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  1. Thanks. There are 68 tables had relationships with all logic tables ( i think about 500 ) in one chain. Thats why it take long time to save or make changes in the DB. I make 3 times faster db with partition of thith chain to many blocks with own relationships. Thank you for your fast answers.
  2. Thank you, this command is very helpfull. Another way I will do this comman automatically twice a week. Another question is: how I can optimize db? because when I'm editin db, make new tables and fields, it takes about 30 sec to save it. I'm dissapointed that when it saving, users that using db in this moment need to wait for the end of save. I think that it's not big db for hard working. There are 64 tables; 804 relationships; 157 layouts what can I do?
  3. Server is hung. But continues to work. Clients connect to the normal mode. Felt delays. But on the server nothing can be done, any act, stop, create a script, gives an error error enсountered. Not displaying data on the number of connections, information on the status of the server graphics. It happens periodic enough, sometimes the server is running a month, sometimes a week, sometimes a day normally. I can not understand what causes the failure. Restarting the server through windows server solves the problem, but until the next failure. What it can be? Widnows Server 2008 ; FileMaker Se
  4. Hah, today works fine for me too. Perhaps I was tired yesterday. Many thanks.
  5. Table 1 Table 2 IDT1 (serial number) = IDT1 Date Global (global) = Date ... .... There are 2 match fields and I allow to create records in Table 2 via Relationship Script in Layout (Table 1) Set Field (Table1::Date Global ; Get (CurrentDate) Go to Record First Loop SetField (Table2::Date ; Table1::Date Global) Go to Record Next (exit after Last) End Loop So will be created only one record on table 2 related to the first record of Table 1. 2nd and other loops
  6. Anybody can me explain: two tables has multi-criteria Relationship and Table 1 has indexed Global match field. I have a script with a Loop creating new related records, so 1st record will be created, but on second and next will be error 510 (Related record is empty or unavailable)
  7. Yes it is easier to import from dbf, but there are 30 bilion records to do subtitutiones for a characters. And It's difficult to find all different characters in db
  8. Thank you for help. I made script triggers for each field, that put id into fields, and then made indexed calculated field with one of id that I need. Now I have related records on external files.
  9. I think now I need to learn applescript... I don't imagine how script fixes cp1251 coding. How I understanding to convert file from xml into csv better to use replace text function. Is it right?
  10. Oh, it's Government Federal State Address database, that gives open source in XML, DBF and Cladr russian database format. Cladr impossible to use in FM, DBF has incorrect CP1251 coding in import of russian letter. And I have only a chance to import from XML. Thank you. May be you will advice how and where I can do pre-processing outside of FM for easiest way?
  11. Thank you, but the problem is that, there 3 tables. And every record must have Regions, than you choose district, city, and then street. But you can choose Region, district will be empty, and you can choose city, street. There are will be different list of streets. And than you choose houses numbers. I don't know how create relationships without matching by calculation field. Why it's not right to use calculated fields in relationships?
  12. Send event (printf function) works fine for pdf documents, but it doesn't for image files like jpeg, tiff and other... What function will print images?
  13. How I can import XML file that is about 12 GB. I have an error after about 4 hours of parsing file, with no text in error dialog window.
  14. FiasAddr: AOID - unique ID ; ParentsID -Parents Record AOID FiasHouse: AOGUID - parens record in table FiasAddre AOID
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