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  1. Backing up FM Pro without closing

    You could use an onTimer Script step, but it is really not that simple. You may also need to check if there are any open records and if any users have open records, that could cause a hold up. Is your solution shared on the networks at all? If so, then moving away from FM Server is a mistake.
  2. RAM required for FMS16

    Is this a production server? If so, I would up the ram to the minimum, at least. I have seen where the server seems to run OK for a while, but then exhibits issues after days/couple weeks and getting the proper amount of RAM and processor clears it up. I have a feeling there is a certain amount required to help with caching and swap space, no matter what size solution you are hosting.
  3. Using Citrix in AWS Server

    You can. AWS also has some other services that may save on licensing costs above citrix server. Check into AWS Workspaces and Appstream 2.0.
  4. Need more input on Filemaker Cloud and AWS

    AWS has a couple of interesting alternatives. Check into Workspaces and Appstream 2.0. Appstream is particularly interesting, as it can scale automatically, so you only pay when users are connected. Also, if you FM Server (cloud or regular server) is also in AWS, then your network latency between server and client is extremely low. You can have both client and server in the same region and VPC. Mike
  5. better way to go through data

    If you have to reformat the data and handle it anyway, why not use a simpler format like CSV or Merge and skip XML or JSON? I have had issues in the past with arbitrarily large XML when importing into FM, both slow and on occasion crashing. I would avoid invoking xalan and xerces for processing and parsing XML unless that is really needed. I think they work best for smaller XML files. I would also suspect arbitrarily large JSON would exhibit performance issues as well. When I have had to deal with lots of record as fast as possible, it was to grab data via a web viewer (or insert from URL) then export out to the file system and import directly to a table. Seems like this would be the fastest for you as well, if there are consistently a lot of records.
  6. Import XML to file from container?

    With FM 14 and up, I believe, there may be another way that does not involve a round trip to the filesystem. Create a text field and use base 64 functions to get at the text from the file in the container field. You can test by setting the text field to with this: Base64Decode ( Base64Encode ( your_containter_field )) This should work if your text files in the containers are not text encoded that might throw this off. Hope this helps, Mike
  7. IIS 8.5 reverse proxy to FMPS 16

    Is this for supporting WebDirect? or custom web publishing? For WebDirect, you are limited in options, it must be from a worker machine. For CWP, you can just reference the host in your code.
  8. IIS 8.5 reverse proxy to FMPS 16

    It sounds like you could just install FM Server on the IIS machine, and configure it as a worker, connected to the master server. I think you are essentially wanting a two machine deployment, and this is how you would set that up. Mike
  9. PSOS Export Records Error 800

    FileMaker Server is not able to export in FileMaker Pro format. This is documented on the Export Records script step here: https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/16/fmp/en/index.html#page/FMP_Help/export-records.html Note the "partial" support for FM Server. Mike
  10. Self signed certificates will always show this error, since they are not signed by a certificate authority. The traffic is still encrypted, but the error will be there to show you that there are issues. To get rid of all errors, you will need a real certificate that matches your fully qualified domain name. Mike
  11. Virtual list using JSON

    A couple things that come to mind if you go down this path...there is a limit to how many variables you can set with a Let statement, 1000. And if you use the "JSONFormatElements" function, it may re-sort your data unexpectedly. I would consider JSON for passing variables, possibly, over using for virtual lists. Mike
  12. HTTP POST in WebDirect 16

    The only way I was able to get the homeurl to correctly redirect me after a session was to include it as a GET parameters in the action attribute, but submit the form as POST. However, that only worked if you successfully logged into webd. If there was an error, it redirected to a malformed address. I will submit it as a bug.
  13. HTTP POST in WebDirect 16

    You can redirect a user into a webd session with an html page with a little javascript like so... <form id="myForm" action="https://your_host_name/fmi/webd/YourFile" method="post"> <input type="hidden" name="user" value="yourUser" /> <input type="hidden" name="pwd" value="yourPwd" /> </form> <script type="text/javascript"> document.getElementById('myForm').submit(); </script> However, I would only use this to enable guest type access to a hosted file, and this is not really that secure, even if you have SSL enabled since the credentials are in the html. I have yet to find a way to redirect using POST, so for now, I would use with caution. Mike
  14. Webdirect on Android random formatting loss

    What browser are you using? And what version of FM Server is serving webd? https://www.filemaker.com/products/filemaker-server/server-15-specifications.html This page states that only Chrome 48 minimum on Android 5.x and 6.x is supported. Your device also needs to meet minimum requirements for RAM, processor. Mike
  15. Webdirect stopped working

    At a minimum I would try to run the deployment wizard again. After that, you can try to reinstall FM Server. What usually works is a "clean install" of FM Server. That means back up all settings and files, stop the server, uninstall it, delete the directory from Library and reinstall it all from scratch. I have especially found this if you have the Server.app installed, as it turns on its own web server, regardless if you have it on or not. If you do have that installed, make sure you turn off web services before reinstalling FMS.

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