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  1. Using FM 16.0.2 ProAdvanced (32bit), I've installed, registered gmanipulator demo, authenticated, and can pull calendar events successfully, but when I try to edit an existing calendar event or create a new one, I now get a "Failed to Save" error message popup. Interestingly, I was successfully editing and creating events on this same calendar last night but when I went back to it today, relaunched Filemaker, registered and authenticated once again, I am now getting these errors. Failed to save the record: Error Encountered from Google Message: Exception saving the record Code: -400 Extended: Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions on this, please. EDIT: Relaunched everything a few hours later and I see it all seems to be working again. This strikes me as not very reliable but I would appreciate any insight into what the error means specifically. Thanks
  2. Updating the out-of-date email plugin seems to have corrected the problem, even though the problem appeared on the surface to be entirely related to scriptmaster plugin. In any case all is working fine now. Thanks again.
  3. Windows 7 Pro user here. "C:Program Files (x86)FileMakerFileMaker Pro 11 AdvancedExtensions" contains only the "Monday, ‎July ‎29, ‎2013, ‏‎12:01:28 PM" scriptmaster plugin. I find no extensions folders in the Appdata filemaker folder, neither local nor roaming. So I did a full C: search for "360Works_ScriptMaster.fmx" on my PC, found copies of earlier versions in a variety of places that I had previously saved copies, and I deleted them all. I now just allowed the java update to occur again, relaunched FM11 and am seeing the same symptoms again.... Scriptmaster plugin is found disabled and clicking to enable it causes immediate crash of FM11. (My other purchased 360works plugins continue to work just fine.) Any other ideas I should explore? Thanks again.
  4. I continue to have the exact same symptoms as the OP. Installed latest version of 32 bit scriptmaster plugin, freshly downloaded today. Using FM11 Pro Advanced. Everything works fine until I allow Java to update and then I see that Scriptmaster functionality stops working and when I check FM preferences, I see that the scriptmaster plugin is disabled. Clicking the checkbox to enable the scriptmaster plugin results in an immediate crash of filemaker. Has this plugin fix for Java 7v25 been tested with FM11 Pro ADVANCED? Any suggestions on what I can try to resolve this serious problem? Thanks!
  5. The workaround to this problem of the "Files Directory" resetting to default after server restart, was for me to manually edit the "web.xml" file to include my actual file path. SuperContainer-2_864SuperContainerWEB-INFweb.xml is the location of this file in Windows.
  6. Hi all, We've been using SuperContainer daily for 6+ months in a large IWP project very successfully, and this week after updating FM Server 11 Advanced to v3 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Foundation, and also updating SuperContainer server and plugins to 2.864, I am finding that SuperContainer server no longer retains my "Files Directory" setting under the Options button. After a server restart or otherwise relaunching SuperContainer server, the Files Directory resets to the default setting of C:UsersSuperContainerFiles, and of course everything stops working. (Simply stopping and starting SuperContainer server does not exhibit the problem.) Anyone else seeing this or have a workaround suggestion? Thanks
  7. We are all PC based here, so not waiting for Apple to fix anything. We are using FM Adv Server 11 running on Windows 2008 server, We are using Firefox 8.0 to view IWP served pages, and this is where we are having the non-moving upload status bar problems I reported.
  8. Thank you for the response. I am now using 2.831 and still find that the upload progress bar does not work. Hopefully this can be fixed in a future update. Thanks again.
  9. I am finding that the Size of the JavaW.exe 32bit process running on Windows Server 2008 grows with every SuperContainer request, eventually growing to many hundreds of megabytes in size and slowing down dramatically. Killing the task and restarting SuperContainerSever.jar restores performance and starts the memory consumption growth anew. Anyone else seeing this? (I am using Firefox 7 to access an IWP solution running remotely on a Windows Server 2008, dedicated to FileMaker Server 11 Advanced and SuperContainer 2.82 Server.) Thank you for your feedback.
  10. Can anyone confirm that the Supercontainer Upload Progress Bar works for them? (The Download Progress Bar works for me but the Upload Progress Bar always remains gray until the Upload is completed.) Thank you for any feedback.
  11. We are successfully testing a new FM Advanced Server IWP (Windows 2008 Server) solution which utilizes Supercontainer 2.82 to both upload (via drag-and-drop) and download (via double-click) various PDF files using Firefox web browsers (on Windows 7 PCs). Everything seems to work very well (most of the time), but one problem all users are reporting is that Supercontainer's Upload Progress Bar NEVER shows any progress. The bar remains gray, sometimes for minutes at a time for large PDF file uploads. However, Supercontainer's Download Progress Bar always works perfectly, showing a gray bar which becomes progressively green. Has anyone else seen this failing Upload Progress Bar behavior? And is there any solution? Thanks Also, quick unrelated question... Is there anyway to suppress or change the text of the Supercontainer messages? I would particularly like to change the "Connecting to Supercontainer Server" message to something indicating connection to our server instead, so that I will no longer have to waste time explaining to users "what Supercontainer is".
  12. I too have never been able to get the CallScriptWithDelay function to trigger reliably. Even after a fresh restart of Filemaker and launching the included ScriptMaster.fp7, clicking "Run Script" will cause the "TOC" to appear close to the expected time the first time I run it, but a subsequent click of "Run Script" will not cause the "TOC" to pop up until I click "Run Script" again, and then the "TOC" appears immediately, followed by another copy of it shortly thereafter. I get identical results to this when using this external function within my own Filemaker files. (I have also had no luck getting Call Script at Scheduled Time to trigger in a timely manner either.) I am testing with FilemakerPro 11 Advanced, running in Windows 7 Pro 64bit, with various other 360works plugins installed too.
  13. okay, never mind, I am going a different route on this project.
  14. okay, never mind, I am going a different route on this project.
  15. I am currently evaluating Scribe for updating variable content in Word 2010 Docs using Content Controls and ScribeDocWriteValue. All seems to work well except that when I view the resultant Word Doc, the fonts applied to the Content Controls have been changed to Futura Light, a font that I do not even have on my PC. I have tried applying Styles to the Content Control Properties, I have also tried removing Styles and selecting all of the text in the source Word Doc and changing it to the font of my choice, but the Scribe-produced Word Doc always has Futura Light used for the substituted Content Control text. Static items in the Doc remain in the correct font. (Note that the Word Doc was originally created on someone else's Mac, but I am using my PC to apply Content Controls and run Scribe.) Any ideas? Edit: To rule out a corrupt Word Doc, I just created a small 3 line Doc with 2 Plain Text Content Controls and 1 Rich Text Content Control. After using Scribe to insert the content, the resultant Word Doc shows all of the added content in the wrong size and font. I have applied styles to the content controls using various methods and none of them seem to matter. The static text retains the formatting but the Content Control text uses some other font/size after running Scribe.
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