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  1. Thank You Wim, that's very helpful. You learn something new everyday! I will recreate the objects from scratch for layouts. Thanks again.
  2. Looks like an authentication error to me. Have you set the smtp username and password? This post might be useful; http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/60018-sending-emails-with-scriptmaster/
  3. Hello Everyone, We have a filemaker file that is damaged. When we try to recover it, filemaker suggests we stop using the file and extract the data. We however continued using the file anyway as it is a crucial part of the overall system. At the same time I started creating the file from scratch. The file itself is quite big, more than 100 fields and 800000 records. It's been around for about 10 years therefore the fields have just kept adding. These are the steps I followed to create the new file ; 1. Create a new filemaker file with the same name as the old one. 2. Create all the tables that were in the old file. 3. Create all datasources as in the old file. 4. Sort the old database fields by type and copy over all fields except calculations and summaries. 5. Create all relations from scratch; to be exactly the same as the old file. 6. Copy over all calculations and summaries to new file. 7. Check all look ups to make sure all fields referenced are valid. 8. Go through each layout in the old file and create new layouts in the new file WITH JUST THE LAYOUT NAME (So that scripts can be imported from the old file without losing references to layouts) 9. Copy all scripts from the old file in to the new one. 10. Copy all value lists from the old file to the new one. 11. Go through all layouts and copy all the layout objects in to the new layouts. 12. Import all records from the old file. 13. Test buttons and layouts to see if all fields and scripts are correctly referenced. I performed all above steps and I managed to create a fully functional brand new replication of the old corrupted file. I decided to take the file and test how it runs together with all the other files, I retrieved a back up of the entire solution, replaced the old file with the new one and started checking other files referencing the newly replicated file. The relationship structure shows that the file replicated is correctly referenced as a datasource but the fields matched within the relation are unknown or are incorrect fields. Refer to attached image. I am confused to as why this is the case, the filenames are exactly the same as the old file. Shouldn't the relations pick this up? I thought perhaps this is due to the order the fields were added to the old one. i.e. the creation orders. I then decided to take the fields off and copy them back in the same creation order as the old file, copy over the new file to a brand new copy of the solution. This made no difference, the external files were still referencing the wrong fields or were unknown. I am very curious as to why this is, I know very little about the internal structure of filemaker, I am pretty sure filemaker does not assign an unique id to each field. Even if it did, creating the fields in the same creation order should assign the same id as the ones in the older file. Can anyone shed some light on this? I am going to see what the replies are going to be before I put the new file live and rebuild the external relation references, which is going to be a lengthy process. Thank you in advance.
  4. Brain Freeze!! Help! I am trying to do a calculation to get the number of visits from my reports table summarised by date. I will explain the scenario; When salesmen visit customers they log reports against them. These could be multiple reports on a single day. I have been told that its safe to assume there is only one customer visit per day for any given customer. The sales person may do multiple reports for a visit he/she is doing on a particular day. I need to get the number of total visits per customer, treating all reports (tagged as 'visits') for a particular day as one visit. The relation is Customers to Reports on customer code and report tag 'visits'. How do I go around doing this calculation? Phew! I hope my explanation is adequate! Thank you in advance.
  5. Hi all, I've been trying to get information of a PDF file that was dragged and dropped on to a container field. I have tried creating TEXT calculations for filename : GetValue ( Container; 1 ) but it returns a "?" I have also tried GetAsText (Container) and GetValue(Container) both returns a "?" However when I insert the same pdf file using a script the file get imported but a preview is not shown. The file icon is shown on the container field and all the information such as the filename and filesize is accessible! I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me of a way to obtain this information (filename & filesize) when the pdf file is dragged and dropped on to the container field. Thanks in advance , - V
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