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  1. doh ! .. I knew it would be simple .. I had acually created the fields but for the summary I used 'Count of' instead of 'Total of' thanks Comment
  2. Hi I've seem to have hit a mental block .. it might be easy and I'm thinking too hard about it Below is a screen of a layout with 2 sub summaries 1st - contractorID and 2nd the number of days worked each month based on their time sheets (using an inverse count calc / summary field someone here gave me a while back :-) .. where they might do multiple time sheet records on a particular day, but it's just counted as 1) As you can see, some didn't do any work during a particular calender month so it doesn't show. What I need to do is count the number of months showing ie for contrator
  3. Hi Comment, the field is always the parent side of the relationships for the purpose of this question the problem has arisen thus Case::BranchID is initially assigned based on the branch ID of the get(accountname) of the person creating the record (case) the Invoice::BranchID is a numerical field lookup from the case:branchID upon it's [invoice] creation BUT, we've recently embarked on the paperless office thingy whereby other branches can create cases and invoices for the other branches. So if the case::branchID changes after the invoice creation then the
  4. HI, I have an existing field which is a lookup upon creation and used in relationships .. however the field that it looksup can change and I've now decided (after 6 years !) that I want it to reflect the value of the lookup field as it is (dynamically). what are the consequences of changing the field from a number field to a calculation field .. apart from some possible slowness loading layouts regards Cate
  5. Thanks Comment .. works a treat ... too tricky for me to have worked out, I was thinking self joins, Position()/List() etc Regards Cate
  6. Hi, I'm sure this would have been needed before but I can't find it searching the forums Our contractors fill in a runsheet which can have multiple records per day I need to count the number of days they had at least 1 record per day .. because I need to know if they did ANY work for more than 80 days within a financial year - payroll tax :-( ie date Hours 16/12/2015 0.5 16/12/2015 2.5 <- I want to omit this record from the count 17/12/2015 3.10 17/12/2015 2.1 <- I want to omit this record from the count 17/12/2015 3.2
  7. Hi Mark / Eos, yes Mark you're right, is was misreading the double click as the disable toggle ( ... the script step to disable) instead of the opening the script .. still prefer the old way Cateleb
  8. sorry, meant to say that I know I can pres ctrl / .. my query was related to why the double clicking thing the Help says to do doesn't work (for me)
  9. I cannot get the disable / enable script step to work. Help says you merely double click on the step to toggle the disable/enable but all that doss is open to the usual specify dialogue. the line number changes to a grey bullet thingy, as below, but it doesn't make any noticeable difference .. am I missing something obvious ?
  10. Hi, not sure this is the correct forum we have a calc field for our Invoice total ... Sum(inv_invitm_InvoiceID::Total Sell Price) + (Amount Imported/1.1) ... which is the sum of all the invoice items records + the value of the invoice total for all the old invoices imported prior to starting with FM Our file is hosted in Brisbane with nightly backups to my office in Sydney So all works fine then one day doing a find on the cacl field only finds those records where the search value = Amount Imported .. it won't find any invoices where the Sum of the invoice items = the search value
  11. thanks Mark, that works .. there are a few things I've done over the years which I later can't figure out how I did them ! Cate
  12. Hi, did something change ?. I have graphics ( eg logos) that I made into buttons and have the border change when the cursor hovers over it. I'm now unable to replicate it. In layout mode it no loger has the 'normal, hover, pressed, in focus' drop down, only normal. The existing buttons still work and I can turn a graphic into a button, but the hover thing isn't available Cate
  13. hadn't thought of a portal / popover .. thanks bcooney, take away the borders etc .. works a treat
  14. Hi eos, worked it out, did get(currentdate) > due date and added a couple of connectors to filter out jobs closed and branchID and the CF and portal works. I'll remember the Get() only on the left .. supposed I'd learn those sort of things if I did a course ! .. thanks again
  15. thanks eos, I probably worded it wrongly. I was trying to find a way of showing all the records where the due date exceeds todays date and displaying them using a portal in a popover .. the popover button would be a different colour if there are any records .. I was wanting it to be dynamic in so far as when they gotorelated record from the popover/portal, they can reset the due date and that record will disappear from the popover/portal ie without the need for scripting perform find etc You comment about no get() on the right side of the relationship seems to be the prob and why my cur
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