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  1. I figured this problem out. My sub-summary table should have been based on the kp_Lines ID
  2. I have a typical product line data base relationship - Contact-Invoice-Lines-Products. One Lines field is called 'Is_FB' It calculates if the 'Colour' field is "Flat Black", returns field 'Quantity'. If (PRODUCTS::_00.04_Product_Colour = "Flat Black"; Quantity; " ") I have a Report based on the Lines Table. The intention is to show sub-summaries of the products by 'Product Name' (Products) and field values from the Lines table 'Is_FB' ect... Problem: My report returns only one line per Product Name For example, if my client orders product "Blanket" in two colours the repor
  3. buckbuck

    Window Name

    Maybe I am missing something here. My example was the fmf website but perhaps here the name of the active window I see displayed in the menu drop down window list is a script step in the web design program. Based on what little I know, my humble opinion is that by default the menu name displayed when I create a new window should be the layout name. Then when I want to skip between windows I know what is on offer. Not a list like I showed in the attachment. Of course I am a novice so perhaps a more experienced designer would think otherwise.
  4. buckbuck

    Window Name

    Thank you for the replies. Frankly the replies suggest a rather bad oversight from the Filemaker creators since this functionality is common place elsewhere. Something Filemaker Inc should fix in the near future methinks.
  5. buckbuck

    Window Name

    When I am posting a new topic on this forum my browser window shows ' Posting New Topic - FMForums '. If I go to window menu this same browser window will appear the same in the drop down list. In my filemaker setup however the windows do not take the name of the layout but the name of the database, and each addltional windo a numeric suffix as in, NAData, NAData - 1, NAData - 2... Is it possible to have the layout name instead? Thanks
  6. The layout is a Lines based layout showing product on order. I mis-spoke if I said set a calculation field. In order to select valid lines there is a script with a Find "Ordered". On this same script I have the Set Field function to set the Get Current Date field to the current date. See attached jpegs. Thanks
  7. Hello I have a list layout with a title header. I have a calc field Get (Current Date) in the header. I use a script button to run a script, one part of which says, Set Field, calc field, Get (Current Date). While the date changes the printed version does not show the current date. Has anyone an idea of this issue. What am I doing wrong? Thanks Matthew
  8. eos I replicated everything as you designed it and I think I understand your logic but my effort does not work. Can you explain, "the account currency name in the popup is resolved via the value list, not a relationship." Maybe this is my problem. I have a value list based on the currency table as you suggest. Matthew
  9. eos The 'Converted' field amount does not change when the Currency field value list changes. Am I missing something
  10. Yes. Sorry but I could not send all my data since it is somewhat confidential (I do not want to share it with the FMF community), and besides given my amateurism stupidly embarassing. I am doing my best. Being a novice I was critiqued for my nomenclature before - too long, so I have tried to abbreviate things a bit. I have no idea what the protocols are other than capitalizing table names. Yes GJ (General Journal) is the data form for all my Journal entries. My objective is to have a shorthand method for exchanging my USD and CAD amounts into GBP. Thanks again
  11. Hi eos Here is the file. I expect you will wonder about my approach - it comes from a lack of understanding. Thanks 2012 LedgerUK FxTest.fp7.zip
  12. When I set this up on my database it does not work. When I remove the relationship ACCOUNT_fk_CurrencyID and Rates_fk_CurrencyID the relationship shows the Year and Month for the rate but it is not dynamic - I cannot change the Currency. I cannot understand where my mistake is copying your solution. Any suggestions? I find the relationship CURRENCY_Currency and ACCOUNT_Amount odd. Can you explain its role or effect in the solution? Thanks
  13. eos Yes of course eos. I was just sending a shout out to you in your town from Vancouver, my town. Thanks for the insight. Best regards
  14. Hello Tegernsee Bavaria I appreciate a lot your time helping me with a solution. That said, could you explain the creativity of your design? Why did you create a separate table for Currency? I do not understand your use of the term Rates_cartesian - you are specifying a point on a graph? Also, could you have used a Get Year (date) and Get Month (date) to specify the rate? Why use ≤ or ≥. As mentioned I appreciate the solution I just want to understand your logic better - I am a novice. Thanks Matthew
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