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  1. Howdy, Personally, this is how I look at it: Pro = End User Advanced = Developer Cheers! Lyle
  2. 1. FM access away from office: If this is "all" that is required, there is no need to go the "web" route (let alone with Joomla!, LOL!); simply use the Remote Access functionality of FM. They will require separate copies of FM on any laptop they intend to use, or FileMaker GO for any iOS device (iPhone, iPad). Anywhere that they would be able to access the web, they will be able to access FM Remote. Two really quick ways to accomplish this: 1) "Expose" their current location of their FM installation (FM Server or individual computer that is sharing the FM file on their internal
  3. Henry, In what way do you want to integrate Joomla! and FM? Using ODBC, you can easily have 2-way communication between FM and the Joomla! MySQL database. Use the Joomla! tables in your FM solution as you would native FM tables. I have done this in testing with Joomla! and in production with eFront, a similarly-structured PHP/MySQL script. Some more info on how you and your client see this integration will help Lee - the way I read it, being someone who has installed well over 300 Joomla! sites and as noted above, integrated Joomla! with FM, the initial location of the post was corr
  4. Have you checked out LightSpeed? http://www.lightspeedretail.com/ They have Developer API that may help you with your customization.
  5. In an attempt to narrow the source, have you done any sort of analysis of the variables you mention? You state that this is happening on FMSA 9 thru 11; so, is it happening more on one version than the others? Mac and PC; same thing. Browser "flavour"; again, the same. I would suggest you begin tracking these variables to see if a pattern emerges :)
  6. Click the icon in the upper left, under the wi-fi signal bar ... this will take you to the Files/Windows screen. Click the close icons for each file (upper left, white X, red background) "Getting Started" and "Welcome to FileMaker Go". Then click the Files button (centre top) to go the the FMG "Main Screen". Check the FM site for the PDF on how to connect to your FM databases on your iMac. http://www.filemaker.com/products/filemaker-go/resources.html
  7. This is what loads when you first visit the site ... It is also generated when I click the "View New Content" link.
  8. Never mind ... it's simply a matter of checking the "Auto-refresh Grid" check box ... in Alpha Five v11 :)
  9. Codeus ... +1 Lack of native container upload (especially now with the new container functionality) and printing/PDF generation are the two primary reasons I am now looking elsewhere since finding out these were not addressed in 12. However, I am not that naive to realize why there were not, and more than likely, never will be provided directly from FMI; doing so would negatively impact sales for the desktop products.
  10. Howdy, I have a portal that contains two fields from a MySQL database via ODBC. What I would like to achieve is that these fields "auto-update" when the underlying data changes in the ODBC datasource. As it is now, I have to manually call the "Refresh Window" function, and do so via a button/script ("Update") that uses the Refresh Window script step with both "flush" options selected. I have tried using this in a script trigger for the OnModify for the portal and also for the fields themselves. No luck; still have to click the "Update" button to have the new values display. Is this poss
  11. Not sure how to go about doing that ... I got our IT folks to set that up for me :)
  12. Howdy, I just successfully tried this, from a Win 7 Home Premium machine running FMPA 11v3, to connect to and open a file on a remote host (commercial FM hosting). This is what I used for the link: fmp7://my_hosting_account_URL/filename.fp7 Works like a charm Are you able to Open Remote "manually" from FM outside your office?
  13. I see exactly what you are trying to accomplish and it looks as though all you have to do is adjust your calc to set the initial match to "1", as it is shown in the first 10 rows, and then increment from that point. In other words, adjust the starting point. As I am far from a "pro" in this area, that is easier said than done so I can't really provide a sample ... but I know what you are trying to do :)
  14. Howdy Matthew, If you haven't already, perhaps take a look at these two FM Go docs, one ( I can't recall which ) gives the ipad screen dimensions, among a lot of very useful info. http://www.filemaker...development.pdf http://www.filemaker...r_go_121_en.pdf Additionally, one should use separate layouts for the iPad; that way, you can tailor them specifically to the dimensions and contraints of that platform. These would be separate and apart from your current "desktop" screen and print layouts. It's easy to detect and switch to the desired device with a script attached to t
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