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  1. Thank you very much RodSierra!!! it works!!
  2. Hi friends! I have a field which holds a large number (ten digits). When I type the number, for example, 1234567890, and leave the field, the number in the layout converts to 1,2346+e09, and I don't want that conversion because the user should see the entire value. How can i fix this? Thank you very much!!!
  3. Well thank you very much Comment, but I am a newbie in FileMaker and I don't know if it is possible to implement what you said. I know up to 9 users can access the same file at the same time in FileMaker. The problem is if one user modify the data base. In the previous case, if the 'B' user tries to modify the data base, Filemaker shouldn't allow him to do it. Anyway, it'll be enough for me if only one user is able to access the data base. This user can read/write data. If another user tries to access, I would like Filemaker to forbid it. Thank you very much!
  4. Hi friends!! In my company we're using Filemaker 11 Pro Advanced. But we want to use only one data base (one file *.fp7), placed in one computer. So all the employees will access to this file, but only one employee can modify the data base. So if the employee 'A' access the data base first, and then the employee 'B' access the data base and try to modify it, this employee shouldn't be able to modify the data base, because another employee ('A') is using the data base. How can I do this? Thank you very much!
  5. Hi Friends! I have this questions!! I have a layout with a portal, with 12 rows. But the portal shows between 1 or 12 rows. If there is only 1 row, the portal shows the row with data, and 11 empty rows. I only want to show the rows with data. How can i do it? Many thanks!!!
  6. Hello! I have configured a portal to show registers from "Table1". But the user can modify the registers in the portal, and i would like to set the registers as "non modifiable", so the user can only see but no modify the registers. How can I do it? thanks!!
  7. One more time, i've solved it by myself. thank you very much!
  8. Well, I've configured the dababase, so the user "Frankie", only can see the presentation "presentation 2", but he can't add or remove registers. How can i do this? thank you very much in advance!
  9. Hello friends!! I have this question. I have a database, with three tables (presentations). I want to share this database in my local network, so the users can access to the database. But there is one table, "table 1", which is very important, and only a superuser can access it. The rest of the users only can access to the other two tables, and the superuser can access to all tables of course. Can I do this with FileMaker pro Advanced 11?
  10. Hello Friends!! The title is clear. How can i alter a list value dynamically?? Thank you very much!!
  11. Well, I've solved it by myself. I simply defined the field as a calcualtion!! thank you very much!! How can I mark this as a "SOLVED"?
  12. Hello Friends! I have this problem. I don't know how to update a formula, in a presentation 1, which depends on a related field. this is the formule: cost= total_cost::total - total_cost::total * 0,5 So, when I edit the "total" in presentation "total_cost", the value "cost" in presentation 1 isn't the actual value. Please help!! thank you very much!!
  13. Hello Friends! I would like to create dinamic fields in a table, for example, when a user click a button. How can i do this? and can i create a Table too?
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