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  1. Hi, Is there any way that let me pass some data from Share point to Filemaker and vice versa? Thanks
  2. Thank you. Very nice trick. I have this question, If I assign a value list to a field, can we write a script that assign another value list to same field? Thanks again
  3. Hi, I attached a sample file. How can I switch valuelists by choosing different animal? Thanks Visit.fmp12.zip
  4. Thanks for your replys. I did search and study alot of conditional value lists articles and samples. But in all of them, they have one table which contains all types of data and then they filtered the fields of table to show them. I couldn't find any sample which shows how can I handle 2 or more tables or value list by one field. Maybe I didn't get the concept at all.
  5. Hi, I have 3 value list from 3 different tables. I also have a field in my layout to use these value list. How can I switch these value lists on this field? Thanks
  6. Thank you a lot. I got my answer and it doing so fine.
  7. I followed the link and got so happy because I find that you are very familiar with persian calendar. I will explain what i did till now. I created a table "Calendar" with two fields. 1-G_Date (date), 2-Sh_Date (Text)and made 365 records with equal date. I also created another table "Production" included bellow fields: Prod_date Device_name Prod_name Prod_QTY Prod_weight Operator_name I linked Prod_date to Sh_Date. I need a script to make a annual report of any of fields in Production table while using Calendar table. as you suggested, I have to create cMont
  8. Well my problem doesn't solve with this solution. I thing it needs more explanation. I attach the script which shows Persian Calendar range. what I need is cMonth sets for each range which is a persian month and shows in the report. is it possible?
  9. Thanks a lot, it works great. if I may ask for more help? can we design cMonth to calculate from 20th of each month to 19th next month?
  10. Many thanks for the reply. It is very useful but what I need is a report which only shows cMonth and sTotal_Weight. Also I like to use them to make a chart. is it possible?
  11. hello to everyone, Here I attach a sample database. I want to design a report to shows Total_weight of each month. any help? Production.zip
  12. Links works great. Thanks a lot. kind regards
  13. Hi to all, I have 2 tables. the relation between these two is one to many. how can I duplicate a record with it's relationships? Thanks
  14. Otherwise, maybe you'd be better off giving the users the ability to simply Find in parts (entering the first letter of the name, etc.) and then choosing from the Parts list. (search for popup list selector).
  15. Hi, I have a value list which is containing spare parts ID/Name How can I filter it an show filtered value list? Regards to all
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