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  1. Is there an example of this on FM forum I can take a look at? I have a ball park idea of what you're taking about but I would be interested to see a set up of these. My curiosity will be importing items into the table. Not sure if the items will import properly but I might just be over thinking it.
  2. Spec: Filemaker 9 on window 7 computer. So I have some columns that need to be combine into one but I don't want to use Concatenation as a field because it creates quotes whenever I copy and paste. The example: Name = Nick Field Name A - Nick A (this is produced from entering the name Nick) Field Name B - Nick B (this is produced from entering the name Nick) FYI - Field Name A and B must in the same record. When I export I want Nick A to be first row and then Nick B to be second row is that possible? Right now as it sits it looks like the attac
  3. How do I create a hard or soft return in my calculation? I have two different fields in one calculation but I want them spaced out with a sharp return. ex: data1field1 ¶ data1field2 ¶ does not work as easily as I expected. The message says "An Operator (e.g +,-,*,...) is expected here."
  4. I suppose I can do a SQL script but how do I say update every 10 minutes or something along the line?
  5. I read the forum and was interested with the "AS400 aka database SQL server" to Filemaker Pro 9. Whenever I went to Manage the database and tried add the data as a relationship form the AS400 SQL server it kept saying "OBDC" not supported which was weird. I have Filemaker Pro 9 server on a 32 bit server and the As400 on a 64 bit server but with 32 bit drives included. Yes ODBC drivers for the SQL server have been installed on the Filemaker server to connect to the AS400 SQL server. Currently my computer is also a 64 bit computer (yes both 32 and 64 bit drives) but i can grab the data from
  6. Ok well I have the portal to work the way that I almost want. The portal is actually creating the child records as I see fit but I still can't get the portal object to grow vertically as the list grows. Oh yes from my notes above I do not want a vertical scroll bar because this record is suppose to print out even if it is 10 pages long. Anyone have any ideas?
  7. Yes I understand it on what it does from youtube but from the looks of it the child data has to be there already which is not the case on my end. Building the portal with already base child record is not the main idea but that's what the guys from youtube are telling me. I'm trying to do the opposite from the parent to the child. I suppose I'll have to force the parent to create 50 child records automatically in order to build a proper portal right away but I am trying to dumbfied for some of my collegues so they don't have to do it. Basically the reason for the design is that it's sup
  8. Basically I want to add a child record within the parent layout with whatever I need and also that goes for deleting. Plus I want the page to keep growing or expand as I put more items into the page with no scroll. If you have a sample please upload so I can bench from it. Thank you.
  9. Basically I want a simple layout like the picture attached but the question is if I wanted another row underneath the first one without creating a new field in the database, Is this possible with a button?
  10. Yes, I am sure I do not need any historical data on this. A script like this one will not be needed because I can always do a search base on the date that it was created and then delete those found records. I usually do this every two days but this is becoming cumbersome.
  11. Is there a way in the data calculation that would delete a record if it was more than 2 days old. If so could someone please write me up a sample. (Hopefully it will be a easy one.) Thank you in advance
  12. Alright it was simple the code is now which works great!! It seems any letter is bigger than a number so if the part number is even A or SR18-1111 then uses a ABCD category. Case ( IMAGE_NAME ≥ 99999; "ABCD"; IMAGE_NAME ≥ 6000; "6000"; IMAGE_NAME ≥ 5000; "5000"; IMAGE_NAME ≥ 4000; "4000"; IMAGE_NAME ≥ 3000; "3000"; IMAGE_NAME ≥ 2000; "2000"; IMAGE_NAME ≥ 1000; "1000"; IMAGE_NAME ≤ 999 ; "0000" ; )
  13. Hey that works!!! Thanks, but how about what if it's not a number but just a random letter for instance like a item names SR11.1111 but I want to put it in a category of ABCD? How does something like that work? I was trying to figure it out in the last few hours but nothing yet.
  14. Hi Everyone, I am trying get the ABCD to work. Is there any way to categorize the "0" to read any letter instead of a number? Part number ex: is SR18.1111 (yes this is a real image name). Case ( IMAGE_NAME ≥ 6000 ; 6000; IMAGE_NAME ≥ 5000 ; 5000; IMAGE_NAME ≥ 4000 ; 4000; IMAGE_NAME ≥ 3000 ; 3000; IMAGE_NAME ≥ 2000 ; 2000; IMAGE_NAME ≥ 1000 ; 1000; IMAGE_NAME ≤ 999 ; "0000"; IMAGE_NAME ≤ 0 ; "ABCD"; ) EX: if it's a part number under 999 then the directory should be 0000 but if it's over 1000 but under 2000 then it should be 1000. etc 2filemaker.zip
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