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  1. Thanks a lot for your help Fitch. I've got it to work! I really appreciate what you did for me Thanks once again! b.t.w. it seems that I can not increase your reputation on this board. I would've because you helped me out. I don't see where I can do this ? Or is that impossible? I want to give something in return >.>
  2. Actually I wanted it to show the name of the hardware with a calculation of the category that it is in. But this is a good start to set it up. I have done exactly the same thing as in your example but it does not work for some reason :S I'm setting category to a value through scripts so it might have to do something with that. Allthough I'm quite sure that the value is set it still does not show in the software layout >.>! Could you try to help me out? The file is in dutch so it might be a bit hard to read I'll tell you what you need: Table: Hardware::Naam
  3. I didn't really understand this part. Is hw the field isComputer and does that need to be a calculated field or..? :S I tryed doing this in the isComputer field: Let(Hardware::Category; IsComputer = "Server" or IsComputer = "Laptop" or IsComputer = "Desktop") That doesn't compile. I need to use it like this: Let ( {[} var1 = expression1 {; var2 = expression2...]} ; calculation ) How would I do this? :S I'm such a big noob! >.< EDIT: nevermind this worked: Let ( IsComputer = Hardware::Category; IsComputer = "Server" or IsComputer = "Laptop" or IsComputer = "
  4. It is a compressed zip file. This means that the file is an archive of one or more other files compressed into one file (a zip file). You can use programs like: Winrar: http://www.win-rar.com/download.html Winzip: http://www.winzip.com/downwz.htm 7zip: http://www.7-zip.org/download.html to open, extract or view them. (The programs kind of look like a second windows explorer but then for compressed files) I preferr winrar, I don't know about you. Just test them out :P
  5. Hi everyone I am a verry big noob when it comes to filemaker pro 8 advanced and I need some help. The problem is: I have a table called hardware and a table called software. In my software table there is a field called: computers. I want the computer field to be a value list with a condition. My hardware table has records for not only computers but also for peripheral devices. So my question is how would I make a value list that does the following: if (Hardware::Category; "Server") or if(Hardware::Category; "Laptop") or if(Hardware::Category; "Desktop") then show the v
  6. This is what troubles me. I have already created a lay-out for my database. Each device has it's own page where you can adjust the records of that device. Putting everything in a hardware table will make it hard for going through records. Imagine you can watch a laptop in the Server lay-out. :S Is there a way to solve that? Maybe calculations in script maker? I also created a list view for each device :S
  7. 1. well.. the hardware specifications for example: a mouse, scanner, printer, monitor etc.. can be verry different then that of a desktop, laptop etc. 2. The database is supposed to be a program for a company to stock their inventory of computers, what programs are used on that computer, which user uses the computer etc.. These types of data are quite nessecary for a company. For example: when the company wants to know what hardware spacifications a computer has in their office they can simply look it up with the database. (I'm not actually gonna sell it to a company, it's just a pract
  8. yes, but wouldn't that be strange? putting every piece of hardware and it's property's inside one table called "hardware"? Or would I have to do this in a different way? Wouldn't it be easyer to create a table for each piece of hardware and then create a table named hardware that's linked to the other pieces? For example: I want to insert a record for a Desktop. The desktop has a motherboard, a graphics card, a network card etc... Will I have to put every piece of hardware and it's property's in the hardware table? Because this will be one giant table then 0.o!
  9. ok, thanks So... I want to create a database that has the following: Each user may have one or more computers. computers exists of servers, desktops and laptops. Each computer may have one or more applications. Each computer has one and only one operating system. Each computer has one or more drivers. Each computer may have one or more security programs. Each user may have one or more peripheral devices. peripheral devices exists of mouses, speakers, webcams, keyboards, monitors, microphones, headsets, phones, scanners and printers. Each device has one serial number.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm a real newb when it comes to using Filemaker Pro Advanced 8 and I have a little problem. I want to show a dropdown menu on some lay-outs which shows records from other tables. The problem is that when I'm trying to use value lists I can only use 1 or 2 tables to show the records from. So my problem is that I'm trying to create a field with a dropdown menu that shows records of several different tables. I have one table called "inbetween" with all the nessecary values for this. Those values are: User Name License Number Computer Name Serial Number
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