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  1. Insert Calculated Result Bug

    It's in 16.0.1 and 16 0.2.
  2. Insert Calculated Result Bug

    I've got a support case open with FileMaker.
  3. Insert Calculated Result Bug

    After further testing it seems the bug is limited to Date fields and is still there. See the updated test DB. FileMaker Server Bug.zip
  4. Insert Calculated Result Bug

    I've just tested it with a clean database (see attached) and it works correctly on 16.0.2. So I'm assuming this was a bug specific to 16.0.1... FileMaker Server Bug.zip
  5. Insert Calculated Result Bug

    It didn't work on 16.0.1, but did on 15 which suggests a bug.
  6. Insert Calculated Result Bug

    The reason I was using Insert Calculated Result is because it was an old script written 9 years ago which was working fine. This is what I was using: Go to Layout [ “Event Log Table” (Event Log) ] Enter Find Mode [ ] Insert Calculated Result [ Event Log::Date; "<" & Get ( CurrentDate ) - 90 ] [ Select ] Perform Find [ ] If [ Get ( FoundCount ) > 0 ] Delete All Records [ No dialog ] End If I have since changed it to Set Field and it works fine again. I have not tried this on 16.0.2.
  7. There seems to be a bug with FileMaker Server 16. Server scripts or scheduled scripts do not work when using the 'Insert Calculated Result' script step as part of a find, but it does on FileMaker Pro. A workaround is to use the 'Set Field' script step, which is fine, but this bug caused us some issues and will no doubt cause others problems.
  8. HTTP POST in WebDirect 16

    I've got some updates about this. Creating a form works by using /fmi/webd/[DB Name] as the form action. Unfortunately it redirects to an invalid URL if an incorrect username/password are entered. It's possible to customise the login dialog, by editing login.html in C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Web Publishing\publishing-engine\jwpc-tomcat\fmi\VAADIN\launchcenter (or equivalent folder on Mac OS). However if homeurl is used the generic VAADIN dialogue box is presented to the user. Due to the issues with the custom login form I've gone with the second option for now.
  9. HTTP POST in WebDirect 16

    Interesting points. Currently the landing page has optional SSL, however I can force SSL on that page to ensure the form is secure. I'm taking it you haven't tried this new technique if you're concerned about the security of it?
  10. HTTP POST in WebDirect 16

    Currently I'm using a permalink landing page which links to the database. I'd like to change the landing page to a login page using the new HTTP Post functionality.
  11. HTTP POST in WebDirect 16

    I know, but I was wondering if anyone's created an example. Otherwise I'll just adjust our old IWP form.
  12. I was interested to read that FileMaker 16 now supports the ability to sign in with an HTTP POST. I was wondering if anyone had tested this yet? I'm looking at creating a custom login screen so any examples would be great. Thanks.
  13. The theme in the file.
  14. I've just tried your file in WebDirect and it doesn't show the lines. Additionally if I move the mouse over the active tab the background colour disappears. Same problem I'm having with my live solution.

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