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  1. Hi Jon, What does it mean input variable "fm_find" and what values are acceptable for it in your script?
  2. So what version of mysql-connector-java jar should work - and/or how to install it to work with SM 5.1?
  3. Hi John, could you post code you mentioned? I have the same problem after upgrade to SM 5.1 and FM17. Best regards, Marek
  4. Support for Java 9 finished in March 2018. Is it possible to use Java 11 with SM 5.1? Best Regards, Marek
  5. John, I sent you my Json files (json part1 is working, json full ... is hanging filemaker) Marek
  6. GroovySystem.version -> 2.4.10 java.version -> 9.0.1
  7. @John, Thanks a lot for your efforts with my problem. Using below code with 5.001 SM plugin as alone plugin installed in FMPA for Central Europe (delivered by Winsoft not Filemaker directly): import groovy.json.JsonSlurper; parser = new JsonSlurper(); result = parser.parseText('{"person":{"name":"Guillaume","age":33,"pets":["dog","cat"]}}'); return result; returns as expected: {person={name=Guillaume, age=33, pets=[dog, cat]}} But code: import groovy.json.JsonSlurper; parser = new JsonSlurper().setType(JsonParserType.CHARACTER_SOURCE); result = parser.p
  8. John, I saw it in API docs, but any try to change JsonParserType fails (I can't change it to any other). I tried all solutions found in web. Marek
  9. Thanks a lot Ryan. Yes, I confirm JsonSluper is working now, but with small, not complicated json strings (like in my previous post - it's improvement. But it hangs on bigger and more complicated json, wich SM4.42 / FMPA14 works with without any problems. I tried to change JsonParserType, but command: parser = new JsonSlurper().setType(JsonParserType.CHARACTER_SOURCE) throws error: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException The default JsonParserType is CHAR_BUFFER. Do you have any idea how to solve this problem? Ma
  10. Ryan, Could you send me download link sent to John? Maybe it can solve also my problem?
  11. Hi, It looks I have the similar problem with Groovy JsonSlurper. It works perfectly in SM 4.42 / FMPA 14 (Mac Os 10.13.5, but also Win10): import groovy.json.*; def slurper = new JsonSlurper() def result = slurper.parseText('{"person":{"name":"Guillaume","age":33,"pets":["dog","cat"]}}') return result; properly returns: {person={age=33, name=Guillaume, pets=[dog, cat]}} but in SM 5.1 / FMPA17 throws error: Marek
  12. I checked 5.03 - it's still the same. It'll be not problem to solve it if we know what function (functions) are missing. I found 3 places only with missing functions in 2 scripts.
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