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  1. I can't seem to wrap my head around this one. What I want to do is take a found set of records and use ALL of the values for a certain field from that set to do new finds iteratively - I want to take that field's value from the first record, do a new find, decide to keep or delete the new found set, then go to the next record in the original found set and do that all over again. I have been trying to do this with a repeating variable since the size of the original found set is going to vary. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  2. I've read that stuff and it makes no sense to me...I am new to plug-ins, so I kind of need it spelled out where to put stuff. Saying "put it in a calculation" means nothing to me - a calculation where? Anywho, any plain language help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I am working in FM Pro Advanced 9 and trying to conditionally highlight a record in list view when it is the active record. I have the formatting set up so that when a global variable = the record ID, the row highlights grey. I also have written a script that sets the global variable to the record ID of the active record. However, I cannot figure out how to trigger this script every time a record is active in the layout. Basically, if I had FM 11, I would pick the "onRecordLoad" trigger, but of course, I can't do that in FM 9. Any recommendations? I know I'll probably need to use a plugi
  4. I can't figure out how to get the "Call Script Immediately" function to work. I am working with FM 9 and am trying to highlight the active record in the list view. I set conditional formatting such that the fields change background color when $$ID = Programs::ProgramID. I then wrote a script that sets $$ID = Table::RecordID and refreshes the window: Freeze Window Commit Records/Request [No dialog] Set Variable [$$ID; Value:Programs::ProgramID] Refresh Window [] I want to trigger this script every time a record loads, but I don't know where to put the function or what I should
  5. My God, I am soooo glad I happened upon this post! The pop-up layout window is the answer to all my frustrations with pop-up menus based on value lists. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for your help. In your example file, the drop-down for Value only appears when Type = "School," which is exactly what I want. Somehow though, I cannot get mine to do that - the drop-down appears when I click on the Value field even when Property ≠ "School". I created a cSchool field in the Schools table where the calculation is "School." I then hooked up one TO of Schools from Schools::SchoolID to AdditionalInfo::Value (equivalent to your Table::Value) and the other TO of Schools from Schools::cSchool to AdditionalInfo::Property (equivalent to your Table::Type). Then I set the layo
  7. I came across this post while looking for a way to count the number of related records with a particular value in a field. I don't completely understand how this function works, but it seems like the SumField parameter only applies if there's some field other than TypeField in the related records that you want to add up when TypeField=Type. I don't need that part, so instead I put 1 into the SumField parameter and it seems like that works (as in, so far it's returning the numbers I expect). I was just wondering if that is a legit way to cut out that portion of the script or if the calculati
  8. Thanks! I tried Set Field before I posted and that seems to trigger the auto-enter calc as well. However, your fix for adjusting the calc worked great. It now reads: Case ( not IsEmpty ( gAllPrograms ) ; Let ( queueScript = mFMb_DoScript ( "CreateMembershipRecordFromTeams" ) ; gAllPrograms)) instead of: Let ( queueScript = mFMb_DoScript ( "CreateMembershipRecordFromTeams" ) ; gAllPrograms) No more accidental looping!
  9. I wrote a script to create a new record in a related table and populate some of the fields. One of the fields is being populated by a variable that is saved from a global field before switching to the related table, and at the end of the script, I want to clear this global field. Here's what I have written: (starts from Teams table) Commit Records/Requests Set Variable [ $TeamsID; Value:Teams::TeamID ] Set Variable [ $ProgramID; Value:Teams::gAllPrograms ] Go to Layout [ “MembershipPivot” (MembershipPivot) ] New Record/Request Set Field [ MembershipPivot::TeamID; $TeamsID ]
  10. Hi all, I am working on a participant database to store which participants are involved in our different programs. There are several different participant types, and while most of the information we need is the same across types, there are several pieces of information that are only relevant if a participant is a certain type. To avoid having a ton of fields in my People table that will be empty in some portion of the records, I have an AdditionalInfo table linked by ParticipantID to the People table. In the AdditionalInfo table, I also have Property and Value fields. I have set up a
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