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  1. OK. So I have been working on a db that tracks an event that my church puts on every few months. I have the basic structure set up thanks to "comment". And maybe you can help me with this one too. I have a table set up that contains all the people in my db (I called it tblPeople). I also have a table set up for the events (called tblEvents). Additionally I have a table that contains all the registrations (tblRegistrations). This table allows me to chose a specific event for each person to form a registration. This registration also allows me to pick a role that the person who I am registering.
  2. Wow, I think this will help tremendously. I think I was was creating the link, but I did not have a way to get the optional Guidances section. I was not able to show the occurances of a person being a guide for another person. I noticed that there is no GuideID in the Contacts table that is a primary key. Is that not needed? I hope that I am not frustrating you. I really do appreciate your help. I have been looking all over the internet for about a week to try and find answers, but I guess it's tough to find someone else who has created something just like what I am trying to create. In a
  3. Ok. So I have each person in the database - guides and participants. I also have registrations that add people to an event. How do I link the guide to the participants that they are assigned to? I created a People Form that is linked to tblPeople - I put all the basic contact information for anyone that wants to register for an event. I also have a roll field in the registration that tells me if the person is registering as a participant or as a guide. How do I tell FM that a particular guide is assigned to a participants? I have another form that I titled Registration Form that is linke
  4. OK, this is what I am working on now. Everything else looks good, but I am having trouble getting this relationship set up correctly. Here is a picture of my relationship graph. As you can see I have a second occurrence of the People table with a link to the Registration table - linking the PersonID to the GuideIDfk (I think it's still listed as VolunteerIDfk). Is that correct of should I just have the VolunteerID listed on the Registrations table only, no need for the VolunteerIDfk somewhere else. Once that relationship is set up correctly, how do I make the link. I am still blurry on th
  5. OK. I have an update. I seem to be getting a better handle on these concepts. I am not worrying too much right now about the relationship between a volunteer and a participant. What I want is to be able to get the relationships right among the people and events. I think I have that down. I created a layout that is titled Registrations. This is what creates a unique record that combines a person at a event with a specific role (and if they are a volunteer they will have a group of participants that they are associated with as well). I understand now why you put the Role field in the Registratio
  6. There is a basic concept I seem to be missing, because it doesn't seem to be working for me. This is my relationship graph.
  7. I get it. So every person has a personID that identifies them. But only the participants will have the volunteerID filled in for them. This represents the person who is assigned to them. Volunteers don't have anyone assigned to them, so thier volunteerID is blank. I had set up each of the ID's as: Indexed, Auto-enter Serial, Unique, Allow Override. Should I make any changes to those? I am thinking that a person should not be given an Auto-enter Serial for the the volunteerID because it will actually be the peopleID of the volunteer that is assigned to them. Is that correct? Also, I h
  8. I haven't quite figured out how to post an image to the message board. So I can't post the picture of my relationships graph. Basically, I created a table for each item that you put in a box: tblPeople tblAttendance tblEvents tblPayments Then I created each of the ID's in the table that represents the One (this meant no PaymentID - is that correct?): VolunteerID in tblPeople PersonID in tblPeople EventID in tblEvents AttendanceID in tblAttendance I then created a corresponding IDfk in each of the tables that represent the Many: VolunteerIDfk in tblAttendanc
  9. A participant can have only one volunteer.
  10. So I have been thinking this out a little more. A participant has a relationship to both an event and a volunteer. An event has multiple volunteers that are assigned to many participants for that event. A participant can only be assigned to one volunteer at a specific event. I don't know if that adds anything to what I posted before, but...
  11. OK. So I am very new to FM. I have been using Excel for many years doing DB-like things. But I figured it was time to move on and start using an actual DB for my projects. I am confused and I have been looking for something that makes sense online to answer my question. But I am still stuck. Here is my problem and I hope someone can help me with a solution. I am building a DB that will track events that my church holds every three months. We call them Encounters - kinda like a retreat. Anyway, we have participants that attend and volunteers that, well, volunteer. A person can be a partici
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