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  1. If you need custom FileMaker apps please visit www.Xetabase.Net

  2. Hi, I've been trying to auto-format entered text using SmarterProper and I've run in to a couple of problems: 1. It was changing A.B. Enterprises to A.b. Enterprises. - I figured out how to fix this one, by adding " or first Char = "." " to newCase (inbetween firstChar = "-" and or not IsEmpty). 2. SmarterProper corrects O'reily to O'Reily, didn't to Didn't but it will change didn't do to Didn'T Do. - So, obviously the capital T in Didn'T is a problem, which I'm not sure how to fix. 3. It changes ABC Company to Abc Company. - When there are five ch
  3. When creating custom menus the "copy" versions of all of the main menus that filemaker provides makes it easy to modify the existing main menus. Is there any way to get copy versions (or some other solution) of the sub-menus? For example, I'd like to slightly modify the Manage sub-menu (under the file menu). thx
  4. We are actually looking for same thing but we'd also like something that can compare the backup to the source (essentially looks at the backup folders and files and when there are changes in the source, update only what has changed - like a smart update backup function). Any thoughts?
  5. So I've just discovered the way global fields are handled when hosted on a server (if they filled out by a client, the values are only for that session and they disappear on database reload). I've seen a couple of places that mention one of the work-arounds which I'd like to try. But I can't quite figure it out since the advice seems to be for much older versions of filemaker - is there a way to do the solution below in FM11? "One caveat: with FMServer 5.0v2, with the new feature that allows Defining Fields if you're the only guest, if you go in as a guest, and while you are the only gu
  6. If i start using the beta (hosted on a remote server and connected to our main database) will everything i add to the docubin beta be seamlessly translated to the docubin final retail version by just swapping the docubin files?
  7. I'm thinking of using filemaker pro 11 on a tablet (with a full windows os) as opposed to using filemaker go on an ipad. Has anyone had any success running a script to automatically import photos in to filemaker from an internal camera on a pc tablet? I know its automatic using ipad/filemaker go - but I imagine I need to create some kind of OS based script to do it on the PC. Specifically, I don't want to take a bunch of photos into a folder and then import them. I'd like to be in an inspection report, fill out a description and then trigger a script to snap a photo and load it into th
  8. Thank you both for your input. So I guess I really have 2 situations; 1) Major Development In this situation I can make a copy of the database with some relevant but fake data, host that database on our remote server and allow any developers to connect over WAN to work on the database. So I need a strategy to import a large amount of data coming from numerous tables back into the database after programming is done. What would be the most foolproof quick and easy way to import data from numerous Tables with thousands of fields? 2) Minor Ongoing Tweaks and Maintenanc
  9. The company I'm working with has a large database (in one fp7 file), some of the data is innocuous but there is some data that the company is required to not disclose. We are in the process of outsourcing some development, where developers will access this database over a remote server - what is the typical way of handling this? Is there anyway to protect specific fields (even for users with the access required to program)? Is there any way to encrypt data, etc? thx Jen
  10. I've looked around at email solutions quite a bit and I can't seem to find one that is exactly what I'm looking for: - A filemaker template that is ready to go - Multi-user - Pretty full feature set that you would expect in a normal email client I'm also looking for a good multi-user skype/voip solution. I've seen some mentions of people building these within filemakers but I haven't seen a commercial solution. Anyone have any suggestions? thx Jen
  11. Thanks for all your help. I just tried your suggestion on the demo file, and of course it works. However I'm not quite sure what the best practice for handling this in the future is. When I create a database that will be remotely accessed by various users / platforms / computers, what should the "file's saved settings" - see File > File Options… > Text > Data Entry be set to to avoid this type of problem?
  12. I've attached 2 files - "Original File" (account name "test", no password) is the solution I'm having problems with, stripped down to just the fields in question and as you will see when you hit the run script button, the error persists. The "New Test" file (no account or password) is rebuilding just these fields from scratch and there is no error. Unfortunately the original database is huge and I can't rebuild/rewire the whole thing. thx Jen Original File.fp7.zip New Test.fp7.zip
  13. Hi All, I've just started having some trouble with date formats. I start off in a Search Layout/Table where I enter a Start Date and an End Date into Global Fields from that Table. From there I trigger the following script: Go to Layout ["Table1" (Table1)] Enter Find Mode [] Insert Calculated Result [select; Table1::Date; "Search::Start Date" & "..." & Search::End Date] Perform Find [] This script has been working for over a year, and today I got the following error: The value of this field must be a valid date in the range of years 1 to 4000 and should
  14. Just wondering if Docubin will work in iPad / iPhone? And if it does work, are there any functionality differences? thx Jen
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