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  1. Thank you all very much, it worked perfectly. I changed the 19 day to 1 and just left that in all of the records. I tried changing the field date format to 07/2010 but when you enter new ones it wants a day so I changed it back and left it like that. This is a one time conversion and none of the dates were before 1993 so it worked great. You saved me a lot of work, thanks so much.
  2. Sorry I didn't know where to put this. I have 3,500 records with one field that is used for a purchased date. This person used four numbers for each date such as 0793 represents July 1993 or 0411 equals April 2011. All records have this four number format, first two are month and second two are year. I can't figure out how to convert these four digits into a some sort of date field like 07/1979. I tried 'find and replace' but couldn't get it to work. Any help would be appreciated, I don't want to type in 3,500 dates. I'm converting a friend's baseball card inventory from a 19
  3. Thanks for the help, I will see if I can get it to work with my DB.
  4. Some how I knew it wasn't going to be just a simple change to what I have. Thanks Claus L, I will see if I can figure this out.
  5. 1213301337-MarkRecordsDemo.zip (6K) This is just what I have been looking for. The demo does exactly what I wanted. The problem is mine acted funny. I have 20 records that I want to choose only 4 or less to print at one time in a special form. It seemed to work perfectly but then I was testing it and clicking different checkboxes and suddenly some of the X marks disappeared from some I had already marked. Then others would pop in when I was clicking different records. So I took the demo program MarkRecordsDemo.zip and added a dozen more records and started clicking on different boxes
  6. GOT IT! Wow what a nightmare. I must have re-done this layout 5 times. Spent days searching the help files and google. Each time I added the footer it messed everything up. My son who does IT support for a big Corp. helped and we got it to work. The body has to be just barely the size of one record to make it work. I kept thinking it needed to be enough for 4 records to fit. Then the footer follows right after that and it works great. Is there a really good instruction book out there for FMP 11? One that gives details? Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it.
  7. Sorry to be a pain. I made a list view, shortened the body, lengthened the header and footer and it worked great. 4 records showed at a time. Then I adjusted the fields left and right to line up with the titles above and then when I go to browse mode and preview, the records are now 2 inches apart vertically. I didn't adjust them up or down why did they change? I can't get them to move back. Only one record shows at a time now. Thanks for all your help.
  8. So I could put the standard text in the header and footer and just size the body part to hold 4 records. Sounds easy enough, I will give it a try, thanks again for the help. I wish I had a lot more experience under my belt. I love this stuff when everything finally works right, it's great. I only occasionally use FM so everytime I do, I have to relearn it all over again. thanks for your help. Ok so far so good. The next problem is that there is about one and a half inches of space between each record now. I tried the slide up option and searched the help files but can't figure how t
  9. It's not an actual form but a format that we have to follow, same thing I guess. Here is a copy if I can get it to attach. What I need to merge in, is done in RED (max of 4 records at a time) the rest is the standard form for all of them. The pdf was created in Word 2010. BTW all names and addresses are fake. Lien on Property.pdf
  10. I have a database for a Resident’s association that charges an annual fee. If residents do not pay this fee the association places a lien on their property. The lien form has to follow a specific format set by the State. We can only place a max of 4 records on each form. Each record needs 2 lines to show data. See layout below. I can sort to a residents list that are past due. What I want to do is add a check box to this list and choose which records to transfer to the Lien form, so I can limit them to 4 or less records. Can this be done and can I use 2 lines per record? Portal? Can someone
  11. Thanks, I was hoping it would be easier than that. I know you can do a Field 1 > 0.00 So I thought this would be similar. Thanks now I can quit digging through the help files.
  12. I have a list of records and would like to have a script that would find the records where Field 1 is greater than Field 2. It should be simple but I can't figure out how to get the second field in the find after the > sign. Table::Field 1 > Field 2 When I try it I get - Table::Field 1 [> Field 2] - and it says it can't find any records that match criteria.
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