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  1. Hello, We recently upgraded from FM12 to FM16 at my company and .pdf's that were in container fields in version 12 are no longer able to be opened. We use Adobe Acrobat DC and run Windows 10. Is this a known issue? I also noticed that when we drop .pdf's into the same container fields in version 16, the .pdf is able to be opened, but only if I right-click and export the field contents into Adobe Acrobat. Prior to the upgrade, we used to be able to simply double-click the .pdf's and they would open. Thank you in advance for any help and advice!
  2. Yes, it really does...I confess to a full lap victory dance around my livingroom when I got it to work. It's such a great way to learn the program when working through it like that.
  3. Ok Comment, it took this novice all day to make it happen, but it finally did, all thanks to you. This script has been a conundrum for YEARS in my office and our resident FileMaker guru couldn't even figure this out. I'm so grateful and I wish I could send you some sort of thank you gift! Thank you, thank you so very much. :worship:
  4. Yes, I do actually have a customer table that assigns a unique ID to customers. Problem is that the co-worker who deals with this is not good about keeping that table updated, so some customers are in the table and some are not. I would be happy to enforce it if it would make the script work...hmm, maybe I can make a script for that so that all she has to do is press a button! Anyway, here I go picking your brain again, Comment. Please tell me more...
  5. Ok, I posted on this subject a long time ago but for some reason I can't find my original posting in my content. So please don't be too harsh on me for re-posting this. I have an E-mail script that I have been working on that I was never able to get fully resolved. Many records contain duplicate E-mail addresses. The reason for that is we have several recurring customers that come to us to do a lot of different little jobs. Since we bill monthly, we can have as many as 20 different records for one customer. The only thing I can't get the script to do is send one combined .pdf file (one att
  6. Got it. Thank you once again Comment. I wish I had your brain! ;)
  7. http://www.filemakertoday.com/com/showthread.php/10520-Decimals-to-Fractions-Newbie Here is where I got it from, at the very bottom. It didn't even occur to me it could have come from here because my search on this forum never turned up the string you found. I see now that someone had posted the link for her that I had somehow completely overlooked. Her comment led me to believe she found it somewhere else on her own. It was not my intention to not give credit where it was due. On another note, would you kindly be able to lead me to a thread that discusses the ability to do it the other
  8. Thanks Comment for your help as always. I would love to give the author credit (and would have) but alas, I copied the calculation from a woman who posted on another forum who got it from some place else and she didn't reveal where she got it from. I didn't see the point in posting the link to the other forum for that reason but if you feel otherwise let me know and I'll go back and try to find it again.
  9. Nevermind! I found a calculation that seems to be working so far: Let ( [precision=10000; p0=Abs(number);n0=Mod(p0;1); p1=1/Case(n0 ;n0;1);n1=Mod(p1;1); p2=1/Case(n1 and (p1/n1<precision);n1;1);n2=Mod(p2;1); p3=1/Case(n2 and (p1*p2/n2<precision);n2;1);n3=Mod(p3;1); p4=1/Case(n3 and (p1*p2*p3/n3<precision);n3;1);n4=Mod(p4;1); p5=1/Case(n4 and (p1*p2*p3*p4/n4<precision);n4;1);n5=Mod(p5;1); p6=1/Case(n5 and (p1*p2*p3*p4*p5/n5<precision);n5;1);n6=Mod(p6;1); p7=1/Case(n6 and (p1*p2*p3*p4*p5*p6/n6<precision);n6;1); d=Round(p1*p2*p3*p4*p5*p6*P7;0); n=Round(p0*d;0);nf=Ro
  10. Hello, I was trying to solve my problem using this thread: http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/32190-formatting-decimal-numbers-to-fractions/ But I can't for the life of me figure out how to modify this calculation without the constraints specified in this thread. I just want my decimal to display as a fraction...no constraints. Is this possible?
  11. Never mind. Found the solution. Apparently all I needed was an hour's break from staring at this. It was indeed simple.
  12. Hello, Seems like this should be a simple one but so far, no luck. All I want to do is create a button that when clicked, will run a script that will find the most recent date in a specific date field. I've tried the max function and clearly don't know what I'm doing because that didn't work. I then created a summary field and set it to pull up the maximum date of this specific field but now I can't figure out how to create a script that will do a find for my date field to equal this max date summary field! Please help..I'm slowly but surely going insane over what I'm sure is some
  13. Hello, Is it possible to script a find that specifies "omit records if the numerical value of field A is less than the numerical value of field B"? I can get conditional formatting to highlight a field when this is the case, but can't seem to get a script to work for this find. Sorry if this is in the wrong category--it's kind of a scripting and find problem in one. Thank you!
  14. fmpdan303, I just saw your post from way back in August! As it turns out, I'm in a situation now where what you described is EXACTLY what I need to do. Would you be able to go into more detail as to how I can go about accomplishing this?
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