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  1. Hello, I've upgraded from FMP Advanced 11 to 12. In FMP 11 the easy script: Send Email [send via E-mail Client] with its reference email address field was working with e-mail client EUDORA 6.2. without problem. In FMP 12, the script does not connect to Eudora while it works when using Apple own e-mail client "Mail". I know Eudora is an old product but there are reasons why until possible I would like to keep using it, it's there a way to have FMP 12 communicating with Eudora 6.2 to send the command ? Thank you Caronte II Testing that has been performed: Unistall and reinst
  2. With a little bit of research in the FM Forums archives I've found the solution thanks to bcooney in a solution that was posted on 21 March 2009 Thank you.
  3. Caronte II


    PDF FILE NAME Hello and thank you in advance for your help. What I need to perform via a script is generating a PDF from a single found record and up to here I'm fine. 1) I would like the name of the generated PDF file to be the content of a specific field (PONUMBER). This Purchase Order Number is a unique increasing value for each generated records/pdfs. 2) Subsequently I would like to mail the newly generated PDF to the email address of the recipient of the P.O. (the email address field is also part of the record and of the generated pdf). Can this be done ?
  4. Thank you Consultant, I'll start playing around with new layouts in a new file.
  5. Thank you LaRetta, Yes you're right that's italian, our company is small, so small that indeed we remain faithful to our old macs till well...In realty I'm not even aware of the potential of FMP 11, I'll download a demo and have a look at it, indeed I'm not familiar with building LineItems yet it makes sense exploring. But do you have an idea of why repeating fields do not behave properly ? TIA Leo
  6. Hello Lee, here is the fp7 zipped file (I've cleared it from our real data that where in it from testing) it will look up for Client.fp7 but I guess there is no need for that file.TEST.fp7.zip
  7. Hello, Our old macs are about to pass over, therefore no more Mac 0S 9... We g-have to move all our FMP DB (we are currently running on FMP 4.1) to a newer version. I'm doing tests on FMP 8.5 Advance. As you can see from the two file TEST 1, repeating fields are not sliding up properly. These are just 2 examples but out of the many (using real data) I am not able to find a pattern, it seems ramdom. All repeating fields are properly set to slide up and shrink, there is no object in the layout to stop sliding, in FMP 4.1 everything was working just beautifully Doe
  8. Thank you, it works beautifully, and it teaches me quite a bit. Best regards
  9. Hello, I'm a new user of FM and not an English speaker... so please be patient with me TIA. I have a DATE field which is the beginning date of lease. ex :01/01/2000 Then two fields where I enter a numeric value representing: First lease period in number of years: ex : 5 Second lease period in number of years: ex : 5 I would like to create a new field that calculate the end date of the leasing. In this example it should be: 01/01/2010 (no need to take into account years of 365 days) I do not know how to write the
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