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  1. Understood. I'll have to find another way. Thank you very much.
  2. I'm trying to make some kind of tutorial. I have a container field with different icons (let's say copy, paste, bold…). I have placed that global field (ten repetitions) in the layout and right underneath the text field where to explain the routine... What I want is (and I ask if it's posible), clicking the icon I want, paste it into the text field to show what I mean (go to this icon…). Any idea about how to accomplish this? Is it possible or am I going to the wrong direction? Thanks in advanced.
  3. Any advice/help? Thanks. Enviado desde mi SM-N920CD mediante Tapatalk
  4. I'm sorry but didn't see the edited questions. I tried to make my sample as simple as possible and I could have been missing something. - Fleets are comprised of cars that have the same owners. I group them by the same ownership. (The name of the fleet doesn’t matter) Lets say: Bugs and Peter own the Volkswagen 951236 = Fleet x Bugs and Nikki own the Volkswagen 321987 = Fleet z John and Nikki own the Shelby 931793 = Fleet w Nikki owns the Ford 456987 and any other on her own = Fleet y - I didn’t think of a percentage of ownership, but could be useful. Thank
  5. Thanks for the answer Steve. Is not exactly like that. Owners own cars. With cars y make fleets of cars. So when selecting a fleet, I want to be able to select any owner into that fleet. I hope that makes sense. Thanks again. Enviado desde mi SM-N920CD mediante Tapatalk
  6. Hello, Here I am once again fighting my particular war with conditional value lists. I have several car fleets. Composed by cars that can have one or many owners. Where I'm stuck is when on a day plan, I select the fleet I'm going to work on, and once selected (everything seems ok till now) I want to choose (via conditional value list) any owner of that fleet. I can't accomplish this last step. As always I try to explain my idea as good as I can in english, but I don't get it all the time (sure comment is going to quarrel, hehe, it's a joke). I attach a sample file to
  7. What happened to the mouse? Haven't the cat get it yet? No good news about tapatalk by the moment? Thanks for your work.
  8. Thank you for your interest comment. And as always you are right I want it for printing and I didn't say it . This is one of my oldest db. So when I did it I didn't have much knowledge about FM (still haven't improve much ), so trying to make a simple example file to attach, I realized that the ERD hasn't a "good look". All data is in the same table (exam definition [date, model, type...], questions and answers). Years ago all worked fine because I only need to print them in order. . I'm sure that when I'll fix it, more problems will show up. By now, I can collect the corre
  9. I'm trying to collect the correct answers from a test exam. For example, 35 questions, a, b or c as possible answers. I've made a script with a variable into a loop that collects the data such as: $Var [ question number & "space" & correct answer & "carriage return" & $Var ]. With it I get something like this: 1. a) 2. c) 3. a) 4. c) 5. a) 6. a) ... Is there a way I could make this appear in columns? Like 1. a) 4. c) ... 2. c) 5. a) 3. a) 6. a) or 1. a) 3. a) 5. a) ...
  10. Sorry but why is that? I understand and appreciate all your advices, always have helped me a lot. I know it's important that things make sense, but sometimes things seem to have no that much sense, but it is what it is, and I try to solve it with my little knowledge and the help of you all. There's no other structure. People have different relationships with properties, properties must be grouped by same owners (I don't make the rules). Groups make the payments, so in paymentLines I need to place 2 things, the group and the person that pays (that can´t be other than an owner). That is the re
  11. I appologise but I made a mistake when I said property in my last post, I meant Groups. The contitional VL that you say, comment, is already done in the sample file. What I meant was, is it possible to have a conditional VL in the portal (showing paymentLines) placed in the payments table that can show those people who are owners of the group set in the portal? Thank you.
  12. As always, thanks for your wise indications comment. In your first example I see 3 groups (including Cecil, the dead lion , just a joke). In the second example I see 2 groups (props 1 and 2, and prop 3). *In this case % is irrelevant. But anyway, rule for this is not any clear, lots of different oppinions about it. The thing is, is it possible to have a conditional vl in the portal (showing paymentLines) placed in the payments table that can show those people who are owners of the property set in the portal?
  13. I'm sorry but I'm using tapatalk on my phone and is not easy... Think of for example: attending a reunion. The responsible of the building where the flats are, makes a reunion for owners only, to pay some reparations (the lift is always out of order). 1 owner = 1 vote. If there's more than 1 owner, only 1 can attend to the reunion. Mark has 2 flats (grouped as Group A (so only 1 vote)) and Bill and Shelly have 1 (grouped as Group B). If we work with Groups, all flats have to be into one, even if there's only 1 flat into it. Mark's vote "weighs" (I hope is the correct word) double, be
  14. A "batch" (now I see it wasn't a good translation) is just a group of properties owned by the same people/person. Payments are invoiced to the group, and I need to choose/select which one of the owners of that group made the payment.
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