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  1. What ports do you have open? Workers use 16002 to connect to the master.
  2. The Admin API can be used to disconnect users. If you run it from a hosted FM file, you could even schedule it with a server schedule.
  3. Was the file hosted on a server? If so, look for backups on the server. If the file was a local file, did you have the filesystem backed up, either external hard drive or cloud backups?
  4. It turns out that the default certificate in CStore/LicenseFile/DefaultCert.fmcert is only valid through June 1 2020. Just import a valid license certificate and it fixes it. Hard to find since there are no errors reported in the event log. I reported the issue, so hopefully it will get fixed in the next point update.
  5. This likely mirrors long term support from Apple and Microsoft, not a decision from FMI.
  6. I have used some javascript to output an xlsx file. You can get a sample here and customize to your own needs, if that helps: https://github.com/SoliantMike/FM-js_ExcelSheets
  7. Qualifying non-profits can contact FMI sales to ask about special pricing for licensing. That could also apply to FM Cloud as well. I remember asking about it at a recent DevCon.
  8. For inbound traffic, you might not need that entire list open, only the ones for FMS. If you have a worker machine for webdirect, you will also need 16002 as well.
  9. If this is for FileMaker Pro traffic, it needs to communicate on port 5003, not 443. Is your WAF doing any kind of https intercept, where you configure SSL there instead of the web server? That is not compatible with FM Pro traffic, as the SSL certificate must be configured on the FM server, and the same port (5003) is used for all traffic, regardless if SSL is enabled or not. Perhaps if the exact same certificate is used at BOTH points, it may work.
  10. I would consider defining your json as a variable and referencing that variable in your curl options. That takes care of all the quoting for whitespaces and such in your json. Note how you reference the variable you set in the curl options needs to be inside the quote marks, like: "--data @$myVariable" I have also written a php page that returns headers and payloads you send to it. You can get it here: https://github.com/SoliantMike/PHP-HTTPDebug Lastly, you can also use the "--dump-header" curl option to set returned headers to a variable that you can inspect in FM to troubleshoot as well. Hth, Mike
  11. I use this one: http://s.sudre.free.fr/Software/Iceberg.html
  12. If you use the FMS admin console, does it show FMP/GO as being enabled for that file? You could also use the admin console to close and download a copy of the file to inspect locally as well. Mike
  13. So it happens immediately when the script trigger is called? I would first suspect the script parameter calculation. Have you checked that?
  14. You might try setting the properties more explicitly, just to make sure they are in the right order. Your test page appears to be working correctly on the port you specify, but it could also be an authentication error with the credentials you use. Also make sure to have both XML and PHP privilege sets enabled for the "PHP User" account, if that is the one you are using. Both are needed. $fm = new FileMaker(); $fm->setProperty('database', 'TestProjects'); $fm->setProperty('hostspec', 'https://fms.arina.biz:444/'); $fm->setProperty('username', 'PHP User'); $fm->setProperty('password', 'arina');
  15. You can try to remove the "&" after the equals sign in the first line here. Also, you can try adding "https://" in front of the host. You can also add this line in your PHP to toggle showing errors in the php code: ini_set('display_errors',1); And to turn it off, set to: ini_set('display_errors',0); The WPE only uses 80 or 443, depending if you have SSL turned on or not. If you do not have SSL enabled, then you would use http:// on the default port, 80. Mike
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