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  1. ok thanks for this, but now i have required FM pro 5.5 version setup for this.... can u arrange this for me. Thnaks to u Regards: coolbdy.
  2. Hi guys, For working with FileMaker lower vesion i have required following: FileMaker Pro 5 setup for mac os x . pls anyone can help me about this. Have a nice day to all........... Regards: Coolbdy
  3. Is There any SDK available for lower version of FileMaker pro 5 and 6 on mac for automation. i want to create connection with .fp5 file database. and get work on .fp5 database file.(Eg: create table and columns(with supported data types),apply primary key, apply field properties,and apply other features of FileMaker). pls help me about this.
  4. Good morning, ok there is no support for foregin key in FM ODBD driver , but is there any API or SDK for implement this? and what about to make an external application regarding create relationship? pls help me about this....... Regards: coolbdy
  5. Hi there, i m working with FileMaker pro 5 on mac. For automation of database, i want to create connection with FM pro 5 database file. is there ODBC provide for FileMaker pro 5? how would this will possible on mac. pls help me about this. Regards: Coolbdy
  6. ok Wim, For ex: On windows we used ADO Function for databse, in ADO for create Relationship,We used CreateRelation() Function, and this function create relation b/w columns for given tables. as like this on Mac how we do this, i have no ADO, no API for FileMaker on mac. so How would this will possible............ thanks for reply.
  7. thanks for reply Vaughan, i m describing my problem: i working with FileMaker pro 11 on mac and using FM ODBC driver for using automation on FM database. and i have create connection with Existing FM database(.fp7) file.In this database i created new table with "CREATE TABLE" query an insert records using "INSERT VALUES" query. 1) My first problem is that i m working on Relationship, and i want to apply this programatically using CREATE or UPDATE queries with FOREIGN KEY syntax but this is not working. How this will done in right way?
  8. Hi Guys..........Hello to all I still have problem with FileMaker Pro 11 with Relationship and forms.(on Windows and mac) 1) i want to create relationship programmatically in filemaker pro 11 database. is there any manually method using scripts to create relationship and then i do this programatically(create and fire scripts for relationship). Is this possible or not whiich i m thinking. 2) and second is i want to create forms programmatically. i have no idea about this how this will possible for FM database. if any have idea for both then p
  9. Hi Guys! I have facing some problem with FilwMaker pro 11, and i m using FM ODBC driver. 1) First one i want to Clarify that relationship in FileMaker pro is same as Apply "Foregin Key" Concepts on database? 2) Second is i want to apply Relationship in Filemaker database. for this i m doing following: i create connection with existing FM database table & create a table Customer in this database using query Eg: CREATE TABLE Customers (P_Id int Not Null primary key, Order_Name varchar) This is going fine a table Customer is created.
  10. Hi, i also want to implement relationships in File Maker database. (Programmatically using query and with FM ODBC driver but i m not able to do this. i applied only primary key. how i apply foreign Key (Relationship in filemaker) using ODBC. plz help me about this to struck at right place. Is there another method for do this(Any SDK or API). Have a nice day to you.
  11. Hi All, I m still getting problem with File Maker ODBC 11.0.81. i want to apply fields properties and create Relationship on FileMaker 11 database using queries(Programmatically). But i m not getting right things for this(Is there update for this?) can anyone have idea about this. or is there another method except ODBC for this. pls help me. Have a nice day to all............
  12. Sorry for post this at wrong place(at managing scrips Forum) Hi there, i m working on FileMaker pro 11. i want to apply Column properties on FileMaker database using ODBC driver But i m not able to do this using this ODBC driver. Is there any another method to create connection with FileMaker database and apply column properties and other features like create forms, apply relationships etc. Is there any API or SDK available for this. Can anyone do me a favour for this. Have a great day ........... Regards: Coolbdy
  13. Hi guys! i m facing very strange problem with filemaker pro 10, when i m connecting FileMaker pro 10 database using odbc driver 11.0.83 on mac then, connection is not establish between them. it's working fine with in case of FileMaker pro 11 and driver version is same(11.0.83) is there any other requirements for create connection with FileMaker pro10 using same driver on mac. plz help me abt this. Have a great day to all.
  14. yes Jonathan this update really working good from first one. Thanks for help me on this................... Have a nice day.
  15. Thanks for reply. i have installed that ( and see the result for this, but my problem is as it is. When i insert the records using parametrized query. the size of "fmxbdc_listener.exe" increasing rapidally and get crashed. is there another method for this? Have a nice day.........
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