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  1. I'm using a custom dialog message in an FM Go solution on iPad, and I would like for the keyboard to default to numeric entry. Is this possible? Thanks for your help, Justin
  2. Yes, all items are scored numerically. Initially the solution used a text field where the technician would enter the value manually (with a script trigger to verify that the score was within the acceptable range), however they found that the keyboard entry could be cumbersome in the field, and if they went back to re-evaluate a piece of equipment during an inspection they were not able to determine the maximum value for that category other than by trial and error.
  3. The solution I'm working on is an equipment inspection app for the iPad. Each piece of equipment is evaluated in one or more categories (up to 12), which each have constant values. The grading criteria are proprietary, so here is an example data set using variables names. Equipment | A Value | B Value | C Value | Total Equipment Value Equip 1 | 12 | 0 | 76 | 88 Equip 2 | 0 | 15 | 0 | 15 Equip 3 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 6 So, for example, when the user selects Equip 3/A they would get a pop-up menu with the values 0 and 1. For Equip 3/B it would be 0,
  4. Thanks for the input, however, what I really liked about the pop-up menu method was that the user wouldn't have to be taken to another layout. All of the data entry can be done from the primary layout. In the prior iteration of this solution I used the same pop-up method, except each value list was calculated on the fly based on the maximum value for an element. Now those calculations have all been pre-performed to limit the delay in processing on the iPad. Only since I changed the value list to be based off a static number field instead of an unstored calculation have I seen this problem.
  5. I'm having some trouble with lengthy pop-up menus not displaying properly on the iPad. The dimensions on the iPad allow for ~21 choices to show at a time in landscape mode, and ~29 in portrait. For menus shorter than these lengths the values appear instantly when the menu is selected. For 2-3 pages of values the first page appears immediately and then subsequent values fill in after a delay, but for more than that (getting up into 60-100+ values) only the first page shows and subsequent pages are blank until you select one of the available values, after which the rest appear. It is driving
  6. I've never used repeating fields, but they seem very interesting. Thanks! When I try and use the cValuesR field as the source for a pop-up menu, however, it shows the largest value from the entire found set. Is there a way to make the value list reference only the specific related record? I tried to add a self-join to tie it only to the one record, but that didn't work out very well. The value list dwindled when a value lower than the max was chosen for the first record, and then the pop-up menu did not function at all if attempted with any further records after that.
  7. Could be up to 100, but nearly all are between 1 & 10.
  8. I'm working on an inspection app to be used on iPads using FM Go in the field. The inspection type I'm currently working on requires that elements receive different weight across multiple categories. I have already entered the maximum valid values for each element into the database, and have been using validation to ensure that the user-entered score for that element is less than or equal to the max allowed value. Instead of using free-form data entry I would like to implement a pop-up menu, but I'm not sure how to populate the value list to show integers 1 through the maximum allowed score
  9. I too am fairly new to FM, so I'm not sure how script triggers work with containers in Go on the iPhone. Try adding an "OnObjectModify" script trigger to the container with a simple script to commit the record. If the script trigger doesn't work you could always add a button to the layout referencing the same script. Still would require a click, but it's less than the three clicks you're dealing with now.
  10. Nevermind. I used a Calculated field to aggregate each field into a list, then used ValueCount and FilterValues to count the occurence of each letter grade, with a total summary.
  11. Okay, so I have the conditional formatting working (pretty easy with your help), and now I'm trying to count the number of A's, B's, and C's. Any pointers on how to quickly aggregate this info without having to count the found set for each Category for each grade? Thanks!
  12. Thank you for your help. In my actual database I do have tables for all of the entities you mentioned above. I just threw together a VERY simplified mock-up to try and illustrate my question, and it worked. Thanks again!
  13. Sorry. Not enough sleep & not enough coffee here. The basic premise of my question is that I would like to conditionally format a portal field based on the value of a field in a related table. If I do this from the table's layout it works, but when I try to implement it in a portal based on the same table it doesn't. Is conditional formatting on portal fields evaluated from the context of the parent layout's table or from the context of the portal table? Quick example attached. You can see that the same conditional formatting has been applied to the Temporary layout as to the por
  14. Currently I'm working on an inspection solution for the iPad. The inspection is performed from a tabbed layout called "Inspection." The first tab allows you to select the location and area being inspected. When you initiate an inspection it calls a script that goes to the "Master" table, finds the appropriate equipment for the entered location and area, and copies the ID for each found record to a "Temporary" inspection table. The Master table has a set of fields defining what categories a certain piece of equipment is evaluated on, so I would like to conditionally gray out the categories
  15. Good Morning, I'm working on a layout which requires conditional formatting based on the value of a related record in a one-to-one relationship. When I add the conditional formatting in the layout which the portal is based on it works without a problem, but when I add it in the portal directly it doesn't work at all. The calculation dialog when setting up the formatting states "This calculation will be evaluated based on context determined at runtime." Is conditional formatting on portal fields evaluated from the context of the portal, or from the parent layout? If it is from the pare
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