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  1. Could anybody please try if SuperContainer now supports Uploads in FileMaker Go on iPad or iPhone running iOS 6. iOS 6 is supposed to allow fileuploads e.g. from the devices photo ablum. Unfortunatly I have no opportunity to try this myself at the moment but would be very interested. Thank and regards, markus
  2. Can't you use a litte 1px to 1px Webviewer for this?
  3. I use 360Works Email plugin to archive emails (order confirmations that are sent in bcc to a special address). Currently I just save the html content to a html file. They can be later opened in a webviewer or in external browser. However the mails now contain individual images that get lost in that way. Is there a way to save the whole email in a format like eml that can then be opened in an email client like thunderbird or outlook? Regards, markus
  4. Hardware is important but in my optinion you can spent lot's of money, hours and nervs trying to speed up your server (which does currently run on older but not on bad hardware). I have done it myself and it was more or less useless. So I sat down and started to debug and optimize some script sequences. With increasing number of records some scripts just need to be modified to run efficiently. Optimiziation is not a one week task, more a week within each quartal. But I found it's worth and you can gain speed performance within the first few hours you couldn't archieve with hardware updates. An
  5. There is a nice plugin for this kind of task: http://www.360works.com/remotescripter/ allows execution of registered scripts by an url call. You can also pass params to the script.
  6. the update of the list gets much more smoother if you replace the "refresh window - flush cache" script-step by a simple setField(Viewer::SerialID, Viewer::SerialID+1) script-step. thanks from me too, markus
  7. Ahh, there is the reason: There is no ability to upload files, because there is no file system on FileMaker Go, and thus Mobile Safari does not support file uploads. I will really miss it Thanks for the link.
  8. I see that there is no support for uploads via supercontainer in filemaker go. Missing this feature sadly, I would like to know why it is not possible? Is it a bug in Supercontainer? Is it a bug in safari browser? Will it be supported in one of the next versions? Thanks for any in depth knowledge about that. regards, markus
  9. you need to add the following line to the iwp.css in your webpublishing engine/wpc/resources/iwpres folder: iframe{ border:none; } this will disable the border of all webviewers in iwp. regards, markus
  10. Thanks a lot! Works fine By adding: html, body { height: 100%; width: 100%; overflow:hidden; } you can remove those scrollbars too. Regards, Markus
  11. El Paplo, could you please post an example file. The solution sounds promising but doesn't seem to work. Maybe I have missed something. Regards, markus
  12. The problem seems to be the doctype of the generated HTML document: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd"> If I save the source to disc, remove the doctype and view the html file in a filemaker webviewer, the border is gone and the image is shown on plain white background. Unfortunatly we can't influence the html code generated by supercontainer server, so it will up to the guys at 360Works to implement this. Regards, markus
  13. that doesn't work, you can't put any layout elements above a webviewer object.
  14. Hi, checking out supercontainers great possiblilities, I came to a problem, which seems to be small but is crucial for the solution sc should be used for. I want to display an image on white background. I removed the border from the webviewer. On the mac the image is shown on white background but on the PC there is a thin grey border (like a dropshadow, thicker in top and left) around the webviewer. Please see attached screenshot. I think this is more a problem of the webviewer layout object on windows, but makes supercontainer look awfull on the pc. Does anybody know of a solution
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