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  1. On Windows I just use Get ( DocumentsPath ). No "filewin:" prefix and it works fine.
  2. Are you using FileMaker 19.1.2 to access this db at all? If not then this is a different issue and you should start a new thread for it. Also might be worth testing it with 19.0.1.
  3. As there isn't a thread about this I thought I'd post about this annoying bug as it affected me and I thought I had a corrupt db. The issue seems to be that when editing layouts with certain summary parts in FileMaker 19.1.2 it changes the way that the layout is configured, so that a DDR created in FileMaker 18+ (at least) crashes FileMaker Pro and fails to create the DDR. Some points from my testing: Creating a DDR without selecting 'Layouts' works fine. 'Save a Copy as XML' works fine. It seems that running Recovery or compact/repair in 19.1.2 also introduces th
  4. Nice article, thanks. That answers some of the questions I have. I'm assuming it will work better in FileMaker Pro when Claris switches from IE web viewer to Chromium (hopefully soon). However I'm still wondering why a six year-old version of Quill was used for the add-on? The main problem I can see with this is printing reports with rich text fields on them. I can use a Web Viewer which works okay but it doesn't auto resize, which is awkward to say the least. Any ideas?
  5. Claris have released a new Rich Text Editor Add-on with the latest FileMaker Pro update. I've had a look at it and it looks good, and works in FileMaker and WebDirect. The only issue I've had is that the toolbar sometimes disappears for seemingly no reason in FileMaker Pro (seems more stable in WebDirect). Also it's based on quite an old version of Quill, and although I'm not so familiar with the new add-ons there seems to be a fair bit of dev stuff in there. What's the AddonSampleData table used for? Has anyone else tried it?
  6. Claris have now acknowledged this is a bug. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next version of FileMaker Server.
  7. This is a strange one, but Tooltips do not work in WebDirect on Linux. Tried in Chrome (and Firefox) on Windows and it works fine but doesn't work in Linux. I appreciate Firefox is not supported but tried it to see if it's platform or browser specific. What's odd is Chrome has a shared codebase but presumably this is something in WebDirect. Anyone else experienced this?
  8. I don't want users Importing data directly. It's easy to disable Import in FileMaker Pro by removing the menu item, but this is not possible in Web Direct. Changing the Available Menu Commands for the user works, but then disables Export as well, which isn't good. Is there any way to disable Import in Web Direct? This seems to be configured in jwpc.jar, but there's no way to remove it.
  9. Thanks Sky - I did try that but didn't have the right Char code for the BOM. It works perfectly now.
  10. I tested it again and it does export UTF-8, not UTF-16. The problem is that Excel requires a Byte order mark to open UTF-8 CSV files automatically. Otherwise it defaults to ASCII CSV. This is particularly annoying as UTF-8 is not supposed to require a BOM, unlike UTF-16. The workaround is to open it in LibreOffice, which works correctly, or use the 'From Text/CSV' button on the Data ribbon in Excel. I know this is an issue with Excel not FileMaker or the script, but as Excel is for many the de facto standard it'll cause a problem.
  11. Does it export as UTF-16 even if the container is UTF-8? Also not sure baseElelements will work with Web Direct, and sure the Data File script steps won't. I could use PSOS but I still need to download it to the user, which would involve Export Field Contents.
  12. I know this has been discussed elsewhere but I needed to Export some data and I wanted column headers. In Web Direct. There seemed to be two options - either using an XSLT stylesheet and exporting as XML. Don't think this works in Web Direct, and looked like it would take some time to get my head around. I also see there's a suggestion to export as a Merge file, and simply change the file extension. This looks good but won't support custom Column names. So I developed my own simple export which works in FileMaker and Web Direct: It works well, but can cause complications
  13. I had a use case where the user could select the background colour for a record in a list. While it's easy to select a background colour it's less obvious how to make it user-adjustable. I found a similar example which I've simplified to do this. It creates a container with a coloured image in it which is the cleanest way for my needs. This can then be used as a background image. It could be linked to a web viewer containing a Colour Picker but it's not needed here. Please let me know what you think and if it can be made more efficient or if there's another way of doing this. Gene
  14. I'm referring to Queries (such as in MS Access) or Views (in MySQL) which provide a layer between the table structure and the forms/reports. FileMaker puts the equivalent in the table structure. In my experience FileMaker's implementation of SQL is extremely slow and only useful for certain applications. In this case it's much better to use FileMaker relationships.
  15. I get your point but your suggestion would require a second Portal and an entry in the table structure. My technique only requires an additional field in the existing portal... Unfortunately FileMaker doesn't support Queries, which would be the neatest solution.
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