what I needed. Thanks for the help. SD
  12. Thank you for helping. I tried that but the Revert still appears. I will try again tomorrow and report back. SD
  13. I just want to force the user to correct his mistake. If the revert field is pressed, it is then followed by a Revert Record dialog. If he presses it, he gets kicked out to the main menu and has to start over. That is not elegant at all. So far my only option is to instructs users not to press it ...!! Any idea about the proper syntax to express (''between today and 183 next coming days'') in the ''in range'' option of the field's properties?
  14. Update to my own topic: In the properties of the field I could maybe use the ''in range'' option instead of a calculation. But whatever entries I put there, It performs nothing in terms of validation. What is the proper syntax to express ''between today and 183 next coming days'' in the ''in range'' option ? Of course, the field has a Date format.
  15. I have a date field in a customer order entry layout. I have put a custom dialog in the field properties if validation fails. It is done by calculation which I guess explain why it is the only field that shows a ''Revert'' option in my custom dialog box. As users don't have a clue what this is, I need to get rid of it. My calculation to validate the date is as follows: DateCedule ≥ Get(CurrentDate) and DateCedule ≤ (Get(CurrentDate)+184 That translate to anywhere between today's date and no more than 6 months from today. I read in forums that the common wa
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