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  1. How do I do a search if I want records where the field is blank?
  2. I currently have a dbase of equipment that I use to keep track of status, documentation and creating checkout forms. For each major piece of equipment (Camera, Tripod, etc…) I have built packages that include all the accessories needed to use that piece of equipment. I then print these checkout forms and fill them in when someone needs something. The limitation of this system that I would like to fix are as follows: - Avoid using several forms when someone is checking out several packages - Add equipment that is available but no included in any packages (cables, extra batterie
  3. Well that looks like it does what I want. Two things that make it a no go for my situation. 1. I am not advanced enough in this stuff to know if this will fit seemlessly with little or no tech knowledge of Java and work with me just publishing from my laptop while on the LAN. 2. While this would be great, the $195 cost is not something anyone at my company would pay for. Any free solutions?
  4. Used instant web publishing to allow some folks on the LAN to add data to the dbase. However, I can't figure out how to add an image to my container field us the Web Viewer. All computers are Mac running OS 10.5 or later. Browsers range from Safari to Firefox to Chrome.
  5. Attached file helped so much. I figured out what the problem was. My original dbase did not have ID#'s associated with the original list of packages. When assigned them to a package there was no way to link it, but I had a value for the package name. So when I started cycling thru the records from the POV of the packages table it created a record for every instance where the package name had a value, thusly a repeated record for every package. ... or at least I think that is what happened. I have took a look at what you built, compared to my original and spotted the missing data. I
  6. Exactly, now you see why I am confused. When I create a form with the Package Name at the top and a portal to the equipment table below and start cycling thru the records I start seeing the equipment but only listed one at a time (EXAMPLE: I will see each of the four batteries for the 7D package as a seperate record). When I stop browsing thru the records and go and look at the information in table view I see that a bunch of new records (as you have seen in my screen grab) have been created. Before I do all of this I only see one package per record in the Packages table. I created a fe
  7. OK. I have been trying to get the two tables to talk without the equipment table creating multiple copies of the packages. So I want one record called 7D Camera Package in the packages table and then link several equipment records to that one record. It doesn't seem to want to do that. I just tried it and I have attached screen shots of what happened, the first is the layout of the form (you can see the portal below the basic info) and then table view of the same data where the database now has several repeated records of 7D Package linked to in piece of equipment each. I have also in
  8. No. Equipment cannot be in more then one package.
  9. First time using FM Pro. I have an equipment, package and package link table. Equipment is list of equipment, package is list of equipment packages i have and package link table allows one package record to assocaite with multiple equip. records. I want to create a form that lists all the equipment in a single package, however I can only get a form to show the package and then each piece of equipment one at a time. Using a portal but can't figure out how to simply have the form display ALL of the equipment in a list on one form and the use the package name field to select which package
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