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  1. Did it work !!! awesome I mapped the relationships from your database against my relationships (just different table names) and picked up my error straight away. Was missing a relationship join between tblUsers and tblSchools. Works a treat. Thanks heaps Cheers Peter
  2. Hi, thanks for getting back on this. I did find the accounts scripts no worries and I won't store the password details in table users, the user will just have to reset Account password to update (so no storage of password). So no issues there. The only bit I have a problem with is the opening script you mentioned where you match up the username in tblUsers with the account Name in FMP management.Then setting the global userID. No idea where to start on that is there any examples of how to proceed. I am pulling down and displaying the current user's account name when that person is
  3. Hi, not sure if this is the right place to post this, so apologies up front. I have set up account info in the FMP account management area. However I have extra data that needs to be accessed and associated with the accounts or users. I have a table called tblUsers containing varied info like "destNo' ID field that determines a school that user is associated with, their full name (first and last) and other contact details. How do I go about linking the Account Name from FMP security with my table data from tblUsers so their details can be updated eg: update username but changes are refl
  4. Hi, exactly the same result if I show values from Users::UserID, showing only related values starting from NetworkGroupsList. Cheers
  5. Hi sorry for my vagueness OK 4 tables - tblUsers and tblSchools and tblNetworkGroups and tblNetworkGroupsList tblUsers and tblSchools are linked by the field DestNo (every school has a unique DestNo and there are 4 corresponding teachers in tblUsers that are related to each school by the DestNo). tblNetworkGroups and tblNetworkGroupsList are linked by the field grpID. I have a layout that is linked to tblNetworkGroups. It displays information about network groups that schools can join. On this layout I have a portal that is attached to tblNetworkGroupsList that displays all the
  6. Hi I have a table of users who are linked to a school table by a unique number called "DestNo". Each school has 4 users attached to a school. On a layout I have set up a network group with an attached portal where I add a school as a member of this group via a popup menu. At the same time in that portal I can add via popup menu the related user (from tblUsers) I have a direct relationship between tblUsers and tblSchools by the DestNo. Now the user field is filtering too well and picking only the 1st record of the 4 possible users. The other 3 do not show up. Any ideas Thanks in adva
  7. Hi Is there any way to link account details (set up in Security) to a layout form in the database so users could update their passwords and low level administrators could update passwords and usernames. Rather than go through the menu path. Also for full administrators to add new users. Thanks in advance Cheers
  8. Worked it didn't have the name corresponding in the inspector panel all solved
  9. Hi I have set up a tab panel with 5 tabs - Tab A, Tab B, Tab C, Tab D and Tab E I have 5 buttons running at this stage off 5 individual scripts (very basic) Scripts- (each individual) Go to Object [Object Name: "Tab A"] Go to Object [Object Name: "Tab B"] Go to Object [Object Name: "Tab C"] Go to Object [Object Name: "Tab D"] Go to Object [Object Name: "Tab E"] Go to Object [Object Name: "Tab F"] and so on for each tab. The buttons then reference each tab with their own particular script. However the navigation works fine for Tab A and Tab B but won't work from Tab C o
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