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  1. I think that a layout containing only global fields allows the user to input data and then, with the corresponding tecnique, can choose to to create, modify or cancel it. If he chooses to create or modify it, the global info replaces the actual info. Until then, the serial number will be affected, because that is the moment when the New Record step is executed.
  2. Hi, Mazkot! I would do the following: locations table contains these fields: location_id location_name inventory_count table contains these ones item_id inventory_date count Assuming that you take one inventory count the last day of each month: Layout for inventory_count: Sub-summary by location_id Sub-summary by inventory_date Report: California 1001 Gadgets Jan 31 4 Feb 29 4 Mar 31 12 1010 Widgets Jan 31 9 Feb 29 7 Mar 31 10 ---------------------
  3. Ok, I will check it as soon as I can and let you know. I'm away now. Tnx
  4. Well, it doesn't. I'm going to try it, using View as Form, that is what I need.
  5. Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong? Tables: Clients and Lines Relationship: Clients::xclient_id (global) = Lines::client_id Layout in Clients with portal to show Lines working good Button in each portal line to show individual record for each line in another layout Used GTRR to show result in new window but it always shows only first record. Also tried Show Only Related Records (Match Current Record and Match All Records in Current Found Set) with same result Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Ok, it is working good now, it´s doing what I was looking for. Thank you all for your professional support. I´ll take all your advices into account.
  7. I have already assigned a script parameter from 1 to 20 to catch other info from the related records, in the same script. Yes, I´ll try your recommendation and let you know what happened.
  8. Just to give an idea of what I´m talking about. This layout is showing 14 of 20 fields for each unit.
  9. Ok, yes, maybe you are right. That´s why I just wanted to see if you know any trick to capture the activefield name without removing de Button setup to perform the script. Everything else is working good, only that step is the problem.
  10. It is a long way, but at this point I need to capture the active field name, but at the same time I need to perform a script when clicking on it, as the scripts assigns a value to variable $unit using this calculation: Case ( Get (ActiveFieldName) = "kilom_01"; preventive::unit_01_number; Get (ActiveFieldName) = "kilom_02"; preventive::unit_02_number; Get (ActiveFieldName) = "kilom_03"; preventive::unit_03_number; ... until 20 ... where Preventive is the parent table and kilom_01...20, belong to portal Lines
  11. Get ( ActiveFieldName ) returns the name of the field - whether parent or portal (child) Ok, I have a Button setup... Perform Script option for that field; I disabled it and now it returns the name of the portal field. The question now would be how to do it while keeping button setup option.
  12. Hi! I´ve been trying to get the field name of a portal field, but the expression Get(ActiveFieldName) refers to the name of the field of main table in the layout. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Well, it is actually a number field, but it looks that the data stored in it is text. What would be the best way to convert it?
  14. Hi! The field contains this amont in this format: 33.078.50 and I need to convert it to 33078.50 or 33,078.50 I tried Substitute ( amount; "."; "") but this gives me 3307850 Can someone give me a hand?
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