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  1. I had a use case where the user could select the background colour for a record in a list. While it's easy to select a background colour it's less obvious how to make it user-adjustable. I found a similar example which I've simplified to do this. It creates a container with a coloured image in it which is the cleanest way for my needs. This can then be used as a background image. It could be linked to a web viewer containing a Colour Picker but it's not needed here. Please let me know what you think and if it can be made more efficient or if there's another way of doing this. Generate Colour.zip
  2. I'm referring to Queries (such as in MS Access) or Views (in MySQL) which provide a layer between the table structure and the forms/reports. FileMaker puts the equivalent in the table structure. In my experience FileMaker's implementation of SQL is extremely slow and only useful for certain applications. In this case it's much better to use FileMaker relationships.
  3. I get your point but your suggestion would require a second Portal and an entry in the table structure. My technique only requires an additional field in the existing portal... Unfortunately FileMaker doesn't support Queries, which would be the neatest solution.
  4. Yes the portal is filtered. Using GetLayoutObjectAttribute() allows me to not put a summary field in the table structure so I think is cleaner.
  5. I was looking for an easy way to get a record count of a portal and couldn't see how to do it anywhere. Luckily I found a workaround to do it and thought I'd share. Select Insert | Other Symbol. Select FoundCount. Move the new merge field into a portal row. Hide the merge field by setting 'Hide object when' to True. Give the merge field a name, for example 'PortalCount'. Now you can use the following calculation to find the total row count for the portal: GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "PortalCount" ; "content" ) Obviously you can change 'PortalCount' to whatever you like. If there's an easier (and less hacky) way to do this please let me know.
  6. I should've mentioned I'd also tried using CSS (as you suggested) and it didn't work. Just tested again to make sure and it's the same.
  7. Hi, This is a peculiar bug which seems to have appeared with a recent Chrome update. Create a Web Viewer control with the following content: "data:text/html,<html><body bgcolor=\"#EEEEEE\">HELLO</body></html>" Then view the layout in WebDirect in Chrome. You'll notice it doesn't display anything. Remove the bgcolor and it works as expected. It also works in FileMaker. There are numerous workarounds but I can't find out how to fix it. Anyone else experienced this?
  8. This is a bit of a bizarre one which ate 90 minutes of my morning - so I thought I'd share it in case anyone else encounters it. One of our FileMaker use cases has an embedded web viewer displaying a Google Sheet (it's a runtime Kiosk app but the same issue applies to FMPro). This worked well and the users could update the spreadsheet (a rota). However this morning I noticed a strange bluey/grey overlay (see attachment). After quite a bit of digging it seems Adobe Flash is still installed in IE 11 and this was causing some form of issue. I disabled Flash in Group Policy (gpedit.msc) and the problem went away. There are other ways of disabling it which should also work. This was on Windows 10. I have now tested it on two machines so it should be fairly easily reproducible. I assume it's somehow caused by the 2nd October update to the Flash control. Anyway hope this helps if others have the same issue.
  9. I noticed that this doesn't support Unicode characters. If you are using Unicode - such as non European alphabets or Emojis you'll probably want to change setContent(htmlBody, "text/html"); to setContent(htmlBody, \"text/html; charset="UTF-8"); This appears twice in the script, but the lines are slightly different. If you're using the Register Scriptmaster script from the example you'll need to use the following: setContent(htmlBody, \"text/html; charset=\\\"UTF-8\\\"\");¶ Hope this is useful.
  10. Hi Lars, I've only just seen this thread. It looks like you're using the HTMLEmail Script which I wrote (with a lot of help from Google/forums). The new version works with Authentication as we also switched to an authenticated SMTP server.
  11. That seems to have fixed the problem on my test server, and I'll try it again on our production server in the next few days. Pity this wasn't released a day or two ago 😯. Thanks for the quick turnaround!
  12. So last week I spun up a Microsoft Azure VM to test FMS 17 and it was working well. Last night started migrating our second server and all was good. One of the final things was to install ScriptMaster. Didn't work and stupidly didn't test it last week. Had to roll back to FMS 16 and wasted several hours of work (my mistake for lack of QA)! Today I tried it again on a new VM and could reproduce the issue so it's not specific to our build. Here's what I did to reproduce the issue: Create an Azure VM running Server 2016. Change the language to UK. Install FMS 17. Install Web Sockets (an issue my Colleague sussed out here). Copy the ScriptMaster Plugin into the Extensions folder and try to enable it. I got the following events in the FMS log: Additionally the Event Viewer had two events - A 701 error with the same description as above and the following: Hope this gets sorted soon as I need to roll out FMS 17 :(.
  13. If you're using the 'Register ScriptMaster' FileMaker script (in the example above) then I've made a couple of improvements/bug fixes: The version check should be: SMVersion = "?" or Int ( SMVersion ) < 4 Personally I check for 4.42 as 4 is quite old - but it might be a good idea to check for 5. The HTMLEmail function does not require the GUI, and apparently it performs better without it. Therefore I'd recommend changing the last line of the RegisterGroovy function to: return true;¶" ; "isGui=false" )
  14. Hi Gastion, If you are using the example form then use the FileMaker formatting toolbar - the HTMLEmail command in the example uses the GetAsCSS command to convert it to HTML. Alternatively edit the script to remove the GetAsCSS command and then you can enter HTML directly into the example form. Hope this helps.
  15. It seems the problem doesn't exist in Chrome 60, which I've now updated to. So this means it affects IE, older versions of Chrome on Windows/Mac and possibly Edge.
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