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  1. My reply perhaps wasn't clear. Yes if the self-extractor created 'FMS' instead of 'FileMaker Server 19' that would resolve many of the issues if it's run from a folder without a space in it (for example 'C:\users\admin\Downloads'). However if it's run from 'C:\Users\John Smith\Downloads' or 'C:\FIleMaker Installers' then it would still fail. Therefore they should fix the original issue. 19.1.2 worked properly so why not 19.2.1?
  2. That wouldn't resolve the issue - if the installer is extracted in a folder with spaces in the name then it would fail. I suspect they've missed out quotes when referring to the FMS msi package, which is just bad testing.
  3. After an e-mail exchange with Claris they provided a fix which might be useful to others. By default the installer extracts to "FileMaker Server 19". However the Setup in that folder won't work if there are any spaces in the path name. To fix the issue move the contents of that folder to somewhere without spaces in the name (for example C:\users\admin\downloads\FMS not C:\users\admin\downloads\FileMaker Server 19). I am amazed and quite annoyed that this simple issue got through testing. I expect better from Claris. However thankfully the fix is simple.
  4. I'm trying to install FileMaker Server 19.2.1 on Windows Server 2019 (a Microsoft Azure VM). However when I run the install it installs the prerequisites then shows the setup options dialogue (attached). I've seen some people had the same issue on the Claris forums, but mainly with FileMaker Pro (which installed no problem). None of the suggested fixes worked. If I try to install it once FileMaker Server 19.1.2 is installed it stops the installation from working and I have to run setup again with 'repair' to fix it.
  5. I noticed my server didn't have http 2 enabled and thought it was because I was on Windows Server 2016. I have just installed a new VM with Windows Server 2019 and http 2 is still not enabled. Any ideas why this would be? According to Claris it shouldn't require any configuration. I am using FileMaker Server 19.1.2 (as 19.2.1 wouldn't install for some reason). Edit: Think I found the issue - it requires 19.2.1, which I couldn't install as the installer didn't work. Oh well - hopefully sort it soon.
  6. That's great, thanks. I would suggest adding compatibility to the Change Log.
  7. Just wondering if ScriptMaster's been tested with FileMaker Server 19.2.1? I don't want to upgrade and have it fail (which I've had happen before). I currently use the updated version (linked above). Thanks.
  8. Just wondering when the final build of ScriptMaster will be available? I'm using the download from this thread but I'm assuming it's a Beta which isn't ideal as we're using it in production. TIA
  9. This might be useful for those who have users that use WebDirect on a Desktop, Tablet or Phone. Creating a Progressive Web App (PWA) provides a fully skinned app-like experience for the users. On Windows/Mac/Linux it allows the user to create an Icon on the desktop which opens the WebDirect login page without any browser UI. On Android/iOS it creates an Icon on the home screen which launches a full screen browser. It's really easy for the user to install themselves and no need to keep software up to date (as browsers auto-update). Icons and colour-scheme can be customised. There are
  10. You should be able to use a Web Viewer control to run the Geolocation API and pass it back to FileMaker, provided the user gives permission.
  11. On Windows I just use Get ( DocumentsPath ). No "filewin:" prefix and it works fine.
  12. Are you using FileMaker 19.1.2 to access this db at all? If not then this is a different issue and you should start a new thread for it. Also might be worth testing it with 19.0.1.
  13. As there isn't a thread about this I thought I'd post about this annoying bug as it affected me and I thought I had a corrupt db. The issue seems to be that when editing layouts with certain summary parts in FileMaker 19.1.2 it changes the way that the layout is configured, so that a DDR created in FileMaker 18+ (at least) crashes FileMaker Pro and fails to create the DDR. Some points from my testing: Creating a DDR without selecting 'Layouts' works fine. 'Save a Copy as XML' works fine. It seems that running Recovery or compact/repair in 19.1.2 also introduces th
  14. Nice article, thanks. That answers some of the questions I have. I'm assuming it will work better in FileMaker Pro when Claris switches from IE web viewer to Chromium (hopefully soon). However I'm still wondering why a six year-old version of Quill was used for the add-on? The main problem I can see with this is printing reports with rich text fields on them. I can use a Web Viewer which works okay but it doesn't auto resize, which is awkward to say the least. Any ideas?
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