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  1. I decided that finding the differences between, Macs, accounts and/or FMs was a waste of time. I'll live with the fact that I can't explain why something worked in some accounts and not others. I've carried out a step by step analysis using error trapping and the Data Viewer and it now works in all accounts. By way of explanation, at the last minute of development, the client switched from the very limiting unique ID of a single character to two characters and decided to increment the URN from 1 instead of the four figure number in his previous database - that was the cause - I shoul
  2. Slightly more info, than described before... The first record of the pair views in a layout called Stage 1, the second in a layout called Stage 2. When this script has failed, the first record of the pair is 'even numbered displaying in Stage 1 (i.e.: presumably it has not deleted that record and created another). Clicking 'go to Stage 2' displays the same data in the Stage 2 layout. From there, clicking 'go to Stage 1' finishes in Find mode. I have several identical accounts including one called 'stafftest' (i.e.: they are all in the same single privilege group) and, when any one st
  3. Thinking about it, that "clicking 'go to Stage 1' displays a blank record" is probably Stage 1 in Find mode (at the moment, I haven't seen this 'breaking', it just hasn't happened in testing).
  4. The first record of the pair views in a layout called Stage 1, the second in a layout called Stage 2. When this script has failed, clicking 'go to Stage 2' displays the Stage 1 (odd-numbered) record in the Stage 2 layout, from there, clicking 'go to Stage 1' displays a blank record and everything goes pear-shaped from there. My problem is that it refuses to happen for me. This morning I have tested the script, logged in using an account with the same group privileges as the guys having this problem, using one of their Macs off-site (and therefore FMPro). It behaved itself, working locally
  5. I have a script which creates a pair of records ensuring that the first record is always odd numbered (i.e.: it creates one record checks whether its URN is odd numbered and, if not, deletes it and creates another before creating the second half of the pair. To complicate things the user is given the choice of whether they want a blank pair or a duplicate of the displayed pair. This works fine in any account (admin or staff) on Server or locally, using FMAdvanced, but breaks when using FMPro (server or local). Without Script Debugger, I'm at a loss as to what it is doing or not doing
  6. I have server-based database that can be checked out and back in (for use off-network). All records in the database have a URN (auto-entered serial) field but, as it would be possible to have duplicate URN records created off-site and on-site, each record has a second field, which is URN & UID (unique logged-in user code). This second field is an auto entered calculation field with "do not replace" enabled and is also the check-in import match field. The import process is replacing the content of URN·UID, even though 'do not replace' is enabled. Is this just the way things
  7. Thanks for all contributions. As guessed, I can't use 'quit'. I combined the two suggestions and got there with... Loop Exit Loop If [$WindowCount = 1] Set Variable [$WindowCount; Value: ValueCount (WindowNames (Get (FileName)))] Close Window [Current Window] End Loop Close Window [Current Window] Cheers
  8. The following is supposed to look for and close any windows belonging to the open database when the main window is closed. I’m sure I’ve tested it successfully, but now it goes into a never-ending loop. Loop Exit Loop If [$WindowCount = 0] If [ValueCount (WindowNames (Get(FileName))) ≥ 1] Set Variable [$WindowCount; ValueCount (WindowNames (Get (FileName)))] Close Window [Current Window] End If End Loop If I make the third line: If [ValueCount (WindowNames (Get(FileName))) + 1 ≥ 1] it closes the frontmost window leaving any others open. If I cr
  9. Thanks very much. That sounds ideal.
  10. Not sure where to ask this, but it's database access, so here goes... I'm going to have 10 in-office users accessing a central FM database (not Server) plus another 6 occasional users. I'm assuming (not seen this happen yet!) they will all be using 'Open Remote'. Going to the menu or using the shortcut and being faced by FM's techie-looking connection dialogue box, doesn't seem to be a nice way for them to start the day. As they will always open the same 3 related databases, is there a way I can automate this process eg: by clicking on the databases, say in the Finder's Sidebar or Do
  11. The 'empty db' script starts with a Relogin request (and exits if anyone else enters criteria), to ensure it's my account. As yet only one user and it is a recently compacted copy. No other strangeness occurring. Could lookups be involved? Aah - I've just tested something - there are 3 related dbs with lookups, all 3 have a seriously locked down account which 'owns' a 2-button 'Login' window - I cannot delete all records in any 1 database if either of the other 2 dbs are in that locked down account, ie: all 3 dbs have to be in my account. Obvious, well it should have been. Than
  12. Under what circumstances is the admin account (with full access privileges) denied the right to delete records? I am running a script (as the developer/admin) to delete all records in several tables but not all (ie: I cannot create an empty clone). It does the job in most tables, but errors (Code 200) in 3 of them. I cannot manually delete records from any of the 3 tables either (being warned that I don't have the correct access privileges).
  13. I'd love to have both tables in the same file. Unfortunately, part of the data will be taken off site on more than one laptop and then synched with HQ on it's return. Locations are frequently off wifi and mobile phone networks. The db has been created in 3 parts to reduce the amount of data synchronisation. After what seems like hours carrying out a process of elimination and testing, in the security features, my problem turned out to be too severe a lock down. I had locked the account down to access only the field it needs access to (used by the new enquiry script that was causin
  14. I have 2 related databases ‘Jobs’ and ‘BA’. Both have the same privilege sets and users. ‘Jobs’ asks for login credentials when launched and opens into the ‘home’ layout. ‘BA’ opens into a small layout/window called ‘Login’ that only displays a couple of buttons. If either is clicked, Relogin is the first step in the script. Users are asked to log out whenever not using either db. Clicking the ‘Logout’ button in either db, they are taken to a small ‘Login’ window and the ‘Logout’ script uses ‘Relogin without dialogue’ to put them in an account called ‘Logout’. The ‘Logout’
  15. Great stuff - filed away for future reference :)
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