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  1. Hello Wim and thanks again... I spent the last days, testing and without success. FM open the file but doesn't run the script, the scriptname is correct and i don't have any error in Visual Studio. The problem must be related with DoScript, does work on Windows 10? Thanks
  2. Hello Wim, thanks for your comments again. In the previous post, I pasted the entire code. I don’t have any lines calling FMP 5 or .fp7. And I am using the last FMPRO70Lib from FMP 15. After your comment, I tested with and without plugins, and the problem remain. I don’t understand why Exit doesn’t work, Filemaker maintains in memory. I read this “FileMaker may not exit until all reference counts are released. In Visual Basic, you can release the reference count by setting the object variable to "Nothing", for example:” – source: http://www.filemaker.com/help/12/fmp/html/create_script.13.11.html#1028245 Then I replace the null to FMProDoc = Nothing; - But didn’t work. But my biggest concern is why I can’t call a script? Does your code fall through to the catch block? And if so: what is the exception? NO. helloworld.fmp12
  3. Hello Wim, thanks for your response and help. I read this, from a previous post from you: “Oh, keep in mind that there is a bug in FM (has been ever since FM8) that if you call a script through the ActiveX interface a few times in relative quick succession (as you will do I'm sure in testing), the ActiveX interface will go deaf. At some point the script will not fire. When you see that, you have restart FM.” - http://fmforums.com/topic/85877-activex-and-c-sharp/#comment-394772 #1. This still occur in the current FM version (15)? 2. I have this code: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using FMPRO70Lib; namespace ConsoleApplication1 { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { FMPRO70Lib.Application FMProApp; FMPRO70Lib.Documents FMProDocs; FMPRO70Lib.Document FMProDoc; try { FMProApp = new FMPRO70Lib.Application(); FMProDocs = new FMPRO70Lib.Documents(); FMProDoc = new FMPRO70Lib.Document(); FMProApp.Visible = 1; FMProDocs.Open("C:\\Users\\oscar\\Desktop\\helloworld.fmp12", "Admin", ""); Console.WriteLine(FMProDoc.Parent); FMProDoc.Activate(); FMProDoc.DoFMScript("myscript"); FMProDoc = null; FMProApp = null; FMProDocs = null; } catch (Exception ex) { Console.WriteLine(ex); } } } } Source and credits to: JHaughey - http://fmforums.com/topic/85877-activex-and-c-sharp/#comment-394772 #2.1 - I am facing the same problem as he, myscript doesn't run. I tried you suggestion replacing "FMProDoc = new FMPRO70Lib.Document();" to "FMProDoc = FMProDocs.Open("C:FilemakerJob2.fp7", "Admin", "");" But the problem remains, and doesn't open FM at all; How to solve this? Thanks #2.2 - I read this, if the file (helloworld.fmp12) is already open i need to use GetObject instead of CreateObject; My Visual Studio and C# knowledge is -1, i need to change anything in the previous script (a if clause) ? Source: http://www.filemaker.com/help/13/fmp/en/html/create_script.13.11.html #3.1 - After running the c# script, and close FM manually (by window or exit) i still have two process in windows 10 task manager (Filemaker Pro 5.1~8.2 MB and Filemaker Listener 101.3 MB), why? Seems like the file and FM are in memory, because if i run the script again is faster and if i end the task, the next run takes more time. How to end up these two process (dump all). Thanks for all Hello MBS, "What would you want to listen for 5700 different notifications? Normally people just use one or two." Yes, you are right! I just need less than 20. But i was trying to understand how MBS plugin works in this case. I need to do more test on it (i didn't get Notification Send command...), but so far is an amazing plugin. Very helpful
  4. Hello, First thanks for your comment, and suggestion. Is an excellent tool! I do have some questions about it: 1. Is possible to use a script parameter - MBS( "Notification.Listen"; NotificationName; FileName; ScriptName ) ? 2. What is the limit of "Notification.Listen", how many notification per run? In my tests the maximum was ~ 5750, and have some errors ("Failed to get ID for this notification name", example: #5984; FM crash after = Net framework exception ) 3. There is a function to release all "Notification", or we need to do it "one by one"? 4. The Notification.List return a text without array (not a list), correct ? 5. How Notification Send work? There is any example (EXE) Thanks for all, Notifications.fmp12
  5. Hello, I have more than 10k executable files, each EXE export data to a single table, inside of an unique MySQL. I created a FM database to manage all data (ODBC), but I didn’t solve how to trigger a script from an external EXE, without looping for new data each minute. Questions: #01: There is way to trigger a script in an open database, without looping ? #02: Runtime solutions can be used with parameters? My best idea, at this time, is to create a runtime solution and a relationship, and call it from the EXE. I do think is a "stupid idea" and there must be clever solutions out there. Thanks for all INFO: I am using windows 10 | FM Pro 15
  6. Hello Bruce, Thank you very much, I never thought about using "MD5". Much appreciated
  7. Hello Filemaker experts, I am trying to do a simple task without using scripts, but isn’t working and I don’t understand why. . I want to find duplicates in this Filemaker attached, the fields are as Unicode, the others types are worst. Correct Answer: zero (there isn’t duplicates) #Try1 – Perform find ! (oki::duplicated): Error 128 records; #Try2 – Base64 encode:; Perform find ! (oki::base64): Error 128 records; #Try3 – Using relationships with (oki::duplicated): Big mess (4 records duplicated); Can understand why? #Try4 – Using relationships with (oki::base64): Big mess ( 31~42 records duplicated); Can understand why? Thanks for your support and suggestions, Duplicated.fmp12
  8. Thanks for your answers, Didn't work with me, but i don't know ywhy, so please can you help me trying to eliminate some steps: 1. The functions is correct? 2. There is any SQL functions to increment value? Thanks
  9. Hello, It’s possible to run declare commands with SQL function, like this: Thanks
  10. Please check if Get(UserCount) will fit your aim. Because if it's >1 the user is a client.
  11. Hello, I’m creating a solution where I need to secure the main file, preventing copies to other computers. First with FM 11, I was using MAC Address and other security steps. But with FM 12, we have available the new function called Get(PersistentID), with purpose of this is to “return a text representing a unique identifier of the computer or device, like 78569d0bd40b898a64e7d08ccdea8220”. Now my questions: If I format the computer and reinstall a new or different FM 12 (not the same serial), there will be a different ID? The Persistent ID how is obtained? Throw hardware (like Mac address) or software (OS serial, FM Serial). Thanks in advance
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