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  1. If you use the FMS admin console, does it show FMP/GO as being enabled for that file? You could also use the admin console to close and download a copy of the file to inspect locally as well. Mike
  2. So it happens immediately when the script trigger is called? I would first suspect the script parameter calculation. Have you checked that?
  3. Mike Duncan

    getting started FM on the web

    You might try setting the properties more explicitly, just to make sure they are in the right order. Your test page appears to be working correctly on the port you specify, but it could also be an authentication error with the credentials you use. Also make sure to have both XML and PHP privilege sets enabled for the "PHP User" account, if that is the one you are using. Both are needed. $fm = new FileMaker(); $fm->setProperty('database', 'TestProjects'); $fm->setProperty('hostspec', 'https://fms.arina.biz:444/'); $fm->setProperty('username', 'PHP User'); $fm->setProperty('password', 'arina');
  4. Mike Duncan

    getting started FM on the web

    You can try to remove the "&" after the equals sign in the first line here. Also, you can try adding "https://" in front of the host. You can also add this line in your PHP to toggle showing errors in the php code: ini_set('display_errors',1); And to turn it off, set to: ini_set('display_errors',0); The WPE only uses 80 or 443, depending if you have SSL turned on or not. If you do not have SSL enabled, then you would use http:// on the default port, 80. Mike
  5. Mike Duncan

    Webdirect Home URL with Script Parameter

    Could it be that you have a script trigger that runs OnFirstWindowOpen that stops this? Why not just pass a parameter and catch it in the open script anyway? Mike
  6. Mike Duncan

    Export data in excel in multiple worksheet

    I have a sample file you can get for free that uses javascript to output an excel file with multiple sheets. You can get it here: https://github.com/SoliantMike/FM-js_ExcelSheets It uses a javascript library and is all open, so you can modify to your own needs. Mike
  7. Mike Duncan

    export container contents of found set

    If you have Webdirect running, you might also be able to host a PHP file and have it do some work as well. I have some sample files that show how to zip container data and serve it to the end user as one file. You can download the sample from my github repo here: https://github.com/SoliantMike/FM-WebDirect_Zip Mike
  8. Mike Duncan

    FMS 16 SSL, problem with port 5003

    I do not concatenate the intermediate cert. There is a separate field in the FMS admin console when you import the certificate to specify the intermediate.
  9. Mike Duncan


    Is upgrading to FileMaker Server 16 an option? Because that version does support saving as PDF from the server.
  10. I suppose not, but have you looked at it with the dev tools in your browser? Just to make sure the path is correct?
  11. By default, FMS adds an extra http header to all content served from the built in web server. The extra header is "X-Frame-Options" and is set to "SAMEORIGIN". This is done to prevent webdirect being included in other pages. You can go in and modify that if you like. In IIS manager, select the FMWebSite, then the HTTP Response Headers, and you can remove it from there. Also, make sure if your main website is served via https, that the iframe references are also served via https. Mike
  12. Mike Duncan

    Backing up FM Pro without closing

    You could use an onTimer Script step, but it is really not that simple. You may also need to check if there are any open records and if any users have open records, that could cause a hold up. Is your solution shared on the networks at all? If so, then moving away from FM Server is a mistake.
  13. Mike Duncan

    RAM required for FMS16

    Is this a production server? If so, I would up the ram to the minimum, at least. I have seen where the server seems to run OK for a while, but then exhibits issues after days/couple weeks and getting the proper amount of RAM and processor clears it up. I have a feeling there is a certain amount required to help with caching and swap space, no matter what size solution you are hosting.
  14. Mike Duncan

    Using Citrix in AWS Server

    You can. AWS also has some other services that may save on licensing costs above citrix server. Check into AWS Workspaces and Appstream 2.0.
  15. Mike Duncan

    Need more input on Filemaker Cloud and AWS

    AWS has a couple of interesting alternatives. Check into Workspaces and Appstream 2.0. Appstream is particularly interesting, as it can scale automatically, so you only pay when users are connected. Also, if you FM Server (cloud or regular server) is also in AWS, then your network latency between server and client is extremely low. You can have both client and server in the same region and VPC. Mike

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