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  1. Can you tell me if Plastic supports Level 3 transactions with any gateway ? Thanks.
  2. We are have run the EmailSetErrorCapture("true") not command before our email create command but if there is a bad email address, we are getting a "360 works email error" dialog appearance, which for our looping script is causing major issues since a user has to interfere to click the x.
  3. Nope - that's not the issue; we are getting "1" responses from the plugin for the register command and the connect command and disconnect afterwards, but the SEND command is returning a ? eventhough the email IS getting sent. Is there any further logging that can be done ?
  4. Hi There - We upgraded to Email plugin V3 and now our PSOS script is returning a ? vs. a 1 on successfully sending an SMTP email. Can you confirm this is expected behavior ?
  5. Ok - i have 10 fields of phone numbers, like home phone, home fax, business phone, business fax, etc. I want to get a list of area codes from these, separated by spaces with unique values, and if the phone numbers get updated I want it to be properly updated. I have used a reduplicate custom function but this removes the duplicates from a return delimited list, so it only works once, not recursively. Thanks for your help.
  6. I have a client with an php web site developed in fx.php in FileMaker 11. We switched them to FMS 12 on IIS 7 and Windows 2008 server. For some reason the web pulishing engine stops responding to new requests after a certain amount of time. We tried using both native PHP 5.3 and the FIleMaker supplied one, but the problem is still happening. The only solution so far has been to reset the web publishing engine. Any one else having this problem?
  7. Hi John - Thanks for responding. Your response is confusing because the new statement you suggested differs significantly from the original. Realize that we dufus' don't get SQL statements, so changing it just confused me further. Especially because you took out the $field reference. Can I suggest you consider commenting exactly what the statement is doing for us dunderheads ? Here's your original: ExecuteSQL( "SELECT ID from ContactsByState WHERE State = ? ORDER BY " & $field & Case ( $$sort_desc; " DESC" ); ""; ""; States::abbreviation ) And here's my attempt t
  8. I'm confused on the ExecuteSQL statement - I think the "states::abbreviation" part at the end is critical, but I can't figure out how; when trying to move the code to my solution it's not working. My portal relationship is somewhat complex - based on two "status" values, so not a simple "state abbreviation" so I wonder if that's why it's not working.
  9. I have multiple SC licenses on one server: Can I set SC to save to different default locations on my hard drive based on the license?
  10. Is it possible to encrypt the SuperContainer files as they are being uploaded and decrypt as they are downloaded?
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